Sunday, November 30, 2008

Taking the Jihad Temperature - A Gathering Storm Special Series – DISINFORMATION Part 3

If you throw a frog into boiling water, he will jump out. If you put it in cold water and slowly turn up the heat, he will not notice the rise in temperature and will eventually boil. 

The Islamists are boiling our frog and though this blog and hundreds like it record almost daily the rise in the Jihad temperature, unless we see how far and fast the temperature has risen, we will not know how far along our boiling has progressed. 

So, the Gathering Storm will be posting only once a week but these weekly posts will take the Jihadist temperature by looking back at news and events over the last two years. Over the next several weeks in the areas of intimidationinfiltrationdisinformation and those appeasers and apologists who either knowingly or unknowingly advance the Jihad agenda, the Gathering Storm will show how far our frog has been boiled. 

By seeing the boiling water around us, we can see how far the boiling has progressed. 

The good news is that we are noticing that the water is getting warmer. There is a glimmer of awareness here - a glimmer of hope there. But we have a long way to go. 

Here’s this week’s look back at the rising Jihad temperature of DISINFORMATION !! And remember – this is just a sampling of Jihadist Disinformation. More to follow.

Islam and Democracy Double Speak

I love to see Muslim scholars go through intellectual contortions trying to make Islam compatible with democracy. Try and follow the logic from Dr Pervaiz Nazir, a senior research fellow at the Centre for International Studies, University of Cambridge, during a lecture on ‘The Rise of Political Religion and its Implications for Democracy’ at the Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology (SZABIST).

Right from the start, Dr. Nazir sets the argument. Muslims are victims.

A scholar of Pakistani origin, Dr Nazir said that western nations should improve their perception of Islam instead of enforcing western ideals on Muslim countries. He said the west developed its economy and governing system in a particular setting due to which the Muslim polity suffered. He urged the world to keep past differences in mind while handing down judgment on a democratic system, prevalent in the Islamic world.

Let' see. First, loosely translated – Keep in mind all the terrible things you have done to my culture through history then we can have a reasoned discussion in the present. And second - a democratic system, prevalent in the Islamic world?!

What democratic system? Did I miss something?

He also said that modernity, secularism and democracy could be incorporated into religion instead of casting religion aside to adopt them.

I guess he’s never heard of the separation of church and state. But of course Islam is the perfect solution to both the obedience to Allah and a governmental system. Islam holds that political life can only function properly within the context of Islamic law. To such believers, since God's law is universally true and beneficial to all people, any state law or action opposed to God's law would be harmful to the citizens, and displeasing to God. Many Muslims consider the Western concept of separation of Church and State to be rebellion against God's law.

He said that religion was a separate entity and should not be mixed with politics, but he agreed to the audience’s suggestion that Islam could not be separated from modern politics.

Huh?! I’m confused. Relgion is a seperate entity from government but Islam can not be sperarted from politics?

This shows that those who hold a fundamental view of their religion befuddles the mind and blinds them to the inconsistencies of their logic.

OK, Dr. Nazir. Which is it? Should Islam be separated from the role of government or not? You’re argument is as clear as mud.

Muslims Dishearten By Attempts to Free Them Seek New Sources of Hope

When I read this news item from Montreal Muslims sent in to me by Michael, I nearly tossed my cookies. This is such a load of horse hockey that it defies belief and shows the lack of any attempts at advancing the Islamic culture and stands as an example of why that civilization never advanced beyond the 13th century.

DAMASCUS–For prominent Syrian career woman Luna Rajab, the moment of truth came last Ramadan at an evening social gathering of friends and colleagues. Steeling herself to express outwardly what she had felt inside for many years, the 34-year-old architect stepped forward to reveal a decision that would earn the dismay of many of those closest to her, her mother and grandmother included.

Rajab's favourite motto had always been "say it with actions, not with words." And on this night, she said it all by covering her hair with that most Islamic of accessories – the hijab. Never before had she worn the head scarf. Never before had anyone in her social circle, or even her own family. Today, she won't take it off. Rajab's hijab is here to stay.

She knows the decision to wear hijab placed her out of step with many in her circle. But taken in the context of the larger Arab world, she says, it is her friends who are out of step. Which is okay by her. Rajab does not believe in forcing anyone on the question of hijab. In a free world, it is a personal choice, she says. Yet Rajab takes comfort in the fact that by just about any standard one might care to apply, Islam is on the rise again in the Middle East.

And why?

Lebanese sociologist Abdo Kahi describes the drift toward Islamic identity as anything but ideological. "Ideology has logic, but the return to Islam is happening as an idea without logic. It is happening by default, without discussion, as a matter of the heart. What all human beings share is the universal desire for hope, security, justice, values – and one day perhaps, real democracy.

And whose fault is it that democracy has not come to the Middle East? Why America, of course.

Arab thinkers lost faith. (Arab thinkers? Thinking people turn to logic to solve problems - not faith.) What some describe as the "democracy hypocrisy" was laid bare one year ago with the surprise election of Hamas in Western-backed elections in the Palestinian territories. Those who actually covered the campaign saw the Palestinian electorate embrace a deftly played Hamas election platform built as a war on corruption without so much as a mention of the word Israel.

What a crock! Not so much a mention of the word Israel? It’s in their charter? They want Israel destroyed.

"The Bush administration sees all Islamists as radicals and all radicals as terrorists and thus they all need to be eliminated. (No. Not all Islamists are terrorists. Most the majority of Islamists use the non-violent media, litigation, demographic, economic, and institutional jihads and the implementation of Shaira law to advance Islamism.) But this attempt to corner Hamas – clearly has backfired," said Ahmad Moussalli, a political scientist at the American University of Beirut. "It sent a message to the entire Arab world that the promise of democracy is false. And it handed a gift to political Islam by keeping it outside the halls of power, thereby giving them an even greater aura of sanctity."

Let me give you the 411, Montreal Muslims, about democracy. Just because you have a democrcy doesn’t guarantee a policy of human rights and individual freedom. Democracies can vote in a dictatorship just as well as a tyrant can establish it. Read up on Hitler. He was voted into office by the German people then through lawful means at his disposal, grabbed power and made himself Fuehrer.

So, since the ‘democracy conspiracy’ failed in the Middle East, it’s time to turn back the clock to a nicer, gentler time of the 13th century.

"Arab Muslims today see the George Bush project of democracy in the Middle East crashing to a halt," said Kahi. "The only results they can see are McDonald's, Madonna and bombs. There is nothing real in it for them. The only place left to turn is Islam."

Blanket rejection also feeds radicalism, said Moussalli, as the pole of political Islam wavers between moderation and radicalism. "The more venues are closed, the more moderates get forced to the margins. The radicals are a much smaller force than the moderates, but without a political future some people will resort to military activities to change what they consider to be an evil reality."

So on the one hand moderates are forced to the margin but accept Hamas as an example of ‘democracy’. Moderate Muslims would rather sit back and watch their countries just fold under the tyranny of Islamo-fascism by choosing the hajib instead of the Ann Taylor suit.

"There are only two ways for the West to contend with this. Either give a comparatively moderate Islamic group like the Muslim Brotherhood a chance to live up to their promises by having a chance to govern. Or conversely, they can undermine the Muslim Brotherhood by actually forcing the ruling governments in the Arab world to clean up their act by fighting corruption, governing properly and actually offering some freedoms to their people."

The first option is insane. The Muslim Brotherhood is responsible for advancing the Islamist agenda throughout the world. The second option will not work until we are off the oil-tit of the Arab states. As long as those theocratic dictatorships have us over a barrel we’ll have little luck putting them over one.

If moderate Muslims don’t want to see their region slide into the hands of the likes of Iran then they should learn a word that has been very useful in the Western world when it comes to establishing freedom.


Muslim Clerics Issue Fatwa Against Endangering Lives

The Islamic world is faced with so many challenges to their culture that they are too numerous to mention. And since Islam is a decentralized religion - meaning its head of the ummah or nation of Muslims, the clerics or imans (anyone who wants to say he’s a cleric) take on the role of authority through the issuances of fatwas (which a Muslim may or may not choose to follow).

Is it any wonder then that such a disorganized faith that feels threatened by the non-Muslim world should not be concerned with issuing fatwas against those that would harm the reputation of the faithful and ‘highjack’ their religion?

Shouldn’t there be a plethora of fatwas spewing from Muslim clerics mouth against terrorism, suicide bombers, the killing of women and children, the degradation of women, etc. etc. etc?

Nope. Here’s the priority of Muslim clerics in Dubia of UAE.

Muslim preachers across Dubai’s mosques will soon start delivering sermons about the dangers of reckless driving and Islam’s strict stance on the issue. The sermons will be aimed at teaching Muslims about how Islam discourages dangerous activities such as careless driving and how over spending on traffic fines is not Islamic.

The move follows a fatwa (religious decree) issued recently by the Grand Mufti of Dubai Dr. Ahmad Abdul Aziz Al Haddad declaring reckless driving haram (an unislamic act) because it endangers life.

Speeding endangers lives. A fatwa is needed to stop such a hideous affront against Allah. But blowing up women and children and other innocent civilians in the name of their god takes a back seat to traffic fines.

Did You Know There Are Two Kinds of Terrorism? A British Islamist Says So.

Recently, Syrian-born British Islamist Sheikh Omar Bakri, debated the Meaning of Jihad on New TV as reported by MEMRI.

It seems we infidels are grossly mistaken about the concept of terrorism – the killing of innocent men, women and children in the name of Allah. We poor deluded infidels seem to believe that there is only one kind of terrorism.

But Surprise! There are really two! But a rose by any other name will still stink the same.

Mr. Bakri starts out with the usual blather.

Interviewer: "In an interview with [the London daily] Al-Sharq Al-Awsat on October 10, 2005, you described the people who carried out the 9/11 operation as 'magnificent.' You said that Sheikh Osama bin Laden revived the neglected duty of jihad, and that Allah will reward him for this."

Sheikh Omar Bakri: "Yes. The duty of jihad - and in this case, I'm referring to defensive jihad - had been neglected by the Islamic nation for a long time, because of the arrogance and injustice or America and its allies against the Islamic nation, and because of their support of Israel, and what we see now in the region is the best proof of this. The 9/11 operations were a response to great acts of aggression by America - its attacks on Afghanistan, on Iraq, on Sudan, not to mention the historic Crusades from long ago, and so on."


"They were magnificent, even though they were terrorists. The fact that they carried out a terrorist act does not prevent us from calling them 'magnificent,' because this is what religious scholars call 'commendable terrorism.'"

Interviewer: "You are saying that they waged jihad."

Sheikh Omar Bakri: "That's because we have two kinds of terrorism - commendable terrorism and reprehensible terrorism. Reprehensible terrorism is an attack on women, children, the peaceful, and the innocent."

Interviewer: "So how do you explain the 9/11 operations, in which innocent people were killed, while a Koranic verse says: 'Whoever slays a soul, it is as though he slew all men.'"

Sheikh Omar Bakri: "Yes, but that verse refers to killing in general.’Do not kill the soul which Allah has forbidden, except when required by justice.' In other words, a Muslim carry out certain religious duties, so when he attacks the enemy attacked on its own land, some innocent people might consequently die, but they are not killed intentionally. This happened in the Bani Al-Nazir raid, and in many other raids in the days of the Prophet Muhammad. When they violated the agreement with him, the Prophet said: 'We conspired against them, and harmed their women and children.'

Interviewer: "But, to a certain extent, you are justifying the killing of innocent people."

Sheikh Omar Bakri: "Killing innocent people is forbidden in Islam. But who is innocent - that is another question."

And that’s the rub. Are there really any innocent infidels?

View the entire clip here.

The Secret Lexicon of Terrorism

Yesterday I wrote a post about Syrian-born British Islamist Sheikh Omar Bakri who educated us infidels on the two types of terrorism. Well it seems the EU has entered the fray to teach us poor misguided Kafirs who should be called terrorists.

The EU, mired in their continued semantic contortions of trying to label a dangerous threat to their Union without offending those posing the threat, have taken a page out of the Democrat controlled House Armed Services Committee that decreed the war on terror is now the ‘The-War-That-Must-Not-Be-Named’.

“The European Union has drawn up guidelines advising government spokesmen to refrain from linking Islam and terrorism in their statements. Brussels officials have confirmed the existence of a classified handbook which offers ‘non-offensive’ phrases to use when announcing anti-terrorist operations or dealing with terrorist attacks. Banned terms are said to include ‘Jihad’, ‘Islamic’ or ‘fundamentalist’.”

And what’s the new PC correct phrase the EU is to use denying the threat of Islam-Fascism? The words ‘Islamic Terrorist’ would apparently be replaced with ‘Terrorists-who-abusively-invoke-Islam’. What the hell’s next? Calling terrorists ‘The-terrorist-formally-known-as-Prince’?

Last year, [the Brussels Journal website] reported about the EU’s attempts to control language and introducing a ‘B vocabulary.’ As Orwell wrote: “The B vocabulary consist[s] of words which [have] been deliberately constructed for political purposes: words, that is to say, which not only [have] in every case a political implication, but [are] intended to impose a desirable mental attitude upon the person using them.”

It’s now Eurospeak and the Europeans are getting quite proficient at it much to their ultimate demise.

“Conservative MEP Syed Kamall hit out at the lexicon. ‘It is this kind of political correctness and secrecy that creates resentment among both the mainstream in Europe and in Islam,’ he said. Meanwhile, UK Independence Party MEP Gerard Batten claimed that the EU was in denial over the true roots of terrorism. ‘This type of newspeak shows that the EU refuses to face reality,’ he said. ‘The major world terrorist threat is one posed by ideology and that ideology is inspired by fundamentalist jihadi Islam’.”

The Lexicon is being kept secret from journalists. It appears the EU not only wants to restrict freedom of speech but to restrict information on the restrictions it imposes.

Restrictions upon restrictions upon restrictions. Keep thinking down to a minimum. Don’t think. Don’t question. Hide your head in the sand. Bow to another culture until yours no longer exists and until this old saying will finally apply to Europe.

They couldn’t think their way out of a paper bag.

What is particularly concerning is the way that the British authorities have responded to the story.

What, pray do they mean by this: “Details on the contents of the lexicon remain secret, but British officials stressed that it is there as a helpful aid ‘providing context’ for civil servants making speeches or giving press conferences. ‘We are fully signed up to this, but it is not binding,’ said one.”

With logic like that, is it any wonder such a lexicon is obediently accepted?

Games Muslims Play

Taqiyya literally means: "Concealing or disguising one's beliefs, convictions, ideas, feelings, opinions, and/or strategies at a time of eminent danger, whether now or later in time, to save oneself from physical and/or mental injury." It is also used as a disinformation tactic to confuse or bamboozle kafirs or non-believers.

It’s not beyond non-Muslim dhimmis to use the tactic as well. These practitioners of dhimmitude, or what have come to be known as Islam’s useful idiots, can be found today on the far left, many democrats, some republicans, and the bureaucracy of the European Union is filled them.

A site called Reflections even tries to compare Christianity with militant Islam.

Trying to get to the truth when having discussions with Muslims many times is an exercise in Taqiyya or when confronted with Islam’s past and current behavior, when the useful idiots mouth platitudes and misinformation that was fed to them by Muslims practicing Taqiyya.

A blog called The Light posted an interesting article of how Muslims use Taqiyya to deceive non-believers into believing that Islam as a rapidly growing religion of peace. The article is rather long and well supported with research and makes some very interesting observations. I’ll cover some of the most important points.

If Islam were a violent religion, then all Muslims would be violent.”

Simply put, because it’s wrong to kill people, regardless of what Islam may or may not teach. Decent Muslims are that way because they are more loyal to the moral law written in their hearts rather than to the details of Muhammad’s religion. If Islam is a religion of peace, then why is it the only religion that consistently produces religiously-motivated terrorist attacks….while screaming praises to Allah?

Other religions kill, too.”

Bringing other religions down to the level of Islam is one of the most popular strategies of Muslim apologists when confronted with the spectacle of Islamic violence. Remember Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma City bomber? Why pick on Islam if other religions have the same problems? Because they don’t. Regardless of what his birth certificate may or may not have said, Timothy McVeigh was not a religious man. At no time did he credit his deeds to religion, quote Bible verses, or claim that he killed for God…Yes, some of the abortion clinic bombers were religious (as Muslims enjoy pointing out), but consider the scope of the problem. There were five deadly attacks over a 35 year period in the U.S. Seven people died. This is an average of one death every five years.

By contrast, Islamic terrorists have staged over seven thousand deadly attacks in just the five years following September 11th, 2001.

Muhammad never killed anyone.”

In order to give others the impression that Muhammad was a man of peace, Muslims sometimes claim that he never killed anyone. By this, they mean that he never slew anyone with his own hand (except in battle… which they may or may not remember to mention). By this logic, Hitler never killed anyone either. Obviously, if you order the execution of prisoners or the murder of critics by those who are under your command, then you are at least as guilty as those who carry out your orders. In Muhammad’s case, the number of people that he had murdered were literally too many for historians to fully know.

Just like the Bible, the Qur’an also says ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill.’”
(Qur’an, Verse 5:32)

Many Westerners prefer to believe that all religion is either equally bad or equally good, and eagerly devour anything that seems to support this preconception. The myth usually works to Islam’s advantage as well, since it either raises it to the level of others, or brings the others down to it. To compete with Western religion, Muslims vigorously employ verse 5:32, which is the closest thing they have to the Old Testament command of ‘Thou shalt not kill.”

Here’s the full text of the verse:

“On that account: We ordained for the Children of Israel that if any one slew a person - unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land - it would be as if he slew the whole people: and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people. Then although there came to them Our messengers with clear signs, yet, even after that, many of them continued to commit excesses in the land.”

First, notice the gaping loophole. Killing is allowed in cases of murder or “for spreading mischief in the land.” Murder is pretty straightforward, but “spreading mischief?” If anything begged for a careful and precise explanation, this phrase certainly would.

Secondly, note the broader context of this verse. It turns out that this isn’t a command to Muslims after all. It’s a recounting of a rule that was handed down to the Jews. It isn’t an admonition against killing. It’s an indictment against Jews for violating God’s law. “Any one” doesn’t mean “anyone,” but rather “any one” of the Jews.

The words, ‘Holy War’, aren’t in the Qur’an.”

In early 2005, a well-known Muslim apologist named, Jamal Badawi, offered $1 million to anyone who could prove that the Qur’an contained the words, “Holy War.” So successful is this myth, that it has been repeated on popular television shows, such as “Criminal Minds.” Many now believe that not only is holy warfare not advocated by the Qur’an, but that the word, “Jihad” must not appear in it either, since Jihad has come to mean “Holy War” (most especially by those who kill in the name of Allah).

So what’s the catch?

Well, when knowledgeable infidels such as Robert Spencer immediately responded to the challenge and went to collect their prize, Mr. Badawi was forced to reveal the fine print on his offer. You see, he wasn’t talking about the concept of holy war. He only meant the exact Arabic phrase, “Holy War.”

And what about “Jihad?” Well, this doesn’t count, according to Mr. Badawi, because technically it can be used in a context that doesn’t mean ‘holy war’ (even if that is not how it was interpreted in Muhammad’s time, nor in ours). “Jihad” is like the word “fight,” which can be used in a benign sense (as in, “I am fighting a craving to call Mr. Badawi a disingenuous hack”).

Islam is the world’s fastest growing religion”

How can Islam be a bad religion if it is growing so fast? Doesn’t this mean that it is actually a truthful religion, since so many are accepting it?... Islam is not “growing faster” than other religions because “people are accepting it,” but rather because the birthrate among Muslims is significantly higher than it is among Christians and others, particularly in the West. Kids can be raised to believe in just about anything, so this hardly constitutes any sort of accomplishment.

Of the so-called “converts” from other religions, only a miniscule number were active believers. Nearly all are really just people who have no faith to convert from – regardless of their nominal designation. In the West and non-Muslim Third World, where all religions are allowed to compete equally, such people (who experience a spiritual awakening) are much more likely to turn to Christianity than to Islam.

…..the truth of a belief or creed is never established by how many followers it has. But when a religion has to be supported by double standards and death threats, there is all the more reason to doubt its veracity.

Read the entire article. Good ammunition to use when confronted with Taqiyya.

This is Islamist Arrogance!

The parsing of words is very important when dealing with ideas. And when dealing with the subtle tactics of Islamists is no exception. Take a recent innocuous quote from Secretary General of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu.

The remark was made at a gathering of ambassadors of foreign countries at the Foreign Ministry's Institute for Political and International Studies (IPIS). He also stated the usual line that the OIC “oppose(s) justification of fundamentalism and extremism. We are against all extremist ideologies, not only in the region, but all over the world and are willing to condemn it," he said. The OIC secretary general underlined that Muslims should not be accused of fundamentalism and extremism, given that some of them have been drawn to such thinking and measures in response to the extremism of others.

The same ol’ same ol’. So what’s the solution?

He said that it is time for the West to reach an understanding with Islam.

Read that again.

“It’s time for the West to reach an understanding with Islam”. Look how that quote was structured. Why isn’t it time for Islam to reach an understanding with the West? His quote implies that the West is the one that is wrong and must adapt to Islam. Mr. Ihsanoglu either knew what he was saying or his unconscious enculturation revealed his true belief.

Here’s how to reach an understanding with the West Mr. Ihsanoglu. Those who believe in Islam and who live in the West must live under our laws and adapt to our cultural norms. – not theirs.

The Rewards of Defending Jihadists

Here’s what “being a friend of the Palestinian people gets you in Gaza.

A little known Palestinian militant group announced on Sunday that it has executed BBC journalist Alan Johnston, who was abducted by masked gunmen in the Gaza Strip more than a month ago. According to fliers distributed in Gaza, Johnston was killed recently by a group calling itself "The Battalions of Jihad and Tawheed in Palestine," which is believed to be affiliated with Osama bin Laden's Al Qaeda terrorist network.

The group promised to release a video of Johnston's execution in the coming days.

There has been no confirmation of Johnston’s death and we hope that for his and his family’s sake that the report from the Jihadist group is false.

The enormous irony of this is that so many of Alan Johnston's broadcasts from Gaza tended to apologize for Palestinian terrorism. His father's first public appeal to his captors on his behalf spoke of him as *a friend of the Palestinian people.* Most ironic of all, the NUJ, of which presumably Alan was a member, has just voted in a grandstanding display of gesture politics to boycott Iaraeli goods in support of a one-sided condemnation of Israel.

Given the BBC’s record of dhimmitude, maybe they will wise up and realize that media outlets that claim to be ‘neutral’ news agencies like them, the NYT, CNN and LA Times are not neutral in this war against this virulent Islamist ideology.

When All You Have Is A Hammer …

During my ‘quality time’ for contemplation this Sunday (synonym for on the potty), I was reading the latest issue of Time Magazine. (Reading Time Magazine and potty contemplation seem to fit nicely.) At any rate, I was taken aback by their recent article entitled “How to Prevent the Next Darfur”.

Whao!! I said to myself. Time Magazine has awakened to the Muslim threat in the Sudan? Do they have a formula for preventing Radical Muslims from killing thousands of non-Muslims in Darfur? Or perhaps they’ve discovered ways to make sure that the humanitarian aid sent to Darfur is not being stolen by the war lords? Or perhaps a way to make Muslims speak out and do something about the killing of women and children and the starvation of tens of thousands of Darfurians? I read the subtitle of the article with baited breath. Would the solution to future Darfurs be finally exposed by the liberal media?

You’re right. Of course not.

The way to prevent the next Darfur is… ready? Drum roll please…"STEP ONE: GET SERIOUS ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE!"

That’s right folks. Not the civil war. Not radical Muslims attempting to purify the land of non-Muslims. Not the defeat of the war lords who control the countryside. Global warming is the culprit and the reason for the thousands of deaths in Darfur.

How simple. How intelligent. Why haven’t we thought of that before? After all global warming is responsible for many of our problems. The solution? For liberals who have their new hammer of global warming, every problem looks like a nail. Thus the solution to preventing future Darfurs.

And someday soon the Left will prove that global warming is responsible for highway deaths, AIDS, cancer, high blood pressure, obesity and aggression in household pets.

So, are you disgusted and appalled by the humanitarian crises in Darfur? Do your part to prevent another one. Turn down your thermostat. Switch to low energy and light bulbs. Pay your carbon credit indulgences – Oh! and don’t forget to use only one sheet of toilet paper after going to the bathroom.

I did my part for Darfur. I didn’t use toilet paper at all! I used the Time article. Have a great week.

Terrorism? What Terrorism?

This is the end result of a public education in America today. “Padilla Jurors: We’re Not So Sure 9/11 Was A Terrorist Attack.”

A significant number of potential jurors in the Jose Padilla terrorism support case say they aren’t sure who is responsible for the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks, many because they don’t trust the news media or U.S. government pronouncements. “There are too many ifs, too many things going on,” one male juror said. “I don’t know the whole story.”

He doesn’t know the whole story? Has he been hiding under a rock the last 5 years? And this idiot probably has a voter registration card.

To be sure, most jurors without a Sept. 11 opinion are aware that the attacks have been blamed on terrorists of some sort. But many seem unwilling to believe the conclusion reached by the national Sept. 11 Commission and the Bush administration, widely reported by news media, that blames al-Qaida and its leader, Osama bin Laden.

OBL himself claimed responsibility for 9-11.

One female juror agreed that was a “general public consensus” but still held out skepticism.

If that’s what the general public believes then what is this country coming to?

Those are examples of the rising Jihad temperature of for this week. When seen in groups like this, the slow boil becomes obvious.

Next week a look back at the rising Jihad temperature of Islamist appeasement!!

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Why We Need Christmas

Unless you’ve been living in an Al-Qaeda cave somewhere, you should be aware of what has been called the ‘War on Christmas’.

The War on Christmas is the attempt to secularize Christmas in response to complaints – real or imagined – from religious and ethnic sects other than Christianity. The secularists want to remove any and all public displays of Christmas including Nativity scenes, Christmas Carols, Christmas trees, red and green lights – and even Santa Claus – so as not to offend a long list of whoever the secularists deem may be offended including Jews, Hindus, Muslims, agonistics and atheists. The secularities want to replace Christmas with the word Holiday and its symbols with inoffensive snow flakes and icicles.

Merry Christmas is not to be uttered. Happy Holidays is to be used. Christmas tress are to be called Holiday trees. Songs of Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph the Red Nose reindeer are now the correct way to sing praise to the season and not Christmas Carols. Christmas Parades are now to be called Holiday Parades. And Jesus is not to be alluded to in any fashion what so ever.

So what have the secularist gained by this attempt to stamp out the pubic display of Christmas? Maybe the better question is what have the secularists lost?

Tell me one religion or ethnic belief other than Christianity that uses as its central theme of the season Peace on Earth. Good Will Towards Men (LUKE 2:14). Tell me one religion or ethnic belief other than Christianity that sings praises to God in some of the most beautiful music ever written? Tell me one religion or ethnic belief other than Christianity who has a Saint that brings joy and wonderment to children all over the world?

The secularist’s attempts at eliminating Santa Claus from public celebration is the most hideous tactic of all.

Like Christmas Eve itself, Santa Claus is magic - not because there's magic in the world but because children see the world as magic. He's all that's good, unselfish and generous, and he is an important part Christmas. He is the embodiment of children’s wishes and dreams.

And to take that symbol of wishes and dreams away for them and hide him from public view is the secularist biggest mistake. For those who no longer wish, no longer dream. And those who lose their dreams lose their hopes. And those who lose hope are easy to control.

So what have the secularist gained by this attempt to stamp out the pubic display of Christmas? They have exchanged the warm, hopeful symbols of Christmas for the cold, hard celebration of snow and icicles.

Other religions and ethnic beliefs should seek to emulate not eliminate the symbols and meaning of Christmas. We need Christmas and Christmas needs all of us for no other belief system comes close – secular or otherwise - that offers the hope and dreams of people for a better and more peaceful world in the coming year.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Taking the Jihad Temperature - A Gathering Storm Special Series – INFILTRATION Part 3

If you throw a frog into boiling water, he will jump out. If you put it in cold water and slowly turn up the heat, he will not notice the rise in temperature and will eventually boil. 

The Islamists are boiling our frog and though this blog and hundreds like it record almost daily the rise in the Jihad temperature, unless we see how far and fast the temperature has risen, we will not know how far along our boiling has progressed. 

So, the Gathering Storm will be posting only once a week but these weekly posts will take the Jihadist temperature by looking back at news and events over the last two years. Over the next several weeks in the areas of intimidationinfiltrationdisinformation and thoseappeasers and apologists who either knowingly or unknowingly advance the Jihad agenda, the Gathering Storm will show how far our frog has been boiled. 

By seeing the boiling water around us, we can see how far the boiling has progressed. 

The good news is that we are noticing that the water is getting warmer. There is a glimmer of awareness here - a glimmer of hope there. But we have a long way to go. 

Here’s this week’s look back at the rising Jihad temperature of INFILTRATION !! And remember – this is just a sampling of Jihadist Infiltration. More to follow.

The Education Jihad

Following is the HS Today (Homeland Security Today Journal) cover story "Jihad Versus Education." An analysis of the impact of Jihadi influence and ideology on US Education and recommendations to the US Government, executive branch and Congress. Posted on Walid Phares and FDD web sites. The piece argue that for the past two decades the American educational system has been targeted and impacted by Oil producing regimes leading to a derailing of the national security analysis. The article underlines the fact that by reaching the classrooms, Wahabi and Khumeinist influence was affecting the newsrooms.

Here are some important excerpts of the Phares article.


One of the major results of the 1973 oil crisis was the rise of a determination by many oil producing regimes that the West, in general, and the United States, in particular, “understand” the greater Middle East, the Arab and the Muslim world and, accordingly, design its policies toward those regimes and ideologies on the basis of this “understanding”.


There’s that need to ‘understand’ why our enemy doesn’t like us.

As a result, millions of dollars were invested in American and European educational institutions as a way to “foster” this understanding. But instead of fostering an objective understanding or spreading impartial knowledge, the growing influence of Wahabism, an extreme form of Islam, and other such ideologies on the nation’s campuses played a dangerous role: Because of the ideological nature of the donors, the financed programs followed the guidelines of the donor regimes and organizations, which obviously narrowed research and teaching to issues remote from the major historical crisis in the region, other than the modern Arab-Israeli conflict. It removed all serious attention to the rise of Islamism, jihadism and even Baathism, as well as the deep ethnic and religious conflicts and the mass abuse of human rights in that part of the world.

The apologists like John Esposito and Bernard Lewis at work.

A careful review of curricula and research projects established within the US educational system, both public and private, since the 1980s stunningly reveals that American classrooms were deprived of knowledge on social, historical, ethnic and ideological movements rising to challenge the United States. Moreover, as I taught comparative studies for over a decade and lectured on many campuses in the 1990s, I came to realize that defense, strategic and security studies were heavily influenced by “regional” studies when it came to identifying the backgrounds of international terrorist movements emerging from the greater Middle East and penetrating western societies. History and Middle Eastern studies had been corrupted by Wahabi and other funding with an impact on political science, international relations and, ultimately, defense and security studies across the land.

A thorough review of the annual meetings of the American Political Science Association, the Middle East Studies Association of America, the International Studies Association, the Middle East Institute and other professional education associations, of the hundreds of books, publications, articles, talks and research grants distributed by Ivy League universities and other colleges lead to only one conclusion: The gap is immense. There are no traces of the roots of jihadism and its long-term objectives against democracies and the United States. Instead, prominent scholars produced an enormous amount of literature precisely deflecting scholars and students away from the most serious issues related to American defense and security after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

The “hole” was so vast and the “deflection” (not to use the term “deception”) so wide that a systemic problem strode the field producing waves of effects into the professional worlds of the media and policy. An academic lobotomy led to an incapacitation of the public learning process about the national security threat and created a cultural crisis in perception. In short, if one isn’t taught about the political thinking of the enemy and his ideological objectives in the classroom, where else would one catch up?

Those who spread the doctrine of jihadism in America during the 1990s had no counter check from the public or government, while even a minimal manifestation of Nazism, anti- Semitism or domestic violent racism was quickly countered. Clearly, Americans never lacked for imagination, but they were deprived of the necessary information.

If intellectual blurring starts in classrooms, it soon reaches the newsrooms and, eventually, the intelligence rooms and war rooms. If young Americans are mistaught the ideology, political culture and intentions of the enemy while at school and in college, once graduated, they will carry this misperception with them as they find jobs and are recruited in all the layers of national analysis. Students enter the media, legislative research, security, intelligence, foreign policy, justice, think tanks and other sectors crucial for national decision making at the bottom levels and rise up to the ultimate positions. By failing students in the classrooms, the educational system caused a national analysis failure: Media failed to report terrorism as it should have, impacting government’s various levels of policymaking; intelligence analysis, deprived of cultural understanding, saw the data but couldn’t put the bigger picture together; courts couldn’t process the concepts of terrorism beyond criminality; and, ultimately, both the legislative and executive branches were denied sound advice on the war already in progress against the country.

In conclusion, the failure in education led to a derailment of national analysis.

So what about today? How deep does the rabbit hole go?

In an article by Gordon Thomas in the G2 Bulletin, he writes that leading UK universities are seriously infiltrated by jihadists.

MI5 has established that four of Britain's leading universities have been "seriously infiltrated" by al-Qaida recruiters. Another 15 campuses are under urgent investigation by the security services. Eliza Manningham-Buller, the head of MI5, has publicly spoken of a "highly dangerous network that is designed to attract more and more students into al-Qaida." Her claim is the first official indication of how far the terror organisation has penetrated British campuses that will produce the next generation of scientists and economists. "


Both professions have long been targets for al-Qaida.

Among the four universities already identified by MI5 are London University and Brunel University in the western suburbs of the city, Manchester Metropolitan University and Sheffield University. Between them they graduate a steady stream of chemists, biologists and economists. One of the graduates was Dhiren Barot, the most senior al-Qaida plotter to be captured in Britain. Barot, 34, a Hindu convert to Islam, was sentenced last week to serve 40 years in jail after he pleaded guilty to planning terrorist attacks, which the prosecution said "would have created carnage, bloodshed and butchers in Britain and America." It emerged during the trial that Barot had used his Brunel student card to travel to America and film targets.


So how can al-Qaida recruiters openly do the recruiting?


MI5 increasingly believes al-Qaida recruiters are bypassing campus bans on groups with radical links by presenting themselves as "ordinary Muslims. They are also operating behind the names of harmless sounding societies like 'The Search For Truth' and 'To Better Understand The Prophet,'" said an MI5 officer.

MI5 is mot without resources, though.

Working with the security services are small teams of security cleared Muslim imams known as "the trouble shooters." Their task is to go to campuses and tackle indoctrination head on. One of the trouble shooters is Sheik Musa Admani, a Muslim chaplain at London Metropolitan University. "We are dealing at campus level with highly skilled recruiters who are filled with hatred. Hatred of the white man, and America and Britain in particular," he says.


Meanwhile, back in the United States, Michelle Malkin reported in November that Jihad sympathizers are running amok in Australia.

A SIMULATION exercise in which Year 11 students played Arabs and Israelis has been dropped by NSW schools after parents complained it was creating racial tension and painted terrorists in a sympathetic light. An inquiry by a senior Education Department officer found the simulation exercise, devised by Macquarie University's centre for Middle Eastern studies, risked creating disharmony in schools and the community and that there was a "significant risk" of harm to the "welfare and wellbeing of students from particular minorities".

Documents given to The Australian show the inquiry was prompted by complaints from parents that background notes presented to the students gave positive descriptions of groups such as Hamas's Qassam Brigades and Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Students were not told the groups are listed terrorist organisations and support for them is an offence under Australian law. The profile of Hezbollah accurately said that its long-term aims were to rid Palestine of the Jewish population and create an Arab state but no mention was made of its terrorist activities, only philanthropic ones.

A profile of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was presented without mention of his sponsorship of international terrorism. Rather, his goal was listed as trying "to bring the internet to Syria".

H.G. Wells wrote nearly 50 years ago that "Human history becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe."

As far as the true knowledge of Islam is concerned, education is losing.

A Trojan Horse for Terror in America?

“Tablighi Jamaat missionaries may be encouraging African American recruits to break the law. Harkat ul-Mujahideen has boasted of training dozens of African American jihadists in its military camps. There is evidence that African American jihadists have died in both Afghanistan and Kashmir.”

A little known religious group is training American jihadists under the guise of a missionary organization. They are called Tablighi Jamaat – the "Proselytizing Group". The group remains largely unknown outside the Muslim community, even to many scholars of Islam. This is no coincidence. Tablighi Jamaat officials work to remain outside of both media and governmental notice.


They are trained missionaries who have dedicated much of their lives to spreading Islam across the globe. The largest group of religious proselytizers of any faith, they are part of the reason for the explosive growth of Islamic religious fervor and conversion. Tablighi Jamaat neither has formal organizational structure nor does it publish details about the scope of its activities, its membership, or its finances. By eschewing open discussion of politics and portraying itself only as a pietistic movement, Tablighi Jamaat works to project a non-threatening image. Because of the movement's secrecy, scholars often have no choice but to rely on explanations from Tablighi Jamaat acolytes.

So what’s this to America? Some important points to consider according to the article.

  • The movement's rapid penetration into non-Muslim regions began in the 1970s and coincides with the establishment of a synergistic relationship between Saudi Wahhabis and South Asian Deobandis. While Wahhabis are dismissive of other Islamic schools, they single out Tablighi Jamaat for praise, even if they disagree with some of its practices, such as willingness to pray in mosques housing graves.

  • While Tablighi Jamaat in theory requires its missionaries to cover their own expenses during their trips, in practice, Saudi money subsidizes transportation costs for thousands of poor missionaries. While Tablighi Jamaat's financial activities are shrouded in secrecy, there is no doubt that some of the vast sums spent by Saudi organizations such as the World Muslim League on proselytism benefit Tablighi Jamaat.

What we have here is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

The West's misreading of Tablighi Jamaat actions and motives has serious implications for the war on terrorism. Tablighi Jamaat has always adopted an extreme interpretation of Sunni Islam, but in the past two decades, it has radicalized to the point where it is now a driving force of Islamic extremism and a major recruiting agency for terrorist causes worldwide. For a majority of young Muslim extremists, joining Tablighi Jamaat is the first step on the road to extremism. Perhaps 80 percent of the Islamist extremists in France come from Tablighi ranks, prompting French intelligence officers to call Tablighi Jamaat the "antechamber of fundamentalism."

U.S. counterterrorism officials are increasingly adopting the same attitude. "We have a significant presence of Tablighi Jamaat in the United States," the deputy chief of the FBI's international terrorism section said in 2003, "and we have found that Al-Qaeda used them for recruiting now and in the past.

The American connection.

Within the United States, the cases of American Taliban John Lindh, the "Lackawanna Six," and the Oregon cell that conspired to bomb a synagogue and sought to link up with Al-Qaeda, all involve Tablighi missionaries. Other indicted terrorists, such as "shoe bomber" Richard Reid, "dirty bomber" Jose Padilla, and Lyman Harris, who sought to bomb the Brooklyn Bridge, were all members of Tablighi Jamaat at one time or another.

Tablighi Jamaat has appealed to African American Muslims for other reasons. Founded by Elijah Mohammed in the early 1930s, the Nation of Islam was essentially a charismatic African American separatist organization which had little to do with normative Islam. Many Nation of Islam members found attractive both the Tablighi Jamaat's anti-state separatist message and its description of American society as racist, decadent, and oppressive. Seeing such fertile ground, Tablighi and Wahhabi missionaries targeted the African American community with great success. One Tablighi sympathizer explained:

“The umma [Muslim community] must remember that winning over the black Muslims is not only a religious obligation but also a selfish necessity. The votes of the black Muslims can give the immigrant Muslims the political clout they need at every stage to protect their vital interests. Likewise, outside Muslim states like Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, and Pakistan need to mobilize their effort, money, and missionary skills to expand and consolidate the black Muslim community in the USA, not only for religious reasons, but also as a farsighted investment in the black Muslims' immense potential as a credible lobby for Muslim causes, such as Palestine, Bosnia, or Kashmir-offsetting, at least partially, the venal influence of the powerful India-Israel lobby.”

Finally, the article delivers the payoff. What many of the anti-jihadist bloggers and web sites have been saying for some time now.

Pakistani and Saudi support for Tablighi Jamaat is incompatible with their claims to be key allies in the war on terror. While law enforcement focuses attention on Osama bin Laden, the war on terrorism cannot be won unless al-Qaeda terrorists are understood to be the products of Islamist ideology preached by groups like Tablighi Jamaat. If the West chooses to turn a blind eye to the problem, Tablighi involvement in future terrorist activities at home and abroad is not a matter of conjecture; it is a certainty.

Islamic Perversion & European Diversity

What do the sayings of the Ayatollah Khomeini and the results of diversity in Europe have in common? If you’re a raging pervert – quite a bit.

The Tahrirolvasyleh is one of Khomeini's major works and is studied in detail by the Akhoonds. (An akhoond is a Persian name for a Muslim cleric, common in Iran and Azerbaijan.). The Tahrirolvasyleh was written in Arabic, making it inaccessible to most Iranians. Tahrirolvasyleh is an Iranicised version of its Arabic title 'Tahrir al Wasilah', Khomeini's ramblings on fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence). It comes in two volumes and was written by Khomeini whilst he was in Turkey.

Some excerpts from that is relevant to what follows.

  • A man can have sexual pleasure from a child as young as a baby. However, he should not penetrate vaginally, but sodomising the child is acceptable.
  • A man can have sex with animals such as sheep, cows, camels and so on. However, he should kill the animal after he has his orgasm.
  • If one commits the act of sodomy with a cow, a ewe, or a camel, their urine and their excrement become impure and even their milk may no longer be consumed. The animal must then be killed as quickly as possible and burned.
  • Wine and all intoxicating beverages are impure, but opium and hashish are not.
  • If a man sodomises the son, brother, or father of his wife after their marriage, the marriage remains valid.
  • During sexual intercourse, if the penis enters a woman's vagina or a man's anus, fully or only as far as the circumcision ring, both partners become impure, even if they have not reached puberty; they must consequently perform ablutions.

Now here’s what you get when you worship the god of multiculturalism and diversity in Europe.


Members of a fringe political party in the Netherlands, who recently won a court case allowing them to field candidates for seats in the Dutch Parliament, believe it should be permissible for adults to have sex with children. Norbert DeJonge, secretary of the political party PNVD, a Dutch acronym that translates into "brotherly love, freedom and diversity," told Cybercast News Service that there is nothing wrong with pedophilia or bestiality, the latter of which is legal in the Netherlands, as long as the child or the animal involved, demonstrate consent.

There’s that word diversity. Can an animal demonstrate consent? Follow this warped ‘progressive’ thinking.

"Let's take a child that isn't able to speak. Just like an animal -- even a baby is able to smile or to cry when it respectively doesn't like something or does like something," DeJonge said. "So the question is not whether an animal or a child can show its resent[ment] or give its consent. The question is whether the adult will notice the expression of the animal or the child and what its feelings are."

And the PNVD party is serious.

They are currently lobbying to change Dutch law that would lower the age for children to grant sexual consent from 16 to 12. The party would eventually like to see all age of consent laws eliminated. And the Hague District Court recently refused to ban the party from the country's Nov. 22 elections, stating that it is "the right of the voter to judge the appeal of political parties," according to the Associated Press.

Right – morals and ethics be dammed.

The PNVD party platform states that children should be able to "make their own decisions," regarding sex and that the laws preventing sexual activity are useless. "There are other laws in our country that already state that it is not allowed for people to force themselves upon children or adults." said DeJonge. "So we don't need the current laws that specify an age of consent. There are other laws that can already be used to take on the problematic contacts that [exist] ... It's not like the people who really abuse children ... care about the law."

The madness of diversity goes even further.

The party also argues for the private possession of child pornography; the right of children to smoke drink and vote at the age of 12, to use "soft" drugs like marijuana at 12 and "hard drugs" like cocaine and heroin at 16. Party members feel this is consistent with their platform that states "people should have as much freedom as possible as long as they don't harm others." DeJonge, who serves as PNVD secretary, also asserted that since sex can only be learned through experience it is best for an adult to teach a child how to have sex. "Sex is not something you learn by reading a book or by looking at pornography. Sex is something you learn by doing it ... If they choose to engage in this contact with an older person then this may be the best for them."

Quo Vadis, America?

Pre-Incident Indicators of Terrorism?

A recent upsurge in of similar incidents might indicate terrorist plans said Investigators from the Northeast Intelligence Network.

Similar reports from airport personnel across the United States might suggest pre-operational terrorist-related activities are in progress at airports. During the late afternoon hours on Thursday, 4 January 2007, a United Airlines service vehicle was stolen from Chicago's O'Hare Airport. Because of its markings and intended use, the vehicle would have access to secured areas of the airport. Later that day, personnel at a different airport on the east coast reported "active surveillance" of the airport maintenance area by two men, one who appeared to be Middle Eastern in his appearance. Both incidents follow a separate incident a few weeks ago where the actual surveillance camera system at an airport near Washington, DC was compromised by self-described Islamic "jihadists." One area of that camera system allowed the operators to monitor the activities at the maintenance area of that particular airport.

Terrorists are known to stage tests and these events could be pre-incident indicators of perhaps something larger in the works involving terrorism.

Muslim Clerics Message of Hate

The question is why aren’t Muslims who go to those mosques run that clerics out of town – or at least shun them. Wouldn’t that prove the peaceful and tolerant nature of Islam and show the Islamophobes that they’re wrong?

Muslim worshippers are being urged by radical clerics to ignore British law.

An undercover investigation has revealed disturbing evidence of Islamic extremism at a number of Britain's leading mosques and Muslim institutions, including an organisation praised by the Prime Minister. Secret video footage reveals Muslim preachers exhorting followers to prepare for jihad, to hit girls for not wearing the hijab, and to create a 'state within a state'. Many of the preachers are linked to the Wahhabi strain of Islam practised in Saudi Arabia, which funds a number of Britain's leading Islamic institutions.

Create a 'state within a state'? Is there no understanding in the UK that the Islamists will push for an Islamic takeover of Britain? They make it very clear but no one wants to hear it. Don’t look. Don’t listen. Don’t upset them. They’re not really serious. (Hitler never meant to do what he said. No one’s that’s crazy.)

A forthcoming Channel 4 Dispatches programme paints an alarming picture of how preachers in some of Britain's most moderate mosques are urging followers to reject British laws in favour of those of Islam. Leaders of the mosques have expressed concern at the preachers' activities, saying they were unaware such views were being disseminated.

I’m shocked! Shocked that something like this is happening in mosques.

At the Sparkbrook mosque, run by UK Islamic Mission (UKIM), an organisation that maintains 45 mosques in Britain and which Tony Blair has said 'is extremely valued by the government for its multi-faith and multicultural activities', a preacher is captured on film praising the Taliban. In response to the news that a British Muslim solider was killed fighting the Taliban, the speaker declares: 'The hero of Islam is the one who separated his head from his shoulders.'

Another speaker says Muslims cannot accept the rule of non-Muslims. 'You cannot accept the rule of the kaffir [non-Muslim],' a preacher, Dr Ijaz Mian, tells a meeting held within the mosque. 'We have to rule ourselves and we have to rule the others.' The 12-month investigation also recorded a deputy headmaster of an Islamic high school in Birmingham telling a conference at the Sparkbrook mosque that he disagrees with using the word democracy. 'They should call it ... kuffrocracy, that's their plan. It's the hidden cancerous aim of these people.'

The TV show will report the spread of hate filled DVDs at local bookstores.

At the Islamic bookstore at Regent's Park Mosque in central London, DVDs of a preacher called Sheikh Yasin are sold. In one DVD, Yasin, who is promoted on the mosque's website, accuses missionaries from the World Health Organisation and Christian groups of putting the 'Aids virus' in the medicine of African people, 'which is a conspiracy'.

Here’s the kicker and why we are losing this clash of civilizations.

In a statement the company that runs the bookstore said: 'We sell and supply a wide range of material and we do not necessarily agree with it. It is totally unfair to blame [us] for any of the views expressed in these lectures.'

If we were serious about recognizing the true ideological enemy and mounting a fight to defeat this Islamo-fascist ideology wherever we find it, we would start applying sedition laws and arrest those that support, spread and implement this enemy ideology.

Now, what we have to look forward to if we don’t take this struggle seriously.

Another preacher says: 'The time is fast approaching where the tables are going to turn and the Muslims are going to be in the position of being uppermost in strength and, when that happens, people won't get killed - unjustly.'

Finally, the appeaser whines.

In a statement to Channel 4, Lord Ahmed, the convener of the government's Preventing Extremism taskforce, said he was worried about the programme's consequences: 'While I appreciate that exaggerated opinions make good TV, they do not make for good community relations.'

He can only hope that when the “Muslims are going to be in the position of being uppermost in strength” he’s not killed ‘unjustly.'

Pick a Jihad - Any Jihad

Jihad for the Islamists comes in many forms – all with the objective of advancing the religion of Islam and the submission of non-Muslims to the Islamist’s will. One such Jihad is the Institutional Jihad. Another is the Litigation Jihad and another is the Financial Jihad just to name a few – all of which are a well coordinated deck of cards. You find these cunning animals basking in the light of the institutions of the appeasers and apologists of non-Muslim societies or quietly infiltrating the non-Muslim communities.

One example of Institutional Jihad is CAIR. This pro-jihad organization masquerading as a civil rights group for American Muslims has the continued ear of politicians and academicians in this country. One the one hand they ‘help’ our ‘poorly guided’ politicians and educators understand what Islam is about and how Muslims are being unfairly persecuted in this country and abroad. In reality, their objective is to advance the Islamist agenda in this country through institutional jihad.

Here is just one of a thousand examples. For others, visit the ANTI-CAIR web site for a quick education on this ‘civil rights’ organization. From the Militant Islam Monitor.

The CAIR director of educational affairs and Valencia U education coordnator, Yasmeen Qadri, indoctrinates students using diversity course for da'wa

On the Rate My Professor website one student wrote:"Dr. Qadri is nice, but very focused on teaching about the Muslim religion, not DIVERSE populations... Unless you want to learn everything about Muslims and nothing about anyone else, drop this class and take someone else." Not surpisingly, Qadri is also helped in her efforts by CAIR Tampa director Ahmed Bedier and her husband Kamran Qadri who teaches at Valencia College. The assistent professor is the CAIR director of Educational Affairs and a board member.

Besides trying to force students to intern as teachers at the Muslim Academy of Central Florida where she was a former principal,she teaches them about Islam under the guise of sensitivity training about Muslim students. Qadri and CAIR are also exploiting the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development to push their Islamist agenda.

The institutional jihad also spreads into our communities as the city of Boston is finding discovering. From DAFKA.

SPEAKING AT the State Department in 1999, Muhammad Hisham Kabbani, a Sufi sheik and leader of the Islamic Supreme Council of America, sounded an alarm about Muslim houses of worship in the United States. "The most dangerous thing that is going on now in these mosques . . . is the extremists' ideology," he said. "Because they are very active, they took over the mosques; . . . they took over more than 80 percent of the mosques that have been established in the US." He warned ominously that "a danger might suddenly come that you are not looking for . . . we don't know where it is going to hit."

When Kabbani was condemned by other Muslim organizations, he stood his ground. His assessment of the leadership of US mosques, he said, was based on having visited scores of them, and in a subsequent interview he explained the extremists' pattern of infiltration.

Kabbani's made these charges before 9-11 and didn’t get much attention. After Sept. 11, it became clear to most people other than the government that mosques dominated by radical clerics were a potentially lethal threat because, according to Kabbani, 80% of them are funded by Saudi Arabia, which spends heavily to propagate Wahhabism, a fanatic and aggressive strain of Islam.

It is against this background that the $24 million mosque and cultural center being built by the Islamic Society of Boston has generated such controversy. Questions have been raised about the Islamic Society's past and present leaders, some of whom have supported Islamist terrorism or indulged in virulently anti-American and anti-Semitic rhetoric. There are concerns about the sweetheart deal in which the land for the mosque was acquired from the City of Boston for a fraction of its value. Especially disturbing has been the Islamic Society's response to its diverse critics: a lawsuit accusing them of anti-Muslim conspiracy and libel.

Enter another type of jihad from their deck of jihad cards – the litigation jihad.

That libel, the lawsuit charges, included claims that the "ISB receives funds from Wahhabis and/or Muslim Brotherhood and/or other Saudi/Middle Eastern sources" and that "the ISB Project was supported financially by donors from Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states 'with known connections to radical Islamists.' “Given the Saudi role in disseminating jihadist fanaticism, it might indeed be defamatory to falsely accuse the ISB of financial ties to Saudi Arabia.

But such ties are quite real.

According to financial documents supplied to The Boston Globe, major funding for the mosque is being provided by the Islamic Development Bank in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. In December 2005, two payments of approximately $250,000 each were wired from Jeddah to the Citizens Bank account of the mosque's general contractor in Boston. Messages confirming the payments were faxed from Jeddah to the Islamic Society of Boston on Dec. 19; these refer to the payments as "USA-52" and "USA-53." Other documents suggest that subsequent payments have been made as well.

One more type of jihad used to advance the Islamist agenda of world domination – the financial jihad.

It’s time we recognize when one of these cards are played and respond aggressively by forcing the appeasers and apologist for Islam and multiculturalists by calling their bluff.

Those are examples of the rising Jihad temperature of for this week. When seen in groups like this, the slow boil becomes obvious.

Next week another look back at the rising Jihad temperature of Islamist DISINFORMATION!!

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