Monday, April 30, 2007

Storm Track Infiltration: Jihad U, Coming Soon to a City Near You!

A couple of months ago I wrote a post about an article in FrontPage Magazine on the Al-Maghrib Institute and its goal of teaching Wahhabi extremism and Muslim Brotherhood activism in mosques and Muslim student groups throughout North America in at least thirteen cities. I received at least one running set of comments on the post from a reader who my post was incorrect and that the Institute was a benign educational organization teaching the basic peaceful tenets of Islam.

Well it seems the idea of the potential threat of the Al-Maghrib Institute has received support from – of all places – Saudi Arabia!

Just weeks after an exposé appeared at FrontPage ("Jihad U") uncovering the extremist agenda of the largest independent Islamic studies program in North America, the Al-Maghrib Institute, and detailing the groups extensive connections to the Saudi Wahhabi religious establishment and the Muslim Brotherhood, a laudatory article appeared in the Arab News praising the program for its "state-of-the-art advertising, graphics, and 21st century vernacular," characterizing the wildfire growth of Al-Maghrib as a "phenomena" ("Al-Maghrib Institute: Motivating People to Learn More About Islam").

With the Arab News as the official English-language mouthpiece for the Saudi royal family (the parent company, Saudi Research and Publishing Co., is chaired by Prince Faisal bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz), it isn't surprising that Al-Maghrib would receive such preferential treatment, especially since four of the six instructors are graduates of the University of Medina, and the other two holding degrees from King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah and Al-Imam Muhammad ibn Saud Islamic University in Riyadh -- all devout propagators of the Wahhabi faith favored by the Saudi regime.

But the glowing media review Al-Maghrib received is all the more understandable when considering that the article's author, New York-based "freelance journalist" Susan Smith, is in fact a student of the Institute, a fact revealed by the group's founder, Muhammad Alshreef, and Smith herself on Al-Maghrib's own online forum. Smith's article, which first appeared in the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs two weeks after the initial FrontPage exposé, makes no mention of her connection to the organization.

This Wahhabi/Salafi strain of Islam is exhibited in Al-Maghrib's double-weekend seminars, as well as their instructors' many sermons and articles, which denounce more moderate forms of Islam as takfir (apostate), openly advocate for jihad and the re-establishment of the Caliphate (the stated goal of the Muslim Brotherhood and Hizb-ut-Tahrir), and indulge in anti-Jewish sentiments.

The Al-Maghrib Institute is active amongst the 150 chapters of the Muslim Student Association (MSA) located at universities all over the US and Canada.

The MSA is one of the North American front groups operated by the international Muslim Brotherhood. Al-Maghrib staff are also regular fixtures on several Islamic satellite television networks, including Yasir Qadhi's weekly Islam Q&A program on the Islam Channel.

The Arab News reports that Al-Maghrib now claims 7,000 members in North America, which, if accurate, would make it the largest Islamic Studies program on the continent, with the program extending internationally to Australia, South Africa and the United Kingdom in the near future.

Jihad U, coming soon to a city near you!

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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Storm Track Infiltration: Minnesota Caves to the Islamists – Places of Worship Approved in Public Places

Just what the heck is going on in Minnesota? Have they lost all sense of the law? The multicultural insanity has thoroughly infiltrated that State and now provides places of worship in their pubic schools and their International Airport.

What ever happened to the prohibition of places of worship on public property? What ever happened to the clause in the Constitution that prevents the government from approving or supporting any particular religion? You couldn’t tell by Minnesota’s recent dhimmi behavior.

First it’s the International Airport.

The Kansas City International Airport has added several foot-washing basins in restrooms to accommodate a growing number of Muslim taxicab drivers who requested the facilities to prepare for daily Islamic prayer, WND has learned.

“Why are we constructing places of worship for them inside our airports?” said an airport official who requested anonymity. “Why are we catering to their rituals? We don’t do it for any other religion.”

Other major airports also are dealing with increased demands from Muslim cabdrivers. For instance, cabbies at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport recently caused a stir when they refused to carry passengers possessing alcoholic beverages or accompanied by seeing-eye dogs. Alcohol is forbidden in Islam, and dogs are considered unclean.

Then it was the Minneapolis Community and Technical College. From "The Big Story With John Gibson."

JOHN GIBSON, HOST: The big issue, separation of church and state in America's state schools, of course, but there isn't going to be a separation of mosque and state at one public college in Minnesota. The school is going to install a special sink or several for Muslims to wash their feet, and taxpayers are going to have to foot the bill.

DOUGLAS KENNEDY, BIG STORY CORRESPONDENT: Yeah John this sink is for a pre-prayer wash and the school says it's to keep their students safe. Critics are calling it a double standard.

KENNEDY: Minneapolis Community and Technical College is a state-run university. Last year, it banned a campus coffee cart from playing Christmas carols. Katherine Kersten is a columnist for the "Minneapolis Star Tribune."

KERSTEN: Although Christianity is barred in public places during the holiday season, the college is actually going to be using taxpayer funds in order to construct daily prayer preparation facilities for Muslim students.

But this is only the first step in the local Islamist plans.

MCTC is apparently the first public institution in Minnesota to enter this unfamiliar territory. Where is it looking for guidance? Dianna Cusick, MCTC’s director of legal affairs, is overseeing the project. She referred me to the Muslim Accommodations Task Force, whose website she is using as a primary resource ( “They’ve done all the research,” she said. On the site, I found information about the handful of public colleges that have “wudu,” or ritual bathing, facilities.

But I also discovered something more important for colleges seeking guidance on “accommodations”: Projects like MCTC’s are likely to be the first step in a long process.

The task force’s eventual objectives on American campuses include the following, according to the website: permanent Muslim prayer spaces, ritual washing facilities, separate food and housing for Muslim students, separate hours at athletic facilities for Muslim women, paid imams or religious counselors, and campus observance of Muslim holidays. The task force is already hailing “pioneering” successes. At Syracuse University in New York, for example, “Eid al Fitr is now an official university holiday,” says an article featured on the website. “The entire university campus shuts down to mark the end of Ramadan.” At Henry Ford Community College in Dearborn, Mich., “halal” food — ritually slaughtered and permissible under Islamic law — is marked by green stickers in the cafeteria and “staff are well-trained in handling practices.”

At Georgetown University, Muslim women can live apart in housing that enables them to “sleep in an Islamic setting,” as the website puts it. According to a student at the time the policy was adopted, the university housing office initially opposed the idea, on grounds that all freshman should have the experience of “living in dorms and dealing with different kinds of people.” That might sound appealing, Muslim students told a reporter in an article featured on the website. But in their view, the reporter wrote, “learning to live with ‘different kinds of people’ ” actually “causes more harm than good” for Muslims, because it requires them to live in an environment that “distracts them from their desire to become better Muslims, and even draw[s] weaker Muslims away from Islam.”

Just a bunch of overenthusiastic Muslim students – or something more insidious?

Its professional staff, based in the Washington, D.C., area, includes coordinators who provide legal advice, teach students to lobby, write letters on their behalf, and help them overcome “obstacles” such as college administrators’ concerns about violating the separation of church and state. The Muslim Accommodations Task Force is a project of the Muslim Student Association of the U.S. and Canada. MSA’s mission is to enable Muslims here “to practice Islam as a complete way of life,” and its “main goal” is “spreading Islam,” according to its website. The association calls itself the “landmark Muslim organization in North America,” and says it has chapters on 600 campuses.

So, where can all this lead? Look at our neighbors to the North.

Canada, our neighbor to the north, is farther down the “accommodations” road. A glance north can shed light on whether prayer spaces and ritual washing facilities are likely to satisfy activists for long.

Last month, the Canadian Federation of Students issued a report, titled “Final Report of the Task Force on Needs of Muslim Students,” that calls for sweeping changes at the country’s institutions of higher education. The federation represents more than 500,000 students across Canada, about half of the nation’s total. While the report focuses on Ontario, its conclusions are applicable across the country and internationally, said Jesse Greener, the Federation’s Ontario chairperson.

Some recommended changes could affect all students. For example, the report criticizes Canada’s loan-based system of financing higher education and calls for outright grants to students. “Education related government loans should not accumulate interest,” it says, since Islam “opposes usury and involvement with interest-bearing loans.” Other changes would be more focused. The report endorses “women-only” time at athletic facilities, and urges colleges to “provide curtains or screens over the observation windows” when women are using the pool.

The report calls not just for Muslim-only prayer space but for “multiple prayer spaces” with “easy access” from all over campus. All new building plans should include prayer space and ritual washing facilities if necessary, it adds. Food service workers must learn to prepare halal food, which is ritually slaughtered and otherwise permissible under Sharia law. After preparing non-halal food, staff must “change sanitary gloves and wash cutlery and surfaces” to avoid contaminating halal food.

What if a campus fails to make these changes, and others like them? It is guilty, says the report, of “Islamophobia” — an “emerging form of racism,” according to the Ontario Human Rights Commission.

Got that? Try and protect your society from and an alien culture bent on having Islam rule the world and you are a racist. A perpetuator of a hate crime. A criminal.

Islamophobia includes more than clearly inappropriate behavior such as violence against Muslims or unreasonable suspicion of them. It can be as “subtle” as a remark that includes a “stereotype” or betrays the speaker’s “lack of understanding” of Islam (such as the notion that Sharia law treats women as second class citizens). Just “one comment” of this kind can create a “poisoned” learning environment for Muslim students, the report says.

Soon, the Islamists will have their own little police force to make sure the dhimmis stay in line.

“Islamophobic” comments will soon land Canadians in serious trouble, if the federation has its way. The report outlines a comprehensive system “to encourage and facilitate a culture of reporting Islamophobia on campus. Anti-discrimination officers should be notified whenever such a comment is made, it says.

Can you say 1984?

But the report makes clear that systems like this will not eradicate Islamophobia from Canadian campuses. To remove stereotypes, faculty, staff, students and administrators must all learn “the tenets of Islam,” it said. “Education modules” for professors should incorporate a focus on “Islam and Islamophobia,” while student activities could range from more courses on themes of the Qur’an and the Islamic world today to “socials, programs and other initiatives” to teach about Islam. Everyone on campus should learn to recognize his or her “collective responsibility to identify and stop Islamophobia.”

Throughout this process, however, Islam must not be taught from a “Western perspective.” This qualifies as Islamophobia, because it “misrepresents Islam.” At the same time, the report says, some Muslim students have called for integrating “Islamic perspectives” in disciplines such as marketing, nursing and finance,” since Islam’s view of these differs from those of the West.

The absolute arrogance of them! It’s us that are misguided!

And where’s the ACLU in all this? Where’s their outrage that public facilitates are being used to advance a religion? Hiding under their burkas, probably.

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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Storm Track Intimidation: Muslims Declare Muslims Non-Muslims

More of the tolerance of Islam – NOT!! Hat tip to Sugiero.

Pakistani police bulldozers have demolished the perimeter wall of a cemetery belonging to the “blasphemous” Armadiya community, despite the fact that it had been built according to laws regulating privately bought property. Local Ahmadis believe the operation was a result of a campaign started by extremist clerics and Religious organizations that had said the fencing of the graveyard was an attempt to create a mini city of Ahmadiya Community in Lahore.

Oh, we can’t have that. It would soil the purity of the Muslim community.

According to intergralist Muslims, the Ahmadiya sect is heretical, in so far as it declares itself to be Muslim but does not recognise Mohammed as the last prophet; as a result the community is subjected to persecution, not only in Pakistan but also in Bangladesh and Indonesia.

It seems that in certain parts of the Muslim world, they can’t get the god straight.

On 15 April, a group of Mullahs signed a “contract” with the local population stating that they would not allow a “mini city of Ahmadis”. A statement released by the community reports that these Mullahs are from outside the area of Handu Gujjar [the Lahore quarter were the demolition occurred] which has always been a peaceful area with a high level of inter-communal harmony”.

This is another example of the Islamist insurgency of a moderate Muslim community to wage their jihad.

Raja Ghalab Ahmad, secretary general, Lahore Ahamdiyya Community told AsiaNews: “It is a common practice that people mark boundary walls to protect their open. No-one notified us of the demolition, because we are Ahmadis. It is clear to me that the government has caved in to fundamentalist pressure”. Normally, he explains, “the local government provides lands for cemeteries. But since 1974 when Ahmadis were declared non Muslims; this privilege has been denied our community, throughout the entire country.

Declared a non-Muslim? Declared by whom? And why should the Pakistani government support such a declaration? This is more proof that despite Musharraf’s insistence and guarantees to President Bush that he is resisting the radical elements in his country, the Islamist still seem to have the upper hand in Pakistan.

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Friday, April 27, 2007

Storm Track Infiltration: GPS Navigation Next Use of Terrorist Attack

As if there weren’t enough way for terrorist to use to pursue their deadly jihad, now the tech and automobile world finds out that the word of a spanner in the satnav works leaked out that a terrorist could come up with an exploit that causes real problems for a driver and was entirely focused on the satellite navigation device itself as the means for delivery.

In January some TomTom Go 910 devices were being sold complete with a Trojan or two pre-installed, with the full knowledge of the manufacturer which had decided not to come clean and ‘fess up until pushed by the global fuss this blog entry caused.

Imagine the problems that could cause more than just getting misdirected to the nearest Starbucks. Imagine no more. Two Italian hackers have done just that.

It’s a neat twist on the kind of data injection exploits that have plagued online computer users for years, and to be frank the simplicity is perhaps the most worrying aspect as it means it can easily be copied by those who would do you harm. Harm as in sending you wrong directions, creating a virtual accident to ensure your vehicle is sent on an alternate route to avoid the non-existent delays, and well, the possible consequences are only too obvious in a world obsessed by the fear of terror attack.

The news of this leaked out at the Vancouver CanSecWest conference this week.

During the presentation entitled ‘Unusual Car Navigation Tricks: Injecting RDS-TMC Traffic Information Signals’ Andrea Barisani and Daniele Bianco from Inverse Path not only demonstrated the obscure and scary messages that can be broadcast to drivers, but also the limitations of standard satnav systems when flooded with these unusual messages. In their abstract the pair even jokingly mentioned how hitmen in the audience would love the role that RDS TMC injection and jamming could play in a social engineering scam. I would add terrorists to the list of laughing out loud observers.

The plain truth is that whether you wanted to induce panic by popping up an alert on myriad drivers’ satnav device screens about a bomb alert, and the consequential potential for accidents and freeway mishap, or send a specifically targeted vehicle along a different route (terrorist ears are already pricking up) then this hack makes it all too easily possible.

And the software developers? Their comments on this possible threat?

So far, and quite predictably, the satellite navigation device manufacturers and routing software developers have remained unavailable for comment. But then it is a weekend, so maybe the news will have found an efficient route to their desks by Monday and the comments will come thick and fast.

In the meantime, I urge bloggers who care about security to kick up as much fuss about this as possible. If we let it wash over us as just another story, then we could find ourselves writing about a much more serious satellite navigation inspired terrorist story in months to come.

Good advice. Any tech bloggers out there wanting to take this one on?

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Winds of War: Telling Stories of Jihad and Freedom

Every culture has a story or a narrative that it lives by. Throughout history, cultural stories have come into conflict with each other many times resulting in war.

We have three major cultural narratives in conflict today - the secular narrative of freedom loving people, the socialist narrative of Marxism, and the theocratic narrative of Islam. Marxism is hardened in Cuba and North Korea, being slowly diluted in China, and having a comeback in Venezuela. For global impact, neither of these forms of Marxism at this time is overly threatening as a cultural narrative. Outside of the Marxist dictators in Africa and Venezuela, there is no real rush to embrace the Marxist narrative.

Islam, on the other hand, is a different story and the difference between their story and that of ours, the secular narrative of freedom is, well, telling.

But what about the narrative? Why is human freedom to be valued? Why is the rule of law important? Why is representative government a good thing? Why does the individual human being possess such worth? Why should we defend the weak? Why should we care for the orphan, the widow, the sick, and the elderly? When is anything worth dying for? Why do we love? What is our story?

Currently, our story is confused, divided, in disarray and in pieces. Political correctness and the practice of multiculturalism has stymied our efforts to forge a coherent story that we believe and what we show to the world.

And what about Islam?

Islam has one . . . a story, a narrative. In general, Islam's answers to these questions is quite different from the answers given by the West for most of its history. Bernard Lewis may have over-estimated the power of the West's commitment to freedom to overwhelm the attractiveness of the Muslim narrative in what he describes as its "Third Wave."

What’s so attractive about the Muslim narrative? I’m not taking about the militant from of Islam but the socio-political form. The one that’s on the march throughout the world today. And what of this “Third Wave”?

Let’s look at what’s attractive about the socio-political religion called Islam.What makes Islam tick? And what can we learn about it that will help us understand those that adhere to it and learn more about the threat it poses to the civilized world. Muslims claim that Islam is the world’s fastest growing religion. If true; why? What attracts so many converts from around the world to this belief system?

The answer can be found in two concepts: Decidophobia and a thirst for a Path to God.

Decidophobia is the morbid dread of making fateful decisions – an ostrich like defense that drives people to seek refuge from decisions in a religious or ideological conformity. The term was created by Walter Kaufman in his book ‘Without Guilt and Justice”.

The objective of the Decidophobic is to make one major decision, and only one major decision, so one does not have to make another major decision in his or her life ever again. One strategy is to join a religion or a movement. One that has a set of finely prescribed behaviors that circumscribe one’s actions and offers an earthly or heavenly reward for the true believer. If a person is adrift without personal bearings and can not function in a chaotic ethical and moral environment that is perceived to have no absolutes – much like we have today – he or she will seek a belief system that offers a safe haven in this storm of relativism.

Islam fills that void.

It is a strict religion that offers paradise and a sense of meaning in life to those who adhere to the simple pillars of its faith. Islam also presents to its followers a person whose life can be imitated and acts as a blue print to achieve the promise of paradise. But there is another form of ‘religion’ that is just as powerful and offers the reward of paradise here on earth. That is the belief in a strong secular ideology also led by a man to emulate – and even worship - and follow in his footsteps. Examples of these ideologies are Nazism with Hitler and Maoism with Mao Zedong.

Both of these belief systems are the answer to one suffering with Decidophobia. There is even an instruction manual for the Decidophobic that relieves him or her of any future personal decisions. The beliefs revealed and the instructions are clear in their ‘bibles’. Mein Kampf, Mao’s Little Red Book, and the Koran. These belief systems are now the Decidophobic’s community, their country that they dwell within surrounded by fellow citizens of their little nation.

And the word nation is not used lightly here.

Take Islam. The nation of Muslims is the nation of Islam – or the Ummah. Ever wonder why the Islamists are so vehement about nationalism as practiced today? Quite simple. It runs counter to the concept of the nation of Islam. A true Muslim can not be a citizen of two nations at once. Mohammed condemned the concept of nationalism in any and all forms. The recent jihadist condemnation of the World Soccer Cup is a case in point.

“Claiming that soccer plants the seeds of nationalism, and is therefore part of a "colonial crusader scheme" to divide Muslims and cause them to stray from the vision of a unified Islamic identity, the Jihadist website told readers: "The sad fact of the matter is that many Muslims have fallen for this new religion and they too carry the national flag.”

This might seem silly to us and we degrade those who hold such a looney idea but it fits nicely into Islam’s goal to stop Muslims from straying from their true nation, that of Islam. Which brings up the concept of the Path to God that dovetails perfectly with the Islamist view that the destruction of the secular world is the necessary first step in creating an Islamic utopia on earth.

Why are the Islamists so concerned with the secular view of the world? Yes, we say it’s because it conflicts with our secular story that promotes freedom and democracy and Islam can not coexist with it, etc. etc. But why? What are the religious grounds for this? That is to say, how can secularism be a threat to the Muslim’s path to God?

The Hindus have recognized for centuries four paths - or ways - to self-development and spiritual growth - the Way of Action, the Way of Love, the Way of Knowledge, and the Way of Mind Control or Meditation. Islam uses primarily the Way of Action. In the book entitled ‘The One Quest’ written by Claudio Naranjo, the two approaches to ‘right action’ are the one of discipline, duty, injunctions and restraint; and the other it’s direct opposite, the one of self-expression, self-trust, and unconstraint. In the latter case, freedom itself can lead to the goal of self-improvement of the spirit by providing the greatest opportunity for experience and choice.

Guess which ‘right action’ is the choice of Islam and why it’s current choice of the path to spiritual development will be extremely difficult to integrate into a world filled with the thirst for freedom? Yep – the approach of discipline, duty, injunctions and restraint – the direct opposite of what modern western style culture exhibits today.

Our modern day culture believes that self-improvement – at least in the physical realm - can only be achieved by the greatest opportunity for experience and personal choice, unrestricted by any discipline, duty, injunction or restraint. Taken to extremes, one approach leads to the restriction of everything, the other, the permissiveness of everything.

Clash of civilizations? You bet. Clash of paths to self-improvement? You bet.

The outlook is not good for any kind of integration of the two ‘approaches’. Take the way of action that demands discipline, duty, injunctions and restraint – that is, the removal of any and all physical world distractions (including the female body) and entities (nationalism) that would hinder the true believer’s goal of reaching paradise - and we have the Taliban. Allow freedom to disintegrate into license and we are left with the nihilism of Nietzsche.

One approach leads to a constipated, restricted, dead culture – Islam. The other to the chaos of relativism where moral equivalency, political correctness and multiculturalism prevent the perception of what’s right and what’s wrong. Neither extreme assists both the individual or society’s spirit reach its fullest potential.

Finally, both extreme belief systems, theocratic and secular, are two sides of the same coin. Islam sees religion and the state as one and the same. Their book of beliefs dictates how society should function. Secular extremism like Nazi Germany and Maoist China operated the same way. The leader’s belief and the function of the state were direct results of the ‘bibles’ of Mein Kampf and the Little Red Book.

Now what about the Third Wave of Islam? Bernard Lewis writes:

The first wave dates from the very beginning of Islam, when the new faith spilled out of the Arabian Peninsula, where it was born, into the Middle East and beyond. It was then that Muslims conquered Syria, Palestine, Egypt and North Africa — all at that time part of the Christian world — and went beyond into Europe. There, they conquered a sizable part of southwestern Europe, including Spain, Portugal and southern Italy, all of which became part of the Islamic world, and even crossed the Pyrenees and occupied for a while parts of France.

The second wave was conducted not by Arabs and Moors but by Turks and Tartars. In the mid-13th century, the Mongol conquerors of Russia were converted to Islam. The Turks, who had already conquered Anatolia, advanced into Europe and in 1453 they captured the ancient Christian citadel of Constantinople. They conquered a large part of the Balkans, and for a while ruled half of Hungary. Twice they reached as far as Vienna, to which they laid siege in 1529 and again in 1683. Barbary corsairs from North Africa went to Iceland — the uttermost limit — and to several places in Western Europe, including notably a raid on Baltimore (the original one, in Ireland) in 1631.

The third wave is taking a different form: terror and migration. The subject of terror has been discussed frequently and in great detail. What I want to address here is the other aspect, which is of more particular relevance to Europe today — the question of migration.

Where do we stand now? Is it third time lucky? It is not impossible. Muslim immigrants have certain clear advantages. They have fervor and conviction, which in most Western countries are either weak or lacking.

It’s not that our story is weak, but how we practicing it.

[Muslims] are self-assured of the rightness of their cause, whereas we spend most of our time in self-denigration and self-abasement. They have loyalty and discipline, and perhaps most important of all, they have demography. The combination of natural increase and migration that is producing major population changes could lead within the foreseeable future to significant majorities in at least some European cities or even countries.

Our challenge today is to reach back in time and tell the coherent beneficial story that freedom loving people have fought for and attained over the last several centuries.

But we also have some advantages, the most important of which are knowledge and freedom. The appeal of genuine modern knowledge in a society that, in the more distant past, had a long record of scientific and scholarly achievement is obvious. They are keenly and painfully aware of their relative backwardness and welcome the opportunity to rectify it.

Less obvious but also powerful is the appeal of freedom. In the past, in the Islamic world the word freedom was not used in a political sense. Freedom was a legal concept. You were free if you were not a slave. They did not use freedom and slavery as a metaphor for good and bad government, as we have done for a long time in the Western world.

But the idea of freedom in its Western interpretation is making headway. It is becoming more and more understood, more and more appreciated and more and more desired. It is perhaps in the long run our best hope, perhaps even our only hope, of surviving this developing struggle.

The one place where we can most definitely lose the war on terror is on the battlefield of ideas. Who would believe that a combination of pure hatred and medieval superstition would provide the most appealing ideology of the 21st century?

What is our counter? The ideology of freedom, obviously. But do we really believe in it anymore? That is hard to believe on a continent which in the previous century was ravaged by the deadly poisons fascism and socialism, where everybody now seems to know what they are against (America, Jews, capitalism, immigrants, whatever), but there is little left to unite us when we are forced to decide what we are fighting for.

We need to affirm what we are fighting for and just against.

Secular Blasphemy writes:

The one place where we can most definitely lose the war on terror is on the battlefield of ideas. Who would believe that a combination of pure hatred and medieval superstition would provide the most appealing ideology of the 21st century? What is our counter? The ideology of freedom, obviously. But do we really believe in it anymore?

Or do we believe in what Janis Joplin said, “Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose.”

Before we get to that point, I hope we can tell our story in ways that will halt and push back the strong global story of the Islamists.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Storm Track Infiltration: WordPress Hosting Terror Sites

Ain’t free speech wonderful in time of war! Or is it sedition? The Jawa Report did a little digging and found out that terrorist & jihadist websites are hosted by San Francisco based

Terrorists - websites of known terror organizations, terrorists, or those acting in their name.

  • Islamic Courts Union (al Qaeda linked former government of Somalia--aka, "African Taliban")
  • Daniel al Jughaifi (personal website of indicted (Update: he plead guilty two days ago) American jihadi Daniel Joseph Maldonado)
  • Amreekan (literature by convicted terrorist Sheik Nasir bin Hamid al Fahd who famously issued a fatwa granting al Qaeda the right to use WMD against the U.S.)

Terror supporters - Few terror supporters actually say, "We support terrorism" and these blogs are no exception. What they do is define terror in such a way as to exclude every organization listed by the U.S. State Department as specially designated terrorist enteties. Most of these blogs, though, openly support terror organizations such as al Qaeda in Iraq, the Islamic Courts Union of Somalia, or the Taliban.

I wonder when this country and the free world will wake up to the fact that we are fighting a war. But for now, that’s asking a bit too much.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Storm Track Infiltration: Indonesian Jihad

Yesterday I did a post on the Swedish Jihad and how Islam has infiltrated that nation placing its feet on the path to dhimmitude. But not only non-Muslims nations are threatened by political Islam. The moderate Muslim dominated countries in Southeast Asia are also the target of the Islamists. A recent documentary by PBS “Struggle for the Soul of Islam: Inside Indonesia,” part of the “America at a Crossroads” series, brings this threat into focus.

Those most feeling the pain and pressure of militant Islam’s rise have been moderate Muslims, many of them horrified by the tactics and goals of their fundamentalist brethren. It is these moderates who are potentially the Western world’s strongest allies in the struggle to contain the radicals. One of the great stages for this struggle is Indonesia, the world’s fourth most populous country and home to about 210 million Muslims, more than any other nation’s.

These moderate Muslim nations are not Arab – yet are practicing Muslims.

Indonesia is an ancient nation but a fledgling democracy, one that was born after the country’s longtime dictator, Suharto, was ousted in 1998. The demonstrations that drove out Mr. Suharto established freedom and the rule of law, but it was “a double-edged sword,” says Ulil Abshar-Abdalla, an Indonesian Islamic scholar and leader of the Liberal Islam Network. It unleashed many political forces that had long been suppressed. “This freedom is not only for the good guys, but also for the bad guys,” Mr. Abshar-Abdalla says.

This is one of the prime challenges in this war between the freedom of democracies and the tyranny of Islamism and one that we are sorely neglecting. Indonesia like other moderate Muslim nations is at a crossroads. They, like us proven with Iraq, are discovering that democracy doesn’t automatically grant the personal freedoms that much of the West has enjoyed. The establishment of tyranny can be voted in as much as the establishment of individual rights and personal freedoms. Hitler’s Germany is an example in history and many European nations are under the thumb of bureaucratic elitist tyranny of the EU.

The “bad guys,” in his view, are fundamentalist Muslims who want to establish an Islamic state, or, as it is expressed on “Struggle for the Soul of Islam” by Abu Bakar Bashir, one of the movement’s leaders, “an Allah-ocracy, not a democracy.” Mr. Bashir, who is described as one of the spiritual mentors of the Bali bombers, is a beatific figure with a white beard and a big bucktoothed smile. “Islam and democracy,” he calmly explains, “can never coexist.”

The Islamist are pursuing their Islamist agenda using thuggery jihad.

Squads of pious youths armed with long sticks launch attacks on “immorality,” sometimes with the tacit cooperation of local government officials. The dynamic is easy to understand. Traditionalists who would never support the establishment of sharia, or Islamic law, are content to let these freelance enforcers, operating under the label of the Islamic Defenders Front, crack down on anything they find uncomfortable or risqué.

One of the most moving interviews in the program is with Inul Daratista, a popular singer and performance artist, whose suggestive dancing — which would hardly raise an eyebrow in the West — has provoked the ire of these unofficial moral guardians. Her shows have been attacked and shut down, and there is a tone of despair in her remarks. “I think some of the authorities are afraid of these radical organizations,” she says. “Soon the people won’t have respect for the authorities. They will respect these groups. Then what will become of Indonesia after that?”

But there is resistence.

The Daratista controversy prompted a bill in the national legislature to ban “pornography,” a term that was defined broadly enough to force all Indonesian women to adopt strict Islamist garb; those opposing it were labeled “pro-pornography.” Among other things the bill prohibited kissing in public for more than three minutes. Against these signs of rising radical strength “The Struggle” also shows many hopeful signs that Indonesia’s mainstream has begun to rouse itself to fight back. For example popular outrage against the pornography bill caused it to be withdrawn. (It is now being redrafted.) Then there is the popular rock band whose songs attack fundamentalism head on, and the group of schoolgirls who, having been forced to wear head scarves and robes, are happy to speak on camera about how much they hate them. “I can’t stand these things,” one girl says, tugging with disgust at the fabric draped over her head and neck.
Now read this because it tells the true story on how to resist the political jihad of the Islamist.

Perhaps the strongest ally in the fight against fundamentalism, the program suggests, is Indonesian traditional culture. Mainstream Islam long ago adapted to the indigenous island culture, and most Indonesians see the radical movement as an effort to impose Arab customs and beliefs. So national pride resists this “foreign” intrusion.

“National pride resists “foreign” intrusion”. There it is in a nutshell - the recipe for a nation, a society, a culture and a people to resist Islamification. Is Europe resisting by protecting its culture from foreign infiltration? Nope. Is America? Not looking good.

Nations and cultures will have to wake up the threat before them. Islamism is a predatory socio-political system under the guise of a religion and it must be confronted and resisted as so.

But warring against this resistance is rampant anti-Americanism. Sidney Jones, an expert on Indonesian terrorism with the International Crisis Group, sees post 9/11 American military policy as a major boon to the Islamists, who have successfully characterized the invasion of Iraq, in particular, as part of a global war against Islam.

“American policy is worsening the situation,” Ms. Jones says.

Perhaps he is right. All of Islam is not our enemy – yet! But if we don’t find ways to engage these current moderate, non-Arab Muslim nations, they will most certainly fall into the hands of the Islamists.

We need a strategy to combat the insidious form of political Islamism that has found the civilized world’s Achilles heel.

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Monday, April 23, 2007

Storm Track Infiltration: The Swedish Jihad

It’s no news to the anti-jihadi movement in the bloggospher that Europe is slowly being Islamiztized and being prepared for absorption into the coming Caliphate. Some European countries see the danger of Muslim demographic jihad but are unsure how to deal with it stuck under the boot of their self-imposed multiculturalist socialist agenda.

But one European nation is welcoming their absorption with open arms. Here’s a report to that fact from the European columnist

I decided to write this essay following the riots in Malmö this weekend. Malmö is Sweden's third largest city and by far the worst city in Scandinavia when it comes to Muslim aggression. I read recently that an Arab girl interviewed in Malmö said that she liked it so much there, it felt almost like an Arab city. Native Swedes have been moving away from the city for years, turned into refugees in their own country by Jihad, not too different from the non-Muslims in some regions of the Philippines, southern Thailand or Kashmir in India, or for that matter Christian Serbs in Kosovo.

This displacement process is one of the tactics Islamists use to turn chosen areas of a country into a little Islam ruled by Sharia law.

I wrote two years ago that if the trend isn't stopped, the Swedish nation will simply cease to exist in any meaningful way during the first half of this century. The country that gave us Bergman, ABBA and Volvo could become known as the Bosnia of northern Europe, and the “Swedish model” will be one of warning against ideological madness, not one of admiration. I still fear I was right in that assessment.

And it seems the Swedish leadership is quite comfortable with Fjordman’s assessment.

Jonathan Friedman, an American living outside Malmö, mentions that the so-called Integration Act of 1997 proclaimed that “Sweden is a Multicultural society.” Notes to the Act also stated that “Since a large group of people have their origins in another country, the Swedish population lacks a common history. The relationship to Sweden and the support given to the fundamental values of society thus carry greater significance for integration than a common historical origin.” Native Swedes have thus been reduced to just another ethnic group in Sweden, with no more claim to the country than the Kurds or the Somalis who arrived there last Thursday. The political authorities of the country have erased their own people's history and culture.

To what extent has Sweden given up its national identity?

Jens Orback, Minister for Democracy, Metropolitan Affairs, Integration and Gender Equality from the Social Democratic Party said during a debate in Swedish radio in 2004 that “We must be open and tolerant towards Islam and Muslims because when we become a minority, they will be so towards us.”

This is a government that knows perfectly well that their people will become a minority in their own country, yet is doing nothing to stop this.

On the contrary. Pierre Schori, Minister for immigration, during a parliamentary debate in 1997 said that: “Racism and xenophobia should be banned and chased [away],” and that one should not accept “excuses, such as that there were flaws in the immigration and refugee policies.” In other words: It should be viewed as a crime for the native population not to assist in wiping themselves out.

This essentially is what you get when you declare your culture irrelevant to please the gods of multiculturalism and political correctness or when your culture is racked with guilt over its previous history.

And how do the young Muslims see self-dhimmification?

Feriz and Pajtim, members of Gangsta Albanian Thug Unit in Malmö, explain how they mug people downtown. They target a lone victim. “We surround him and beat and kick him until he no longer fights back,” Feriz said. “You are always many more people than your victims. Cowardly?” “I have heard that from many, but I disagree. The whole point is that they're not supposed to have a chance.” They didn't express any sympathy for their victims. "If they get injured, they just have themselves to blame for being weak," said Pajtim and shrugged.

The wave of robberies the city of Malmö has witnessed is part of a “war against the Swedes.” This is the explanation given by young robbers from immigrant background in interviews with Petra Åkesson. “When we are in the city and robbing we are waging a war, waging a war against the Swedes.”

Funny how the Swedes can’t recognize that they are at war. And they are.

This argument was repeated several times. “Power for me means that the Swedes shall look at me, lie down on the ground and kiss my feet.” The boys explain, laughingly, that “there is a thrilling sensation in your body when you’re robbing, you feel satisfied and happy, it feels as if you’ve succeeded, it simply feels good.” “We rob every single day, as often as we want to, whenever we want to. The Swedes don’t do anything, they just give us the stuff. They’re so wimpy.”

The leftists, peace loving, socialist of the world and the media networks like CNN see themselves not as members of a nation but citizens of the world. And though that might be a noble idea someday, it doesn’t fit with current reality and wishing it so will not make it so.

The Swedish Multicultural elites see themselves first of all as citizens of the world. In order to emphasize and accentuate diversity, everything Swedish is deliberately disparaged. Opposition to this policy is considered a form of racism: “The dominant ideology in Sweden, which has been made dominant by powerful methods of silencing and repression, is a totalitarian ideology, where the elites oppose the national aspect of the nation state. The problem is that the ethnic group that are described as Swedes implicitly are considered to be nationalists, and thereby are viewed as racists……“Instead of increasing the active participation of citizens, the government has placed clear restrictions on freedom of thought, freedom of speech and freedom of congregation.”

All this leads to a kind of mental illness – a kind of national schizophrenia.

Mona Sahlin has held various posts in Social Democratic cabinets, among others as Minister for Democracy, Integration and Gender Equality. Sahlin has said that many Swedes are envious of immigrants because they, unlike the Swedes, have a culture, a history, something which ties them together. Notice how Swedish authorities first formally state that Swedes don't have a history or a culture, and then proceed to lament the fact that Swedes don't have a history or a culture. A neat trick.

Sahlin has also stated that: “If two equally qualified persons apply for a job at a workplace with few immigrants, the one called Muhammad should get the job. […] It should be considered an asset to have an ethnic background different from the Swedish one.”

No surprise here. They need a constant flow of immigrants to prop up their failed cradle to grave socialist state. Sweden’s predicament is also danger to other countries. Roland Huntford ended his book with a warning that this system of soft-totalitarianism could be exported to other countries. He has been proven right since:

“The Swedes have demonstrated how present techniques can be applied in ideal conditions. Sweden is a control experiment on an isolated and sterilized subject. Pioneers in the new totalitarianism, the Swedes are a warning of what probably lies in store for the rest of us, unless we take care to resist control and centralization, and unless we remember that politics are not to be delegated, but are the concern of the individual. The new totalitarians, dealing in persuasion and manipulation, must be more efficient than the old, who depended upon force.”

This is a warning to the United States and the left’s liberal socialist multiculturalists who would be more than happy to impose a Swedish style society on America under the guise of cultural sensitivity and caring for the second half of John Edwards’ “Two Americas”.

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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Storm Track Infiltration: Moderate Muslims – Quo Vadis?

What do Muslims want? And why, up to just a couple of decades ago, Muslims in non-Muslims and non-Arab countries lived peacefully with non-Muslims. Why the driving need to force the societies they live in to accommodate to their beliefs and values? Why the recent incidents such as the Muslim cashiers at Target who refuse to swipe pork from customers, Muslim cabdrivers refusing to take customers with alcohol, Muslims demanding a certain portion of the day be put aside to swim at public pools, a Muslim all-girl basketball team demanding that men not be allowed to view their games, Muslims demanding certain hours at a gym be put aside only for them...and the list goes on and on and on.

Why? And why now? Daniel Pipes has noticed the increase.

“The violence by Muslims responding to comments by the pope fit a pattern that has been building and accelerating since 1989. Six times since then, Westerners did or said something that triggered death threats and violence in the Muslim world. Looking at them in the aggregate offers useful insights.”

  • 1989 – Salman Rushdie's novel, The Satanic Verses prompted Ayatollah Khomeini to issue a death edict against him and his publishers, on the grounds that the book "is against Islam, the Prophet, and the Koran." Subsequent rioting led to over 20 deaths, mostly in India.
  • 1997 – The U.S. Supreme Court refused to remove a 1930s frieze showing Muhammad as lawgiver that decorates the main court chamber; the Council on American-Islamic Relations made an issue of this, leading to riots and injuries in India.
  • 2002 – The American evangelical leader Jerry Falwell calls Muhammad a "terrorist," leading to church burnings and at least 10 deaths in India.
  • 2005 – An incorrect story in Newsweek, reporting that American interrogators at Guantánamo Bay, "in an attempt to rattle suspects, flushed a Qur'an down a toilet," is picked up by the famous Pakistani cricketer, Imran Khan, and prompts protests around the Muslim world, leading to at least 15 deaths.
  • February 2006 – The Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten publishes twelve cartoons of Muhammad, spurring a Palestinian Arab imam in Copenhagen, Ahmed Abdel Rahman Abu Laban, to excite Muslim opinion against the Danish government. He succeeds so well, hundreds die, mostly in Nigeria.
  • September 2006 – Pope Benedict XVI quotes a Byzantine emperor's views that what is new in Islam is "evil and inhuman," prompting the firebombing of churches and the murder of several Christians.

These six rounds, Pipes says, show a near-doubling in frequency: 8 years between the first and second rounds, then 5, then 3, 1, and ½. Is it because Muslims are more agitated or perhaps because the non-Muslim world does not counter these intimidations tactics and so it further emboldens the Islamists.

Raymond Ibrahim wrote an article at NRO that might help to explain it. Hat Tip to Flopping Aces.

From a religious point of view, the anti-social behavior of these Muslims can be, if not excused, then certainly understood. They are doing only what their religion commands them to do. And their refusal to compromise on these points demonstrates that adherence to the commandments of Islam is a priority of the utmost importance to them.

That brings me to the two questions that every Muslim must answer when living in the West if we are to know if they are here to assimilate into the new culture or eliminate it. If you were a true Muslim – moderate or otherwise – you would answer ‘Yes’ to the following two questions:

  • Which nation do you owe allegiance to? The country you live in of the ummah?
  • Do you adhere to the I Law or the secular laws of your country?

If their answers are:

  • The ummah
  • Yes

You are talking to a real Muslim. I was brought to task by some of my liberal friends saying I was simplifying the problem too much and any moderate Muslim would not admit to such answers.

Well ….Guess what? The New York Times spilled the beans when they reported an interview which they claim are two true Muslim moderates. You know, the law-abiding, deeply religion, good neighbor that lives next door. They seek a ‘middle ground’ of moderation – with us and our freedoms in the middle.

Here’s one of the moderate’s answer to the question I pose.

Every Muslim who is honest would say, I would like to see America become a Muslim country,” he said. “I think it would help people, and if I didn’t believe that, I wouldn’t be a Muslim.

There’s your answer. A true Muslim must work to Islamatize the societies they live in.

There are countless verses and traditions, in fact, that make it clear that Muslims are to be in a constant state of animosity toward non-Muslims, waging war through tongue and teeth in order to spread Islam, and, when finally in a position of superiority, discriminating against those who refuse to convert (see, for example, 3:28, 5:73, 5:17, 9:5, 9:25, etc).

The solution to the Muslim problem is not to engage in conversations of accommodation but to make it clear that this is our culture that has hundreds of more years of history and struggle towards freedom than theirs and these are the values and mores that we intend to live by. If Muslims can’t, then they need to find those societies that are willing to be subjugated by them.

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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Storm Track Infiltration: Keystone Cops in AZ - Do You Feel Safe Yet?

Federal authorities are accusing a former engineer at Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station of illegally taking software codes to Iran and downloading details of control rooms, reactors and designs of the nation's largest nuclear plant.

Officers arrested Mohammad "Mo" Alavi, 49, in Los Angeles this month and charged him with one count of violating a trade embargo, which prohibits Americans from exporting goods and services to Iran. Authorities say there is no evidence to suggest the use of the software was linked to terrorists or the Iranian government, which has clashed with the U.S. over attempts to develop a nuclear program.

Officials with Arizona Public Service Co., which operates Palo Verde, said the software does not pose a security risk because it doesn't control any of the nuclear plant's operating systems and is mostly used to train employees.

I’m at a loss for words. Authorities say there is no evidence to suggest the use of the software was linked to terrorists or the Iranian government!!!

Let me see. He downloads software that contains details of control rooms, reactors and designs of the nation's largest nuclear plant. He takes off for Iran with the software. It’s used to train plant employees. AND HIS NAME IS ‘Mohammad?!

It gets better.

Authorities said Alavi asked a Palo Verde software engineer to recommend a laptop and help him obtain a user name and password to access the software system. Another employee saw Alavi with that laptop in the simulator room, with a 3KeyMasterand screen displayed. The employee didn't raise any alarms.

Gee. I wonder what the employee’s name was who gave him the laptop and access.

On Aug. 9, Alavi bought a one-way ticket to Tehran, Iran. His last day at the company was Aug. 14. Two days later, he left the country with his wife. In October, authorities say, the software system was accessed from a person using the Palo Verde user ID in Tehran. The software's maker, Western Services in Maryland, had no idea that Alavi had resigned from Palo Verde and did not try to restrict his access, according to a federal affidavit. Nobody from Palo Verde informed Western Services that Alavi had quit his job at the power plant, the FBI said. The nuclear plant did not instruct the software company to remove Alavi's user name or password from the company's Web site.

A Keystone Cop performance if we ever saw one. I hope the fine people of Phoenix where the plant is located are sleeping will tonight.

Since the incident, APS has changed its policy and now requires plant managers to check a box to make sure former employees don't have access to external software systems.

So our security against a terrorist attack that can radioactively poison millions of residents of the Phoenix – from Iran – is a checkbox. Oh, just wonderful.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission in February downgraded Palo Verde's rating to the rank of most regulated nuclear power plant in the nation, triggering more rigorous oversight and additional inspections.

Gee. I wonder why?

So, do we feel safer now?

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Storm Track Infiltration: Institutional Jihad – Islamic Indoctrination in American Classrooms

Our country lives under the First Amendment. The interpretation of the First Amendment and in particular its first clause, referred to as the “Establishment of Religion” or “Establishment” clause, has a direct bearing on how federally- funded public schools can teach religion.

Over the last several years, especially after 9-11, these restrictions on the teaching of religion in our public schools didn't seem to apply to the proponents of the advancement of Islam. Hypocrisy and double standards of the Islamists waging institutional jihad in our schools goes on missed by our educated leadership.

Public schools can teach about religions, but can neither denigrate one religion nor promote another. When 9/11 happened, children were confronted with the spectacle of Muslim terrorism on their TV screens. Sadly, for children growing up in America, their understanding of why Islamic terrorism takes place is not likely to be explained at school.

The First Amendment was originally designed to prevent the conflicts which (Christian) religion had caused in Europe. Now, it is being employed by the politically correct to present an anodyne and inaccurate portrayal of Islam in US public schools.

Schools in America are being taken to task by Muslim activists who perceive that their religion is not treated with enough “respect”.

Different news items have appeared now and then over the last few years that show the successful attempts of the Islamists infiltrating our pubic school system under the guise of multiculturalism and political correctness. By putting them together we can see the extent of Islamist infiltration of our schools.

In December 2006 Baltimore County School Board in Maryland was accused of inaccuracy in its teaching of Islam. The claim was made by Bash Pharoan, who is president of the local American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee and head of Baltimore County Muslim Council. Pharoan was complaining about resource sheets given to students in seventh and tenth grade. He has been whining for three years that the sheets do not show respect to Mohammed, founder of Islam, because they merely call him “Mohammed.” “Omitting the word prophet is disrespectful”, Pharoan claimed.

He also objected to the description in the resource sheets of “jihad”. He accepted that the sheets refer to its meaning as “struggle” but objected to the statement: “Muhammad justified his attacks to his followers by explaining that to weaken those who opposed the spread of God’s word was a virtue, and that those who fell in battle would be rewarded in heaven. Thus the idea of the jihad became the holy war of the Muslims against ‘the unbelievers.”

In California one school, the Excelsior Elementary, took its teaching of Islam to seventh graders to extremes. School pupils were made to dress up in Islamic clothing, to memorize Koranic verses and even to fast during their lunch hour to mimic Muslim behavior during Ramadan. The Five Pillars of Islam were to be learned, pupils were encouraged to say “Allahu Ackbar” and using dice, the children played a “jihad game”. The materials employed at the school stated: “From the beginning, you and your classmates will become Muslims.” The games were neither new, nor exclusive to Excelsior. In 1994 the Joseph Kerr Junior High School in Elk Grove, California displayed a banner stating “There is one God, Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet” while children ran around in Islamic garb.

There are those that refused to have our young children dhimmified by Islamist propaganda.

In summer of 2002, Byron Union School District, which governs Excelsior, became subject of a lawsuit. This suit was brought by the Thomas More Law Center (TMLC), based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Richard Thompson, President and Chief Counsel of the Law Center said of the Islamic sessions at Excelsior: “No federal court would have permitted a class where public school students were taught to ‘become Catholics’ for three weeks, selected a saint’s name, wore identification tags that displayed their new name and a Crucifix, and engaged in Catholic religious practices. Here, however, students were subjected to Islamic religious indoctrination and propaganda and the courts turned a blind eye. The Supreme Court missed an opportunity to demonstrate that the Establishment Clause is to be applied the same to all religions and is not just a weapon to be used only against Christians.”

On 10 December 2003 U.S. District Judge Phyllis Hamilton issued a 22 page ruling which claimed that Excelsior was not violating the constitution as it was not indoctrinating students into Islam.

TMLC pointed out that the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals had ruled the words “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance to be unconstitutional in 2002. Then, of course, there’s the blatant hypocrisy of Islamic arrogance.

Bash Pharoan, who maintains that Baltimore County School Board is not respectful of Islam, has demanded that Jewish school holidays be banned. This move was made in June 2006 after his three-year campaigns to have the Muslim holidays of Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha introduced into school calendars was not accepted. He described his vindictive proposal thus: “This issue is about equality, about equity.”

I wonder if he had to hold his nose or hold back laughter when he said that.

Issues of holidays are trivial compared to the material which purports to educate students about Islam. If such material is of itself biased, then the primary duty of education is undermined. In 2004, Georgetown University hosted a seminar for teachers, federally funded under Title VI of the Higher Education Act. Among the study materials on offer is the “Arab World Studies Notebook”, which makes some bizarre claims, such as Muslims arrived in the Americas before Columbus and spread through the Caribbean and into Canada. This preposterous claim was later removed, but other contentious passages remained, including comments suggesting Jews have no claim to Israel.

Books which promote Islamic radicalism have made their way into school districts through donations. In 2001, the Omar Ibn Khatab Foundation made a donation of 300 Korans, entitled “The Meaning of the Holy Quran”, to Los Angeles city school district. In 2002, these copies of the Koran had to be removed, as it was found that they contained anti-Semitic footnotes, such as: “The Jews in their arrogance claimed that all wisdom and all knowledge of Allah was enclosed in their hearts. Their claim was not only arrogance but blasphemy.”

Paul Sperry, author of the book ‘Infiltration’, said in an interview with FrontPage Magazine:

Parents would be shocked to know that Muslim consultants on the Saudi government payroll have been teaching their kids about Islam in the public schools as part of world history units on religion. They're writing lesson plans promoting Islam by instructing kids to recite prayers and verses from the Quran on prayer rugs. They're covering up all of Islam's ugly warts, including violent jihad, while denigrating Christianity. The textbook units on Islam they're editing are so slick they glamorize the faith, and the worry is they'll inspire future "American Talibans"—or worse, kids like Abu Ali, President Bush's would-be assassin, who graduated from the same Saudi Islamic academy where the nation's top public-school consultant on Islamic studies taught social studies. Her name is Susan L. Douglass, but don't be fooled by her WASP-sounding name. She's a devout Muslim activist, and her husband, Usama Amer, still teaches at the school, which teaches students to hate Jews and Christians. It's located right across the Potomac from DC.

WorldNetDaily has learned that up until last year Douglass taught social studies at the Islamic Saudi Academy in Alexandria, Va., which teaches Wahhabism through textbooks that condemn Jews and Christians as infidels and enemies of Islam. Her husband, Usama Amer, still teaches at the grades 2-12 school, a spokeswoman there confirmed. Both are practicing Muslims. The Saudi government funds the school, which has a sister campus in Fairfax, Va.

"It is a school that is under the auspices of the Saudi Embassy," said Ali al-Ahmed, executive director of the Washington-based Saudi Institute, a leading Saudi opposition group. "So the minister of education appoints the principal of the school, and the teachers are paid by the Saudi government." He says many of the academy's textbooks he has reviewed contain passages promoting hatred of non-Muslims.

This is out and out propaganda by our enemy. Saudi Arabia is no friend of the West but because we are stuck on its oil tit we are allowing their vile misinformation and half-truths to flood into our schools and seep into our children’s minds.

Here’s another example in our schools. An innocuous little crossword puzzle used for indoctrination.

Khalid Chahhou, who was in his first year of teaching in Johnston County, gave students a worksheet in which they were to translate words and find them within a word-search puzzle. Some students started uncovering strange words in the process. "There were words like 'kill,' then I saw it said 'destroy America,'" Eric Herrera said.

Chahhou, who also teaches Arabic at a religious school affiliated with the Islamic Association of Cary, told WRAL in a telephone interview that students got the wrong message from the assignment. "When I made the assignment, I was upset and angry about a story I recently saw on the news. If any message appears, it is more of a message to myself, not to my students. I never meant to hurt or upset any students or parents," he said.

Yep. Happens everyday. Most teachers insert messages to themselves into school assignments when they're upset over a news story.

And the hits keep on coming. Check out this list of California School Districts infiltrated by Islamic Propaganda - and wince. The list is long and frightening. Then read about the TCI History Alive! textbook used in many pubic schools at the Citizens for Truth in Education web site.

Because of the ignorance of our history teachers and their administrator’s fear of being labeled politically incorrect, our government school and many others in the land are now turning out a generation that has only one perspective of Islam; one which Islamists want them to adhere to.

All of these attempts and successes are from, as of now, a small minority of Muslims in this country. But as Raphael Israeli says in an article, The New Demographic Balance in Europe and its Consequences, a Muslim minority power seeks to divide and conquer its host countries. An example he gives is how in Europe, Muslims “demand their own school systems, in their own native languages, financed by the host state and, in the long run, to its own detriment.”

If that isn't a perfect definition of a foreign invasion I don't know what is.

America has been warned about the dangers of allowing this infiltration of our schools to continue. Will we be good students and learn in time.

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