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Taking the Jihad Temperature - A Gathering Storm Special Series- INTIMIDATION – Part 8

If you throw a frog into boiling water, he will jump out. If you put it in cold water and slowly turn up the heat, he will not notice the rise in temperature and will eventually boil. 

The Islamists are boiling our frog and though this blog and hundreds like it record almost daily the rise in the Jihad temperature, unless we see how far and fast the temperature has risen, we will not know how far along our boiling has progressed. 

So, the Gathering Storm will be posting only once a week but these weekly posts will take the Jihadist temperature by looking back at news and events over the last two years. Over the next several weeks in the areas of intimidationinfiltrationdisinformation and thoseappeasers and apologists who either knowingly or unknowingly advance the Jihad agenda, the Gathering Storm will show how far our frog has been boiled. 

By seeing the boiling water around us, we can see how far the boiling has progressed. 

The good news is that we are noticing that the water is getting warmer. There is a glimmer of awareness here - a glimmer of hope there. But we have a long way to go. 

Here’s this week’s look back AGAIN at the rising Jihad temperature of INTIMIDATION !! And remember – this is just a sampling of Jihadist Intimidation. More to follow.

Storm Track Intimidation: Malaysia Weighs In As Intolerant

This has been a busy week for the Islamists. First Afghanistan, then Pakistan, then the Philippines.

Allah must be working overtime. This time it in the ‘moderate’ Islamic nation of Malaysia.

Islamists raid hotel bar looking for boozy Muslims.

Some 100 Muslim patrons and workers were issued summonses when the Selangor Islamic Religious Department (JAIS) raided a pub at a hotel in Shah Alam.

JAIS public relations assistant director Mohd Hidayat Abd Rani, who confirmed that the raid took place on Friday, said the people involved were slapped with summonses as the department believed they had been consuming alcohol.

“We did a special operation at the state level. Those who were suspected of consuming alcohol were issued summonses and ordered to appear at the JAIS office on Aug 26 for counselling,” he said.

And a good canning, I expect.

And of course, book banning is always the rage by the Islamists.

Malaysia's state censors banned two books on Islam saying they gave a misleading view of the religion – a move slammed Friday by a group of Muslim women activists who published one of them.

The Home Ministry of Muslim-majority Malaysia banned the books because they might undermine people's faith, national news agency Bernama reported Friday.

The books were identified as the English-language "Muslim Women and the Challenge of Islamic Extremism" and the Malay-language "Strange but True in Prayers."

There were some protests on the ban.

The activist group Sisters in Islam, which published the book on Muslim women, criticized the ban.

Norhayati Kaprawi, an official with the group, said the book was an academic work in which female activists and scholars studied the impact of extremism on Muslim women's lives.

"For me, it's very ironic that the book itself is a victim of extremism. Does that mean women cannot even discuss extremism?" she said. "What do they want us to do? Lie down and shut up?"

Well, yes. If you’re a woman living under Islamic rule.


Storm Track Intimidation: Shake a Hand, Get a Disease?

How’s this for convoluted logic? Reminds me of the days AIDS appeared in the homosexual population and all kinds of bigoted pseudo-scientific reasons appeared for the spread of the disease.

Now, Muslims are following the same prejudiced track.

Berlin Arabic mag sparks outrage by labeling gays as diseased.

Two sensitive subjects have crashed into each other in Berlin, with a row over an article in a German Arabic language magazine warning readers that shaking the hands of gay men can transmit diseases.

The article, in the free magazine al-Salam which is distributed to restaurants and cafes around the German capital, is couched in pseudo-scientific language, and accompanied with graphic photos of skin diseases.

Titled "A flesh-eating bacteria and sexual abnormality," the article claims that gay men are hit by deadly diseases and that Muslim "brothers" should not shake their hands as “one never knows what kind of bacteria and germs are found on them.”

The Lesbian and Gay Association of Berlin-Brandenburg (LSVD) reported the article to the police this week, spokesman Alexander Zinn told The Local.

“We have reported it as a crime to the police and it is now being examined to determine whether it should be dealt with as defamation or incitement,” he said.

There was no mention of the deadly disease of radical Islam.


Storm Track Intimidation: An Infidel Fights Back

Frankfort Township Assessor Paul Ruff, along with deputy assessor Kevin Burns addressed accusations that Ruff forwarded an anti-Muslim e-mail to people in the Mokena and Frankfort areas.

Ruff's response?

Go pound sand!

"This [email] was sent to me and I forwarded it to maybe 20 people," Ruff said. "Family members and I thought friends—it was obviously sent to (a political enemy)."

The e-mail was sent through a personal e-mail of Ruff's, and not one associated with the Assessor's office.

The e-mail was comprised mostly of quotes from Australian Prime Minister John Howard, suggesting that "once [immigrants to Australia] are done complaining, whining, and griping about Our Flag, Our Pledge, Our Christian beliefs, or Our Way of Life, I highly encourage you take advantage of one other great Australian freedom, 'THE RIGHT TO LEAVE.'"

The e-mail ends by urging American readers who agree with the sentiments expressed by Howard to "send on" the e-mail.

Ruff believes that politics, not religion or racism is at the heart of the recent controversy surrounding the e-mail and he said that he feels sorry for the Muslims—who he believes are unknowingly being used to help "a Judas" grind an axe.

And the dhimmis respond.

A press conference held at the American Islamic Association mosque in Frankfort on Tuesday, Aug. 12, by interfaith leaders of the South West Interfaith Team (SWIFT) addressed a July 22 article in the SouthtownStar that printed excerpts of the e-mail. Members of SWIFT representing Christian, Muslim and Jewish faiths condemned the alleged e-mail and ended the press conference with a statement of solidarity, speaking out against religious discrimination and intolerance.

Good man Ruff! He knows the meaning of America.


Storm Track Intimidation: Danish Publisher Shows Its Anti-Dhimmitude

The Danes continue to bristle at attempts by the Islamists to impose their will on a free society. Even us Random House refuses to publish the Jewel of Medina and shows their subservience to Islam, a Danish Publisher will not be so intimidated.

Denmark is again ready to exercise its free speech and press principles by releasing a controversial novel about Mohammed's child wife An American novel about the 6-year-old wife of Mohammed, Aisha, may end up being released in Denmark.

Danish publishers association Trykkeselskabet has given its blessing to Sherry Jones' novel 'The Jewel of Medina' to be released in Denmark. Random House pulled out of its contract to publish the book after fear of reprisals from Muslims, and Jones' agent is looking for buyers.

But Trykkeselskabet indicated that it felt the book needed to be published.

'Fear or threats should not keep a book from being published,' association spokeswoman Helle Merete Brix told Nyhedsavisen newspaper. 'It would be principally and entirely a renewal of all that Denmark has already been through with the Mohammed cartoon affair.'

Jones' agent, Natasha Kern, wrote to Trykkeselskabet to congratulate them on their decision to approve the book's publication in Denmark.

'When you consider what's happened in your country, I admire your readiness to ensure that freedom of expression is not obstructed.'



Storm Track Intimidation: NIGERIA - Oppressing Women to Protect Them

One would think that a bill named “Prohibit and Punish Public Nudity, Sexual Intimidation and Other Related Offences in Nigeria would be considered one to protect women. Far from it. It’s really another way to impose a cultural straight jacket on Muslims and non-Muslims alike in Nigeria.

The bill was introduced by Senator Eme Ekaette, in her capacity as Chairperson of the Senate Committee on Women and Youth. Here are some of the key points of the bill.

The bill, many complain, undermines the fundamental human rights of citizens. It discriminates against women and gives far-reaching powers to the police, who many say, sometimes, over- reach themselves in discharging their constitutional role of policing society.

This is another attempt at protecting women from the slobbering immaturity of Muslim men by opprssing them.

On the other hand, charitable opinion as to the intended reason for the bill are that Madam Ekaette is seeking to prevent cases of rape and sexual intimidation by making it mandatory to dress decently in public.

From the interview with

Onyinye: The title of the bill is "A Bill for an Act to Prohibit and Punish Public Nudity, Sexual Intimidation and Other Related Offenses in NigEeria". And, I think the major objective of this bill, and from those who have spoken to Senator Ekaete one on one, is to address the issue of sexual intimidation and rape, which is getting on the increase in Nigeria. It is also an attempt to set a subjective standard to determine how people dress personally and to criminalize and penalize whoever does not comply with the content of the bill. Another issue which is very important for us to note here is that the bill also applies to young people who are above the age of 14. So, from 15 years upward, the bill applies to you.

Remi: How do you then determine indecent exposure? Does the bill define it?

Yes. The bill says that public nudity refers to any of the following: a state of nakedness in the public or open; state of indecent dressing which exposes in the public or in the open any of the following parts of the body: the breast of a female above the age of 14, the laps of a female above the age of 14, the belly or and the waist of a female above the age of 14, any part of the body from two inches below the age of 14, any part of the body of the male person above the age of 14 from the waist to the knee.

It goes on to say that any form of dressing with transparent clothing or cloth in the public or in the open which exposes any part of the body from 2 inches below the shoulder level down to the knee of a female person above the age of 14 years, provided that exposure of the hand, of the female person above the age of 14 shall not be construed as public nudity.

Got that? Since men can’t control themselves, then control the women.


Storm Track Intimidation: Allah Don’t Toot

Is there any kind of pleasure at all that Allah will allow? What a constipated religion.

This from Indonesia – yeah – that moderate Muslim country.

East Javanese tobacco farmers visited the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) Surabaya branch on Friday to protest the fatwa body’s plan to declare smoking forbidden according to Islamic teachings. “We are protesting MUI’s plan to issue a fatwa declaring smoking as haram,” Tobacco Farmers Association chairman Amin Subarkah said, as quoted by

Subarkah said it was unfair to make a smoking haram on the basis that it could be bad for some people. In fact, he said, forbidding smoking would only cause pain and suffering to tobacco farmers and their families. “There are 1,367 tobacco factories in East Java, employing thousands of workers,” Subarkah said.

According to the association, tobacco farmers in East Java supply 53 percent of the country’s total tobacco consumption with a total investment value worth Rp 682 billion.

So, you have choice. Making money to sustaining the economy and give people a decent standard of living – or, well you know the rest. Just look at any Muslim dominated society - except those with oil – and look at their standard of living.

It sucks.


Storm Track Intimidation: There’s No Gyrating in Islam!

Add gyrating to the list of no-nos for Muslims. It upsets Allah. 

Malaysia's opposition-ruled northern state of Kedah has imposed a ban on rock, reggae, pop and Indonesian 'dangdut' music concerts, saying such shows would negatively influence youth, a news report said on Friday. 

"We do not condone any (gyrating movements) on stage," state councillor Ismail Salleh was quoted as telling the Star daily. 

"We are currently formulating a comprehensive guideline for concerts. "Until then, concerts of such nature are banned," he said. 

I assume all future concerts will be the melodic sound of chanting to Allah. 

Dangdut, which is extremely popular among locals here, is a genre of Indonesian popular music that incorporates Arabic, Indian, and Malay folk music with fast-moving dancing. 

Too bad. The people were having so much fun. But when Allah intrudes into a society, fun must go. 


Those are examples of the rising Jihad temperature of for this week. When seen in groups like this, the slow boil becomes obvious.

Next week another look back at the rising Jihad temperature of Islamist INFILTRATION!!

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  • Superb work WC.

    I am always particularly interested in the Islamic STAGES of Malaysia, ever since marxist Helen Clark (soon to be a UN chieftain) signed NZ to the Asean agreement.

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