Saturday, June 30, 2007

Storm Track Infiltration: The British Intifada Has Begun

OK Kiddies. Listen up. The violent insurgency is upon Britain. The political insurgency of the Islamists has been going for some decades in the UK and has accomplished high levels of success. The British government and institutions and even the Church of England have fully submitted to dhimmitude. The end result - the next phase of UK capitulation – an Intifada.

And that’s the start of what we are seeing the terrorist attacks in the Britain today. How much will the common everyday British citizen, who thumbed their nose at the Nazi Blitz, take before their patience wear so thin that they take the necessary action on their own and why doesn’t the British government act?

The UK is already expecting further attacks in the current terrorist flap. If the Jihadists keep to role Britain can expect more of these attacks increasing in frequency.

So why not arrest the 2000 suspects that are on the radar screen now? Why not close down the mosques they attended if that mosque preached the slightest bit of hate? Why don’t the British citizens demand this modicum of action from their government?

Only time will tell. Quo Vadis, Great Britain?

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Storm Track Disinformation: Islamism – Mental Illness or Dangerous Ideology?

With the recent attempted terrorist attacks in London and The Glasgow Airport, we will hear more about "Asian men" who are good boys disconnected from their community and most certainly a debate over true Islamic ideals with surface once again.

In January of 2007, such a debate raged over the battle for Islamic ideals in England, At that debate, a British-born Muslim stood before the crowd and said Prophet Mohammed's message to nonbelievers is: "I come to slaughter all of you. We are the Muslims," said Omar Brooks, an extremist also known as Abu Izzadeen. "We drink the blood of the enemy, and we can face them anywhere. That is Islam and that is jihad."

But in the same debate, held on the prestigious grounds of Dublin's Trinity College in October, many people in the crowd objected. One dissenter said: "These people, ladies and gentleman, have a good look at them. They actually believe if you kill women and children, you will go to heaven," said one young Muslim who waved his finger at the radicals.

"This is not ideology,” one young Muslim man said waving his finger at the radicals. “It's a mental illness."

The mental illness of Islam stems from the practice of Sharia law. I think that the young Muslim would agree that there is something sick about the following interview with Bahraini Imam Sheik Jum'a Tawfiq Jum'a, which aired on Bahrain TV on May 16, 2007.

Sheik Jum'a Tawfiz Jum'a: With regard to [wife] beating... The husband is not in a karate club or in a boxing club with his wife. In addition, the beatings must not cause broken bones, bleeding, or cuts, and must not leave marks. It is light beating, which makes the wife feel the extent of the anger or sorrow in this man's heart. Some people say that this beating is uncivilized. I say to them that since it appears in the Koran – beware of defying what appears in the Koran. Beatings are indispensable.

That’s why someday, when all is said and done, Islamism, and in particular the barbarism of Sharia law, will be outlawed just as state-sponsored Shintoism was in Japan was after World War II. And what mental anguish drives the irrationality of Muslims? What values contribute to their anger at the non-Muslim world?

Today, much of the Muslim world is in constant turmoil, turning out sons and daughters with horrendous anti-Western values and ideas. The hatred for America, the most moral nation in history is unprecedented and the continuous blame of Jews and Israel for most Islamic shortcomings is indeed irrational.

The morally confused left, Europe and Scandinavia continually use the poverty excuse and Middle East policy as root causes. Similar excuses were used to explain Nazism. Poverty--what a joke. Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of modern evil is perhaps the richest nation per capita on earth. The oil wealth in Kuwait, Iran and other Islamic Middle Eastern countries refute this fraudulent Marxist economic theory.

No. It is their horrendous value system caused by a seriously flawed psychological belief, uncovered by Freud and Jung. The Islamic world is a society dominated by "shame." Pride is an overwhelming value, where an obsession on dishonor means tremendous weakness. This is the underlying reason why America and Israel are hated with such passion. The incredible successes of our religious societies coupled with overwhelming military power gives "Muslim penis envy" a new meaning.

Instead of saying we admire America and thank them for liberating us from a Saddam; instead of praising America for developing their oil wealth; instead of welcoming a new democracy, Israel, into the Middle East whose technology and medical centers can truly improve their lives; instead of trying to emulate these two countries...the Islamic world has attempted to destroy them so that their own societies do not appear quite as flawed by comparison.

The battle today is not over the soul of Islam like some Muslim scholars have said. The struggle is over its mind.

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Friday, June 29, 2007

Storm Track Disinformation: "9/11 Was a Wake-up Call for Young Muslims"

So said a 24-year-old Muslim program scheduler at a broadcasting company in London. You would assume that wake-up call was a call to rise up against the fanatics of her faith who routinely murder innocent people day in and day out around the world. Or that ‘small minority’ of jihadists who have hijacked their religion. Wouldn’t you? I mean wouldn’t that be the rationale response?

But instead of wailing against those who have hijacked her religion, she saw 9/11 as a wake-up call to her faith.

Some who wear the niqab, particularly younger women who have taken it up recently, concede that it is a frontal expression of Islamic identity, which they have embraced since Sept. 11, 2001, as a form of rebellion against the policies of the Blair government in Iraq and at home.

"For me it is not just a piece of clothing, it's an act of faith, it's solidarity," said a 24-year-old program scheduler at a broadcasting company in London, who would allow only her last name, Al Shaikh, to be printed, saying she wanted to protect her privacy. "9/11 was a wake-up call for young Muslims," she said.

Meanwhile even with blatant examples of Muslim beliefs as this, Europe and America has hit the snooze button and with the help of liberal appeasers and apologists have gone back to sleep.

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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Storm Track Disinformation: Democracy – Islamic Style

Randy Wyrick in an opinion piece at the Vail Trail pondered whether Islam and democracy can co-exit. His conclusion: it’s already working in – guess where? Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia is holding its first municipal elections. King Fahd is promising to “broaden popular participation in the political process.” It’s raising eyebrows in the conservative kingdom and elsewhere across the Arab world. King Fahd is said to be a fan of constitutional monarchies and sees these municipal elections as a baby step in that direction.

So, can Islam and democracy play nicely together?

As Ronald Reagan would say “There they go again”.

The fuzzy headed thinkers on both the Left and Right believe that democracy is some kind of silver bullet that once installed will automatically create a society of personal freedoms and civil rights. Of course history shows better. Democratic elections in Palestine, Lebanon, and 1930s Germany both produced an erosion then a abrogation of personal freedoms and civil rights. Hamas, Hezbollah and the Nazis used the democratic mandate to impose a tyrannical form of government on its peoples.

Saudi Arabia as a beacon of democracy in the Muslim world? Such a ‘democracy’ under Shari law, just as Hamas is doing in Gaza, is happening as we speak. When will the elitist pinheads learn that democracy is no guarantee against tyranny?

Meanwhile the American model of democracy is not looked upon too kindly by religious leaders in the ‘baby democracy’ of Saudi Arabia.

In a lecture that touched on the meaning of jihad, a leading Saudi cleric declared the United States is collapsing and Muslims must patiently await their ultimate victory. Referring to sacred Muslim writings that accompany the Quran, the sheik said, "Whoever is familiar with the Sunna and the Hadith knows that a battle against the enemies of Allah awaits on the horizon, in which the Muslims will be victorious. This is confirmed by the reliable hadiths, as well as by reality."

Jihad is now taking place in Afghanistan, "Palestine," Iraq, Chechnya, Kashmir and the Philippines, he said. Meanwhile, the sheik asserted to his audience, love for America is "now disappearing from the hearts, within America itself and elsewhere, whereas Islam is growing even within America, my brothers."

"Islam is making steady progress in America," Al-Omar said. "Twenty-five thousand people have converted to Islam every year since 9-11, and an even larger figure was mentioned in the New York Times."

The New York Times, that bulwark of objective journalism.

The sheik added: "There is no doubt that it is Islam that will bring peace, and not the U.N., America, Russia, or anyone else."

Behold the Peace of Islam. Latest Offerings from the Religion of Peace.

6/28/07 ( Yala, Thailand ) - Two teenagers are shot to death by Muslim terrorists. 6/28/07 ( Kabul, Afghanistan ) - Two American civilians are killed by a Fedayeen suicide bomber. 6/28/07 ( Mogadishu, Somalia ) - Islamic terrorists target a security convoy along a busy road, killing two members. 6/27/07 ( Mosul, Iraq ) - Two Christians are murdered by Sunni radicals. 6/27/07 ( El-Berde, Somalia ) - Two humanitarian workers, one a doctor, are brutally gunned down. 6/27/07 ( Mogadishu, Somalia ) - Two civilians are killed when Muslim terrorists toss a grenade into a market.

Gag me with a spoon.

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Friday On the Gathering Storm Radio Show

Listen to The Gathering Storm Radio Show this Friday for a special show. The show broadcasts live every Friday for one hour at NOON, Pacific Time.

The call-in number is (646) 915-9870.

Callers welcome!

Friday, June 29: This week's scheduled guest for the bottom of the hour will be Timothy Birdnow of The New Birdblog and formerly of Birdblog. In addition to his blogs, Timothy also writes articles for American Thinker; an index of his articles is HERE.

My co-host, Always On Watch, may be phoning in to the show from The Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington, D.C., where she's scheduled to attend a lecture by Dr. Tawfik Hamid, Muslim reformer and author of The Roots of Jihad. HERE is Dr. Hamid's web site, and HERE is Google-search information.

Friday's lecture runs from noon-2:00 PM, EDT. If AOW can nab Dr. Hamid for an interview in the first half hour of the show, She will! In any case, AOW plans to call in with an immediate report on the lecture.

If you are unable to listen live to the radio show, you can listen to recordings of the radio broadcasts later by CLICKING HERE.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Storm Track Appeasement: Blair Would Fight Terrorism - in the Universities?

With apologies to Simon & Garfunkel.

"Where have you gone, Winston Churchill?
Our nation turns its lonely eyes to you.
Boo Hoo Hoo!
What's that you say, Mrs. Robinson?
WC has left and gone away."

Winston Churchill was a leading member of what is known today as ‘The Greatest generation’. Another war leader 60 years later, Tony Blair, has not learned the lessons of his courageous predecessor. Churchill saved Britain with courage and fortitude. Blair intends to save Britain with talk and money. From the Global Politician.

Can Blair's Million Pound Bill on Islam Save Britain?

Sure, one million pounds could to it—that’s a lot of loot—maybe if it had been offered twenty or thirty years ago. It’s too late now. About all it will do is buy more nails to pound into John Bull’s coffin. The Chicago Cubs have a better chance of winning the 2007 World Series than England has of surviving the 21st Century. But that doesn’t keep Tony Blair from trying. Blair addressed a conference of moderate Muslims in London last week in another last-ditch effort to save Merry Olde England from a fate worse than death. He pledged to spend one million pounds to improve the teaching of Islamic studies in Britain’s universities.

Poor deluded fool. Blair’s approach to Britain’s threat? Fight the enemy on the beaches and in the fields and in the streets as Churchill said he would do? No such luck. Blair is fighting England’s enemies in the universities!

Blair is a generation late and a trillions pounds short. One of every four Muslims residing in England believes the British government was responsible for the London bombings and just as many approve of suicide bombings to achieve religious ends. A half-century of political correctness and run-amok multiculturalism has destroyed England.

What you end up is drivel from Time Out London, an Internet entertainment magazine. There’s something telling and disturbing about the current state of Western Civilization when entertainment mouthpieces pontificate on socio-political issues. The magazine has been rhapsodic in its praise of Islam.

London’s future is Islamic, it says—and it’s a good thing. Time Out buttressed its argument with some interesting, if strange, observations. 1.The washing of hands and feet required before prayer promotes public hygiene. 2.Alcohol is haram—forbidden. Get rid of John Barleycorn and alcohol-related deaths and crimes would decline—indeed, become rare. 3 Some of the finest art in London is already Islamic. 4.By paying the Muslim zakat, a 2.5 percent welfare tax, poverty would end. London would be more just and less cruel. 5. Under Islam all ethnicities are equal. (Of course, Time Out was kidding—weren’t they?)

Global Politician has a different take on Time Out London’s idiotic speculation.

1. Psychiatrists have a word for the constant washing of hands (and feet). They call it obsessive-compulsive behavior. It is a mental disorder. It would be better to wash one’s hands after visiting the loo than before prayer—more hygienic.

2. Banning alcohol will not stop ‘honor killings’ and it will not stop suicide bombings until the last Jew is dead and maybe not even then. And what would Rooster Cogburn do if bitten by a snake?

3. Muslim doctrine is opposed to the artistic reproduction of the human body. There would be no Mona Lisa, no Whistler’s Mother…no Bamiyan Buddhas. And Music? It doesn’t matter whether it’s Snoop Doggy Do-Do or the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, nobody will be playing the zither in a mosque.

4. The zakat is spent exclusively on Muslims. No Hindus, no animists need apply. There was less cruelty per square inch on Jeff Davis’s plantation than there would be an Islamic London.

5. Time Out London concluded: Under Islam all ethnicities are equal. Once you have submitted to Allah you are a Muslim—it doesn’t matter what colour you are. End of story. (End of story? Isn’t that the way Archie Bunker ended arguments he couldn’t win?)

This type of muddy thinking assisted by the incessant appeasement by the main stream media would produce a news report on how D-Day would be reported today.

Mr. Blair and Prince Chuckles take note and learn from that greatest generation who knew the difference between compassion and weakness, courage and pacifism, conviction and relativism, and the commitment to absolute ideals and not moral equivalency.

If Britain is to survive the 21st century it will need to weed out the appeasers, apologists and useful idiots from its cultural gene pool

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Storm Track Intimidation: The Price of Moderation

Where are the Muslim Moderates? Hiding for their lives.

A Labour MP is stepping down after receiving death threats over his role in bringing three racist killers to justice. Mohammad Sarwar, who became Britain's first Muslim MP in 1997, said he feared the lives of his family were also in jeopardy.

He was instrumental in arranging the extradition of Imran Shahid, Zeeshan Shahid and Mohammed Faisal Mushtaq after they fled to Pakistan. The three were jailed for life last year for the abduction and racially aggravated murder of teenager Kriss Donald, who was kidnapped, tortured and killed in Glasgow in 2004.

A brave Muslim doing his duty. His reward?

Mr Sarwar, 54, told the Daily Record: "Life is not the same, to be honest with you, since I brought them back. I was subjected to threats. "I was told they wanted to punish my family and make a horrible example of my son - they would do to him what they did to Kriss Donald. I received threats to my life, to murder my sons, to murder my grandchildren."

The trio fled to Pakistan shortly after Kriss's murder in February 2004, and were brought back after 18 months of negotiations involving the MP and British and Pakistani authorities. The killers were the main players in a violent gang that terrorised the Pollokshields area of Glasgow. Mr Sarwar said he recognised the risks of trying to bring them to justice but knew that "it was the right thing to do".

Will the government hunt down the thugs who threaten a man doing his job for the government? Don’t hold your breath.

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Monday, June 25, 2007

Storm Track Disinformation: A Fine Retort To A Useful Idiot

The useful idiots on the Left like to use the argument of moral equivalency to support their position. The Islamist appeasers and apologist have learned well from their leftist tutors and use it whenever they can to divert attention from their barbarism.

Here is a perfect retort to such blather.

According to today's New York Sun, Harvard professor Jessica Stern told a New York audience yesterday that criticism of Muslim clerics for not condemning Muslim violence was unwarranted.

"I've heard a lot of bashing of Muslim clerics for not stepping up to the plate and condemning extremist violence," she said. "But Catholic priests are not stepping up to condemn those who kill abortion doctors...[and] rabbis are not condemning the violent settlers' movement."

The silence of Muslim clerics in the face of Muslim violence is well- known. But when it comes to killing abortionists, the Catholic clergy have an impeccable record. It should be noted, too, that as the New York Sun pointed out today, rabbis everywhere condemned Yigal Amir's 1995 assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin-the very incident that Stern cited as an example of Jewish silence.

Just this week, a report of Muslim violence against Iraqi Christians was released. The study, Incipient Genocide, describes in detail 'the deaths of Christian children--including babies-- laypeople, priests and nuns who were burned, beaten or blown up in car bombs throughout the past few years.' Moreover, Christian girls are being raped and having nitric acid thrown in their faces for not wearing veils. And the Muslim silence is deafening.

The forced moral equivalency of the Left is in itself immoral. But that’s the tactics of the Left used to silence those who bring to the world’s attention the barbarism of the jihadists.

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Winds of War: Make Love Not Jihad

Dr. Walid Phares, a professor of Middle East studies and senior fellow with the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies proposed an interesting tactic to combat terrorism.

Bomb them with love? Now, hold on. It’s not as crazy as it sounds. In his article “Valentine’s Day Enrages Jihadists”, Phares noted that, “the terrorists are not intimidated by death, but they are terrorized by love.”

“Love is the strongest human force fighting against terrorism and jihad,” Phares wrote.

He explained that during a recent Valentine’s Day, some puritanical Islamic leaders preached that love is evil. “Love is forbidden, love is infidel.”

Phares said that in an online chat room, puritanical “scholars” said, “Al Hub” (basic love) is not permissible outside commitment to Jihad.”

Not all Muslim agree with the puritanical scholars. It seems that young Muslims in search of romance have come up with several clandestine strategies to hoodwink the Mullahs.

Phares wrote, “Valentine’s is ravaging the region, including under the most restrictive regimes. They are right to worry: The battle for love is as wide as the call for jihad. The revolution is rising. The ‘love guerrillas’ are spreading on the street and on the internet.”

Not just in Iran either. Phares notes, “In liberated Afghanistan, transistor radios air love songs. In Iran, boys and girls have waged the revolt of kissing in public. Tracked by the militia, the teenagers perform the kiss-and-run tactic.”

Phares continued, “In Kuwait, tactics are evolving. In this oil-rich state, young Arabs buy two cell phones, and as they see the beloved driving by, they throw one of the mobiles in her car; then the telephonic romance can begin.”

“Love warfare has become the boldest threat that can roll back jihad. On the internet, Arab, Persian, Kurdish, Aramaic, and other love and music chat rooms attract ten times the al-Ansar-crowded rooms. There, you read and hear discussions of love; they seek, not decadence, but the early stages of a romantic revolution,” according to Phares.

There you have it. Make love not war.

Efforts should be increased to provide well-balanced materials such as books and films that educate people about healthy relations between the genders, romantic love and similar aspects of family, community and human life.

PSYOP experts now need to “think outside the box.” New technology allows video streaming of films through the Internet. Books can be introduced in various ways. We could help provide appropriate OSINT for the peoples of many societies.

Phares wrote, “The followers of love have no weapon except human nature; it is the only one they need.”

The Beatles might just be right. “All you need it love.”

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Storm Track Disinformation: The Islamic Fantasy and the Reality

Three recent articles caught my attention today on Muslims and Islam which shows the disconnect between reality and those that live in a fantasy land.

First, from Todd’s Hammer.

Tariq Ramadan, the Swiss-Egyptian muslim, recently denied a visa to live in the United States while he was a visiting professor, wrote a piece for the Guardian last week in which he argued that Britons should stop looking at British Muslims for the answers to violence and start examining their own liberal values. He argues that integration is not the answer and that Muslim violence is the fault of the actions of the majority in Britain and elsewhere in Europe and America.

I guess he means the liberal values of personal freedom and the rights of the individual? Or the right to live the life you seem fit as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else? But he may be referring the values of sex, greed and violence that our splendid comrades in 'Follywood' trot acroos movie screens and TV to the world as our basic human values. But just because perdsonal freedom leads too many time license doesn't mean personal freedoms should be scapped becasue it offends someone's sensibilities.

In response, David Goodhart, editor of Prospect and longtime defender of Ramadan against his alarmist critics, takes the European-Muslim intellectual to task for falling into simplistic clichés, victimhood, and misplaced identification. Goodhart acknowledges the difficulties faced by strangers (i.e., minorities) in any culture, as humans tend to distrust the unknown, but argues that British Muslims enjoy a degree of freedom and prosperity unknown to them virtually anywhere else in the world, including in Islamic states. He further argues that Ramadan falls into tired habits of mind that see muslims as perpetual victims and refuses to take responsibility for its own actions.

That’s calling a spade a spade.

In all, it’s a great pair of readings and raises some of the most important questions of our time about multiculturalism, religious pluralism, and democracy.

Next, the fantasy from the New Culture Forum.

Alisdair Palmer has an excellent piece in the Sunday Telegraph on the report by the Commission on Integration and Cohesion into 'the dissemination of extremist ideologies' in Britain:

You search in vain for insights into the nature and dissemination of extremist ideologies, let alone for any form of practical solution to the dangers those ideologies present. There is just a lot of blather about the definitions of integration and cohesion, the difficulty of achieving either of them in practice, and the complexity of the various government agencies supposed to be involved in promoting them.

La-la-la is about the sum of it. Some of the commissions' recommendations are almost touching in their naivete. For example, they suggest that newly arrived immigrants be given "Welcome Packs" that explain the limits of acceptable behaviour in
Britain. A spokesman for the commission suggested that "the packs may say that we like to queue at the post office and we don't really like spitting in the street". There is nothing about how, in Britain, one of our "core values" is that we're not too keen on a father who, in order to protect what he believes is his family's "honour", garottes, smothers or stabs his daughter 23 times because she wants to choose her own husband; that we do not believe that a son who is homosexual should be murdered; or that Jews are pigs, Christians are cross-worshippers, and Hindus deserve death.

The commissioners decided to create a fantasy
Britain, one in which there aren't any significant differences in the ways different groups believe it is acceptable to behave. Its vision of happily co-existing cultures whose problems mostly stem from the fact that they are not given the right help by Government officials, has about as much in common with the reality of community conflict in Britain as the films the Soviet Union used to make about the paradise of plenty created by communism.

In one way, you can't blame the commission for that: the fantasy has been the basis of our collective response to mass immigration for at least the past 30 years, and probably longer. So, for example, the police have expended a great deal of effort to ensure that they did not recognise "honour killings" when they came across them. Dead women murdered for daring to have a relationship not approved by their family have been categorised as "suicides" or "stranger murders", but not as what they are, which is victims of the patriarchal culture in which they were raised. La la la.

Now here’s the reality.

A new study by the US Institute for Peace (USIP) of polling data from fourteen different Muslim countries finds that support for a role for Islam in politics strongly correlates with more likely support for terrorism. This statistical analysis is certain to draw protests from the usual propagandists of radical Islam in the US, even though the USIP can hardly be considered a neo-conservative institution.

Ever since recent release last month of the Pew poll on American Muslim attitudes, the Islamist propagandists and their media establishment allies have been working feverishly to avoid the implications of those findings by citing another study purportedly showing Americans more in favor of attacks on civilians than Muslims in the US and around the world, claims rebutted in my American Thinker article last week, "Lies, Damned Lies, and CAIR's Statistics".

But now the USIP poll reveals the true nature of the connection between Political Islam (the attempt at imposing Sharia law on a society) and the tactics of the militant jihadists.

The current report in question, "Correlates of Public Support for Terrorism in the Muslim World" by Ethan Bueno de Mesquita of Washington University in St. Louis, also examines data gathered by the Pew Research Center and finds a broad range of opinions and attitudes in the Muslim world.

The standout finding of the USIP study is that support for an increased role for Islam in politics is correlated with greater support for the use of terrorism, even in countries that already adhere to political Islam. The USIP study also busts the bubble of radical Islamic apologists who claim that support for terrorism is driven by people living under Islamic dictatorships. What the data shows is that dissatisfaction with Islam's role in internal politics has very little correlation to attitudes on terror.

Perhaps even more important, the data shows that in these countries the perceived threat to Islam posed by the government plays virtually no role at all in support for terrorism.

This new study also shatters the myth of the supposedly peaceful Muslim world advanced recently by CAIR, ISNA and the Orwellian-named Terror Free America. If these organizations are really concerned about combating terror and improving American-Islamic relations, this study clearly demonstrates that they had better start working on the Islamic side of the equation.

Poverty, lack of employment opportunities, social injustice, Israel, Iraq – none of these drive terrorism. It’s the ideology of Islamism that is the threat and it should be sought out and destroyed wherever and whenever it is found.

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Friday, June 22, 2007

Winds of War: American Intifada

Daniel Pipes has a very interesting ‘what if’ scenario on his blog that explores the consequences of an American Intifada. He does an excellent job offering the support for such a scenario but I disagree with some of his projected outcomes.

He begins his ‘what if’ scenario by describing an America that has been lulled into a false sense of security then rudely awakened by events.

The absence of large-scale terrorism prompted analysts smugly to conclude that law enforcement had prevailed; or that the Islamists had opted for non-violent means. It thus came as a great surprise in June 2008 when 51 bombs went off within a few hours in each of the 50 states plus the District of Columbia, killing over 800 people in schools, stores, and subways.

[I]dentical leaflets appeared near each of the bombings. Signed by Jihadis for Justice, a hitherto unknown group, the flyers called for replacing the Constitution with the Koran and bringing the country's foreign policy in line with Tehran's.

Building on the precedent of pro-Hamas and pro-Hezbollah demonstrations in mid-2006, Islamists and far-leftists brazenly supported the American intifada, punctuating their glorification of its "martyrs" with Ayatollah Khomeini's "Death to America" slogan. These messages echoed on Canadian campuses, especially Concordia University in Montreal and York in Toronto. ……The violence became daily, ubiquitous, endemic, and routine, occurring in rural towns, upscale suburbs, and metropolitan centres, targeting private houses, restaurants, university buildings, gas stations, and electricity grids…… Some terrorists avoided this ignominious fate by engaging in suicide attacks, usually accompanied by boastful Internet videos. In all, roughly 100,000 incidents meant an average 10,000 deaths and many times more injuries each year.

This is where I part with Pipes. If there were terrorist attacks in all 50 states, whether they killed 800 people of 800,000, the authorities will react by declaring a national emergency. These laws are on the books and can be initiated by the President.

New legislation signed on May 9, 2007, declares that in the event of a "catastrophic event", the President can take total control over the government and the country, bypassing all other levels of government at the state, federal, local, territorial and tribal levels, and thus ensuring total unprecedented dictatorial power.

Violence became “daily, ubiquitous, endemic, and routine” would not be tolerated in this country. Even if political authorities delayed by dragging their feet in the muck and mire of political correctness, the citizenry will most certainly demand that the authorities take control of their family and workplace security. Back to Pipes.

As its frequency increased, terrorists became less cautious, leading to many arrests and bulging prisons.

Pipes understands that arrests will be made but something more ominous will appear on the American landscape and arrests will only be a start. Muslim internment camps.

Jihadis for Justice relied on Iranian and Saudi patronage but no U.S. retaliation followed because, before acting, President Obama required proofs that would pass muster in a U.S. court of law, something the intelligence agencies could not provide.

This is not realistic. With hundreds of thousands of Americans dead and “10,000 deaths and many times more injuries each year” happening in this country, the urge will be to act first and ask questions later or the Administration would be replaced by the citizens. Inaction will not play well in Peoria.

As have been saying for some time, our political leaders will be responsible for this citizen reaction – attack someone, anyone – because they have not been told who the enemy is (the ideology of Islamism – not terrorists), who supports it (any country, organization or individual that promotes Sharia law), and a war plan explained to the citizens how we will identify multiple types of jihad the supporters of Islamism are using as described in my book and how we are combating them.

They need to properly identify the enemy and put us on a war footing immediately if we are to avoid a constitutional crisis in this country once the American Intifada begins.

And what of the rest of the world?

Drawing on the example of the Danish imams going international in 2005 with the Muhammad cartoons, American Muslim delegations travelled abroad to publicize their complaints, arousing vast emotional support by presenting themselves as an innocent but brutalized community. Majority Muslim states unanimously condemned Washington for "Islamophobia" and the U.N. General Assembly passed nearly weekly resolutions condemning U.S. practices, with only Australia, Israel, and Micronesia reliably voting with the Obama administration.

Of course, this appeasement would be expected. But I wonder if the average European will follow the dictates of their elitist leaders especially when they see the acts of terrorism committed on a daily basis in the US. They will be looking over their shoulders and demand that steps be taken against Muslims to prevent a European Intifada – or civil war.

Pre-intifada, terrorists such as Ahmed Ressam and Ghazi Ibrahim Abu Mezer exploited Canada's less stringent security environment as a base from which to attack the United States, a pattern that now continued. Repeated closings and crossing delays of the border with Canada followed, harming the Canadian economy and provoking widespread resentment.

Again, I disagree. If Islamists use Canada as a base of operations and it seriously affects the Canadian economy, I seriously doubt that Canadian citizens will allow tat to happen.

Just as a Norwegian grocery store chain urged the boycott of Israeli products in 2002, so did it initiate the 2009 international anti-U.S. economic boycott. What began by marking American products with a red-white-blue sticker ended by dropping them all together. "Mecca Cola," "Beurger King," and Barbie doll replacements Fulla and Razanne, all created years before the American intifada began, were now joined by other Muslim replacements for their better-known U.S. equivalents. Inspired by the success of Ülker, a Turkish corporation long associated with Islamist causes, to replace Coca-Cola with its Cola Turka, other Islamist-affiliated companies commercially exploited anti-American sentiments. Rumblings of an Arab oil boycott along the lines of 1973-74 led to a surge in the price of energy, causing an economic recession, but structural changes in the oil market made such an effort too difficult to sustain.

Perhaps. But we can mount our own boycotts of goods and services. There are products and services that world needs.

Then, almost as suddenly as it had started, the terrorist campaign ended in June 2012. A combination of draconian security measures, beefed-up intelligence capabilities, and a relentless focus on the pool of Islamist suspects led to a severe drop-off in terrorist capabilities. Battered by the experience, American Islamists realized the error of their tactics and decided to forego violence. Like their counterparts in Egypt, Syria, and Algeria, they took up lawful means and worked henceforth within the system.

First, this country will not roll over and take the Intifada for 4 years. The economy and the social fabric of America would be in ruins. The end of the Intifada will come long before that and Islamists realize that as of today they are making gains in establishing Shari law or at least adherence to it through the work of their useful idiots on the Left.

Azzedine Layachi of St. John's University further explained about Algeria that "The Islamist movement tried to challenge the state head on and it failed miserably. But Islamist sentiment has not been defeated. On the contrary, Islamists are now part and parcel of the political and cultural scene."]

The ending of the four-year American intifada signalled, as in Algeria, the opening of a political battle over the country's future. Would the Constitution of 1787 remain in place, or would it be complemented or perhaps replaced by the Koran and the Shariah?

What do you think?

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Tomorrow on The Gathering Storm Radio Show

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The call-in number is (646) 915-9870.

Callers welcome!

Friday, June 22: This week's scheduled guest for the bottom of the hour will be Brooke of the NeoCon Command Center blog.

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Storm Track Disinformation: How the UN Will Fight Terrorism

UN wants to bridge Islam-West divide. The same UN that can’t bring itself to define terrorism let alone confront it. The UN High Representative for the Alliance of Civilizations Jorge Sampaio has outlined four components to bridge the divide between Islam and the Western world.

Sampaio told reporters at the UN headquarters in New York late Thursday that the four components, as presented to the organisation's Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, are education, the media, youth and migration.

It’s the same old wishy washy Kumbaya pap so fond of by the liberal left. Promote dialogue and understanding (Can we talk?) and forging collective political will to address the world's imbalances (It’s the West’s fault).

But the UN does propose a ‘rapid-response’ mechanism to combat terrorism. A military response? Nope. A media response.

"The media consists of the most powerful means to promote knowledge about other cultures, understanding and mutual respect," he said, adding that migration is "a natural bridge between diverse communities". According to a statement issued by the Alliance, the plan sets out a range of projects and initiatives which the alliance will support and help develop over the next two years.

They include a media fund to promote productions developed across cultural, religious and or national lines, a youth employment center aimed at increasing work opportunities for young people in the Middle East, and a project aimed at expanding international student exchange programmes. In addition, the alliance stated it will establish a "rapid response media-based mechanism" to provide platforms for constructive debate during times of increased tensions around cross-cultural issues.

Talk, talk, talk and even more talk. Respond to terrorism incidents with words? And not one word about the ideological threat itself - Islamism. If the UN will not identify the true enemy to civilization, how on earth can it combat it?

The Alliance of Civilizations was created in 2005 through the initiative of Spain and Turkey and under UN auspices to try to tackle fear and suspicion, bridge divides and overcome prejudices and polarisations between Islam and the West.

How nice. Spain who surrendered to the terrorists after the bombings in Madrid and Turkey who is in a life or death struggle with a rising Islamist faction that seeks to turn the clock back on Turkey 100 years.

But there are those that not bamboozle by this UN tom-foolery. They know the real reason for terrorism in the Muslim world and know how to deal with it - and from an Arab no less.

"In an article titled "How the Arabs Explain the Terror Phenomenon" in the Qatari daily Al-Raya, Al-Ansari criticized the ways in which the Arab world denies and ignores the phenomenon of terrorism, and refuted the political and socio-economic arguments justifying it.

"Why has the terrorist violence increased? And why has it reached a level of such madness and barbarism? Why aren't we managing to deal with it and handle it? Why is there a rise in terror operations targeting innocents?

"In my view, the [answer] lies in our inability to explain the phenomenon of terrorism, and to break it down into its structural internal causes and into the environmental elements that support its existence. [This inability] emanates from the following three main causes that are common in the Arab arena as explanations for terrorism:

"The first is the discourse of denial... that is, exonerating Muslims from [any] accusation of [perpetrating] terror operations, and [instead] accusing their enemies - usually the Mossad and U.S. intelligence. An extensive sector of prominent clerics, intellectual elites, and the masses are still convinced that 9/11 was a Mossad or U.S. intelligence operation...

"The second cause is the discourse of defensiveness, as manifested in repeated statements that terrorism has no religion, homeland or nationality, but is a transient virus that is alien [to the Arab world] - or that Islam is innocent [of terrorism].

"The third cause is the discourse of justification, which is extremely common in the religious and media outlets. This discourse tries to link terrorism with political factors, international conflicts or internal socio-economic factors - saying that terrorism is the outcome of political repression by some regimes that strangle freedoms and are hostile to democracy or that terrorism is a response to American and Western injustices, to the policy of discrimination [against Muslims], to the blind pro-Israel bias, and to the global conspiracy against the Muslims…

Now there’s a man that gets it!

"There are also those who excuse terrorism because of unemployment and poverty, or use as an excuse the spread of corruption, permissiveness, women's adorning themselves in public, [and women's] attaining political rights and being appointed to senior positions, which is considered perverse in the eyes of those [who excuse terrorism]."

The UN should stop listening to the elitists in Europe and America and pay attention to what’s being said by Muslims who get it.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Storm Track Infiltration: Internet Jihadists Plan ‘Raid’ in Cyberspace

The jihad continues to advance in cyberspace. Global Islamic Media Front Instructs Islamists to Infiltrate Popular Non-Islamic Forums to Spread Pro-Islamic State Propaganda. The Global Islamic Media Front (GIMF) has announced a new comprehensive media campaign titled "The Battar Media Raid to Defend the Islamic State [of Iraq].

In a message titled "The Battar Media Raid: How to Participate? How to Help? What Is My Role?" the GIMF announces the beginning of the campaign and provides a detailed description of the campaign's goals and ways of accomplishing them, including infiltrating non-Islamic forums for the purpose of posting pro-ISI propaganda.

Here are some excerpts.

The Islamist Forum Must Be Like a Beehive During the Raid.

"What we expect from you brothers and sisters is for the [Islamist] forum to be like beehives during the raid... [whereby] one person takes part in distributing [material]... another generates links... one person writes an article... while another writes a poem... People must feel and notice that the forums have changed radically during this blessed raid..."

"First:...Those who supervise the [Islamist] forums have a significant role in this raid. We expect from you the following: a) to post the raid's slogan on the websites, forums, and blogs, as a way of expressing support for the raid; b) to designate a special space in the forums in which material related to the raid will be posted... so [that this material] will be easily recognized [by forum participants]. We request that this space be open to everyone, with registration not required; and c) to collaborate with GIMF in matters concerning suggestions and experience..."

"Second, we expect the following from the forums' administrators: a) to take control of your forums and forbid anyone who slanders [the ISI] or [accuses it of causing] civil strife from disseminating his poison in your forums... [and] b) to prevent futile and useless discussions and responses... and to urge people to participate in the raid."

Here's the plan for innocent infidel entertainment sites - their end-game of the raid.

The raid demands of you many things... such as expertise, especially in the following areas: seeking religious knowledge, montage, translation into any language, uploading material onto various types of websites, web design, graphic design, journal and publication design, and hacking and security. If you have expertise in any of these [fields], contact the GIMF representative on any of the forums. If, however, you do not possess this expertise... there are other matters you can [promote]: for example, posting matters related to the raid in most [jihad] forums... posting [material] in non-jihad forums, posting in non-Islamic forums such as music forums, youth forums, sports forums, and others. Anyone who undertakes to post the material must look into the [appropriate] manner of spreading [the material for each type of forum]... The way in which members of music forums address one another differs from the way members of jihad forum address one another."

Anti-jihadist bloggers should be alert to this raid and expose the jihadists for what they are when found.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Gathering Storm Radio Show Is Looking For Guests

Do you want to be a radio star?

The Gathering Storm has a live weekly Internet radio show on BlogTalk Radio every Friday from noon to 1PM PST.

My co-host Always on Watch and I are looking for guests on the show. If you have a blog, web site, book or position to promote around the Gathering Storm – even those who comment on this blog - and would like to discuss it on our show, drop us a line at


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Storm Track Disinformation: CAIR’s Blatantly Insane About SANE

In a response to an Insight Magazine article on a new project by the Society of Americans for National Existence (SANE) called Mapping Shari’a in America, CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations and "unindicted co-conspirator" in a plot to fund the terrorist group Hamas) called SANE a ‘hate group” and accused them of advocating "adherence to Islam" be punishable by 20 years in prison.

If you read the Insight article you will see that nothing is further from the truth. CAIR is blatantly lying and spewing propaganda now that there is a project in the works that will reveal the rue nature of the Islamist infiltration – which CAIR supports – of many of the mosques in North America.

But before we get to disproving the lie, if you listened to the Gathering Storm Radio Show last week, we had David Yerushalmi, SANE President and Founder, as a guest. He made it very clear that SANE was NOT against the religion of Islam but the socio-political arm of the ideology called Islamism – Shari’a Law. Yerushalmi made two very important points.

First, if Muslims personally practice just the 5 pillars of Islam, there is no threat of Islam to the non-Muslims and moderate Muslim world. None of the 5 pillars of Islam demands that Muslim adhere to Shari’a Law. From the SANE response to CAIR.

“Shari’a” shall be defined as any set of rules, precepts, instructions, or edicts which emanate directly or indirectly from the god of Allah or the prophet Mohammed and which include directly or indirectly the encouragement of any person to support in any way the abrogation, destruction, or violation of the US Constitution or the destruction of the national existence of the United States of America. Any rule, precept, instruction, or edict arising from the extant rulings of any of the five authoritative schools of Islamic jurisprudence (the Hanafi, the Maliki, the Shafi'i, the Hanbali, or the Ja’afariya school or fiqh) are prima facie Shari’a without any further evidentiary showing.

So, did SANE say that "adherence to Islam" be punishable by 20 years in prison?

CAIR found SANE’s SANE Immigration Proposal, which calls for the outlawing of “Adherence to Islam”, outrageous. the definition of “Adherence to Islam” is defined carefully as follows:

“Adherence to Islam” shall be defined as any act, including any written or oral declaration, in support of Shari’a or in furtherance of the imposition of Shari’a within any territory of the United States of America. “Territory of the United States of America” shall be defined as any territory under the civilian or military control or governance of personnel acting for and on behalf of the US Government.

It’s not Islam that SANE is warning us about, but the ideology of Islamism which had as it’s final objective the imposition of Shari’a on the world. It's the adherence to Islamism that should carry the penalty of 20 years in prison. But of course, CAIR sees no distinction between Islam and Islamism because that's what they support.

Now, if CAIR wants to take the position that Islamic Law or Shari’a does not in any way seek to establish a worldwide Caliphate and that all of the legal decisions by the major Islamic schools of thought are simply false, we would be more than happy to challenge them to a debate.

But first, in order to prove their bona fides, we would ask them to go to Saudi Arabia or Islamabad or Beirut or Baghdad or Amman or Cairo and stand in the public square and begin announcing that Islamic Law rejects the political ideology that the world must submit to the will of Allah via adherence to Shari’a. Once they have done that, we will have won the debate by default for they would have been slaughtered on the spot by the Shari’a faithful who would murder them for being infidels.

Sounds like a good way to me to settle the debate one way or the other.

So what does CAIR really ‘care’ about? Is it the slaughter going on in Gaza? Or perhaps the Fort Dix Six or the plot to blow up JKF? If you look at their recent press releases you will get a clue.

Ohio Governor Speaks at CAIR Banquet
CAIR-CAN Calls on Government to Scrap No-Fly List
Sold-Out CAIR-MN Banquet a Success
CAIR-CA Co-Sponsors Lecture: Less Safe, Less Free
CAIR-NY: Muslims Urged to Support Relay for Life
CAIR: Citizenship Delays Were Top Issue for U.S. Muslims in 2006 - Report
CAIR to Release Report on U.S. Muslim Civil Rights
CAIR-CA to Co-Sponsor 'Growing Up X' Book Signing
CAIR-MO to Co-Sponsor Community Civil Rights Forum

CAIR’s agenda if quite clear and their attack on SANE shows where their hearts and minds really lie - supporting the Islamafication of America.

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Monday, June 18, 2007

Smile Break - "Keep the Jihad Down, I'm on the Phone!"

Over at the Kurlander blog, there’s a caption contest for the pix above. Here are some of the submissions? Add yours?

"Hello, Dearborn Dominos? I'd like a large halal pizza with goat cheese and lamb and I swear to Allah I will cut off your driver's infidel head if I so much as smell garlic. Oh, and Cheezy bread."

"So, Michael Jackson, what else has changed since you moved to the United Arab Emirates?"

Benetton unleashes its edgiest jeans ad campaign ever.

If you know the name of the infidel you'd like to behead press 1
If you'd like to select an infidel from a list press 2
para espanol numero tres

"AP News Bagdad, Special Correspondent Jamal Speaking......No, that viaduct won't be blown up until tomorrow; send the photographers over to the car-bombing at the main police station instead. Yes, should be in about 30 minutes. You're welcome, happy to help!"

Voice on phone: "I'm wearing a long, long, very loose burka. Oh yeah, baby, you can't even tell the color of my eyes. And gloves. Thick, shapeless gloves."

"Barrack Hussein Obama for President, Ahkmed speaking. How much can I put you down for?"

Hello NY Times? I would like to cancel my subscription. HAHA just kidding buddy, I hate Jews too.

Please press 3 for the saudi student insta-visa approval tele-system ...

"Islamic Jihad - let me blow your mind (and everything else)!"

Here’s mine.

"Sis won the wet veil contest? Allah Akbar!!"

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Winds of War: Is Our Leadership Starting to Get It?

Yesterday I wrote a post giving examples of an organized resistance developing to counter the Islamist agenda, and for now, leaving the fight up those anti-jihadist in the private sector who ‘get it’.

Well, it’s be slow in coming but the political leadership is getting an earful of what we already know here on the starboard side of the bloggospher – “It’s the ideology, stupid!”

Bush administration is waging its "war on terror" without really understanding the enemy and thereby strengthening the hand of Jihadists, the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence heard today. Stephen Ulph of the West Point Academy testified that while US is focused on fighting terror in the battlefield, center of gravity for the jihad lies in the ideological struggle.

Where did Ulph get such a tip? From the think tanks? The education establishment? The Bush Administration? Nope. From the Jihadists themselves.

He cited an entry from a Jihadist Internet forum which claimed that "'infidels are still fixated on fighting individuals, oblivious to the fact that they are actually fighting an idea, one that has spread across the globe like fire and which is embraced even by those whose faith is a mustard seed."

Straight from the camel’s mouth.

Ulph explained that that at least 60% (this is a conservative estimate) of the materials circulated on jihadist chat forums and specialist sites were not located in the sections devoted to news commentary or audio-visual propaganda. They populated instead the
'doctrinal' and 'cultural' sections.

According to him, these 'doctrinal' and 'cultural' works in constant circulation are meticulously composed and written for purposes specific to the jihad and form its life-blood, its intellectual infrastructure.

He argued that Jihadists have painstakingly constructed, over decades, a serious, cogently argued, academically and ideologically coherent intellectual infrastructure to their 'holy war'. He claimed that they are engaged in a massive re-education project, and they are going about this unopposed.

Not quite. Mr. Ulph obviously is unaware of the hundreds and hundreds of anti-jihadist bloggers that have been trying to inform and educate the pubic about the Islamist ideology.

Ulph testified that the Jihadists are not waging war on physical infrastructure of the US but the respect for personal privacy, for the open nature of society, for multiformity, diverse interests and other ethical and ideological orientations, the active will to promote social cohesion, trust and the harmonization of interests, and the support of community-based organizations.

Ulph is a bit in error here. He is speaking of results – not tactics. He misses the real tactics of the Islamist – their multiple types of jihads – Litigation Jihad, Education Jihad, Cultural Jihad, Demographic Jihad, Economic Jihad, Institutional Jihad, Media Jihad, Financial Jihad, Criminal jihad as detailed in my Gathering Storm eBook – all part of their intimidation, infiltration and disinformation campaigns.

Ulph said that it is "simply unbelievable that we are now in our sixth year after theattacks on September 11th and still without a coherent map of the enemy, of their cause and their ideological methodology."

Umm… Mr. Ulph. Read my book. Your map awaits. And a tip to the Senate. You already have one tireless watchdog in the Capital who still has the burning memory 9-11 and understands the threat of the jihadists.

One tireless watchdog is Rep. Sue Myrick, R-N.C., who earlier this year founded the Anti-Terrorism/Jihad Caucus to educate fellow lawmakers and Americans in general about the threat from militant Islam.

"The general public doesn't understand the threats we face from radical jihadists — who they are, what they want and what we can do about the threat," the feisty Myrick says on her Web site. "Americans are not being properly informed about the nature of the jihadist threat and their plans to do us harm."

The media and academia have whitewashed jihad or ducked the issue entirely, petrified as they are of looking intolerant toward Muslims. Meantime, well-funded apologists such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations have gone on the offensive against the few critics who have spoken out, further confusing Americans about the gravity of the threat.

"The jihadists have become incredibly advanced in their public relations efforts," Myrick lamented. And we have limited tools to counteract their propaganda, thanks to institutionalized religious tolerance even for creeds hostile to our way of life.

To counter this problem, Mr. Myrick created the Anti-Jihad Caucus.

The Anti-Jihad Caucus dares to right that imbalance. Its main goal is to educate members of Congress about the Islamic threat so they can talk candidly to their constituents about it. Myrick has already recruited more than 80 members to join her — including even some Democrats, such as Bud Cramer of Alabama and Ben Chandler of Kentucky.

"The group is currently learning about a variety of issues involving jihad, such as the history of Islam, the differences and similarities of Sunni and Shia Muslims, terrorist financing, terrorist use of the Internet, and terrorist infiltration techniques," Myrick said.

Good start. Now, if the Anti-Jihad Caucus will widen the definition of jihad from militant jihad to the understanding of the multiple jihads like Litigation Jihad, Education Jihad, Cultural Jihad, Demographic Jihad, Economic Jihad, Institutional Jihad, Media Jihad, Financial Jihad, Criminal jihad, then they and Congress may finally realize the immensity of the Islamist threat before us and create counter tactics to oppose them.

A tip to Mr. Myrick. Keep your eye on the Mapping Shari'a in America Project. You’ll find all you need there to educate your fellow Congressmen.

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