Monday, June 18, 2007

Smile Break - "Keep the Jihad Down, I'm on the Phone!"

Over at the Kurlander blog, there’s a caption contest for the pix above. Here are some of the submissions? Add yours?

"Hello, Dearborn Dominos? I'd like a large halal pizza with goat cheese and lamb and I swear to Allah I will cut off your driver's infidel head if I so much as smell garlic. Oh, and Cheezy bread."

"So, Michael Jackson, what else has changed since you moved to the United Arab Emirates?"

Benetton unleashes its edgiest jeans ad campaign ever.

If you know the name of the infidel you'd like to behead press 1
If you'd like to select an infidel from a list press 2
para espanol numero tres

"AP News Bagdad, Special Correspondent Jamal Speaking......No, that viaduct won't be blown up until tomorrow; send the photographers over to the car-bombing at the main police station instead. Yes, should be in about 30 minutes. You're welcome, happy to help!"

Voice on phone: "I'm wearing a long, long, very loose burka. Oh yeah, baby, you can't even tell the color of my eyes. And gloves. Thick, shapeless gloves."

"Barrack Hussein Obama for President, Ahkmed speaking. How much can I put you down for?"

Hello NY Times? I would like to cancel my subscription. HAHA just kidding buddy, I hate Jews too.

Please press 3 for the saudi student insta-visa approval tele-system ...

"Islamic Jihad - let me blow your mind (and everything else)!"

Here’s mine.

"Sis won the wet veil contest? Allah Akbar!!"


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