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Taking the Jihad Temperature - A Gathering Storm Special Series- INTIMIDATION – Part 5

If you throw a frog into boiling water, he will jump out. If you put it in cold water and slowly turn up the heat, he will not notice the rise in temperature and will eventually boil. 

The Islamists are boiling our frog and though this blog and hundreds like it record almost daily the rise in the Jihad temperature, unless we see how far and fast the temperature has risen, we will not know how far along our boiling has progressed. 

So, the Gathering Storm will be posting only once a week but these weekly posts will take the Jihadist temperature by looking back at news and events over the last two years. Over the next several weeks in the areas of intimidationinfiltrationdisinformation and thoseappeasers and apologists who either knowingly or unknowingly advance the Jihad agenda, the Gathering Storm will show how far our frog has been boiled. 

By seeing the boiling water around us, we can see how far the boiling has progressed. 

The good news is that we are noticing that the water is getting warmer. There is a glimmer of awareness here - a glimmer of hope there. But we have a long way to go. 

Here’s this week’s look back AGAIN at the rising Jihad temperature of INTIMIDATION !! And remember – this is just a sampling of Jihadist Intimidation. More to follow.

Storm Track Intimidation: Muslims Sue Demographic Fact

What’s next? Suing geology books that say the earth is round?

Facts don’t seem to matter when they place Muslims in a bad light. So’s the case for Mark Steyn, author of America Alone, for projecting demographic facts. In hot water already with the Big Brother dhimmi government in Canada for posting facts abut Islam and Muslims on American web sites, he now he’s enraged Canadian Muslims stating warnings of high Muslim birthrates and its results in his book. It's simple math.

If Muslims can’t prove it’s not true than sue the source to muzzle it.

The Canadian Islamic Congress filed complaints last month against Maclean’s magazine with Canada’s national human rights commission and provincial rights commissions in Ontario and British Columbia, charging that Mr. Steyn’s writings promote hatred and contempt against Canada’s estimated 750,000 Muslims.

The commission in British Columbia accepted the case and has scheduled a hearing for early June.

The Canadian Islamic Congress filed complaints last month against Maclean’s magazine with Canada’s national human rights commission and provincial rights commissions in Ontario and British Columbia, charging that Mr. Steyn’s writings promote hatred and contempt against Canada’s estimated 750,000 Muslims.

The commission in British Columbia accepted the case and has scheduled a hearing for early June.

The U.S. magazine Human Events published its own account of the Maclean’s article, highlighting this passage: “There are signs that Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe — without swords, without guns, without conquests. The 50 million Muslims of Europe will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades.”

The Human Events article goes on to say: “Just look at the development within Europe, where the number of Muslims is expanding like mosquitoes. Every Western woman in the EU is producing an average of 1.4 children.

Every Muslim woman in the same countries is producing 3.5 children.”

Mr. Steyn, who declined to be interviewed for this article, did not write the mosquito metaphor. The quote was from a jihadist mullah living in Norway.

So who are these pinhead dhimmis in Canada? Who are Canada’s federal and provincial human rights commissions? The same useful idiots who expunged references to Jesus in public celebrations of Christmas.

In an editorial, Canada’s National Post newspaper condemned anti-Jesus rules as an attempt to please “overly sensitive post-Christian liberals” and atheists who file human rights complaints.

For his part, Canadian Islamic Congress President Mohamed Elmasry said the complaint is not about stifling free expression but ensuring large media outlets like Maclean’s provide a voice for minorities to respond.

Oh really? Then write your own best selling book or notable fact based column about the demographic threat and not just calling Steyn a ‘racist’. Confront the facts. If that don’t work then write a letter to the editor like what conservatives have to do in Canada to get their voices heard.


Storm Track Intimidation: Anti-Muslim Slogan in Germany Draws Criticism

The Right is getting restless in Germany which only proves that the common everyday citizen is getting fed up with the antics of their Muslim minority.

This time, a German youth organization is making it clear that they will not stand for Muslims "sexually harassing Western women."

Since the youth organization of the German extreme-right party the Republicans (REP) hit the state election campaign in the German province of Hesse toward the end of last year, the country's Muslim minority has been once again at the center of political discussions, albeit unwillingly.


The party has been using a poster across the province that shows a blond girl challenging the imagined viewer, saying "Don't hit on me Ali," an accusation extended to all Muslim males in Germany that they are "sexually harassing Western women."

Matthias Ottmar, head of the youth organization and a direct candidate for the REP in his electoral district, justified the campaign in a press release, saying the poster touches upon physical and verbal sexual harassment that is becoming widespread in Germany's night clubs, in which "the male representatives of the Muslim culture group" regard German women as "fair game."

Of course this attempt at bringing notice to the general population that German Muslim groups consider German women as “fair game” has not gone over well with the german dhimmis. They were bleating as usual.

There were harsh public reactions in the region against the poster. REP speeches during a rally in the city of Darmstadt in Hesse on Saturday were loudly interrupted by around 60 activists, who whistled, jeered and catcalled.

Şener Sargut, the chairman of the Turkish Community of Rhein-Main (TGRM) and the deputy chairperson of its umbrella organization, the Turkish Community in Germany (TGD), doubts whether the majority of the German population feels that REP's campaign is really unfair. "According to my data, around 15 to 20 percent of Germans can be described as latent racists," he reports, stressing that there is no broad public base willing to take a firm stance for foreigners' rights.

Repeat after me. All together now. One. Two. Three. MUSLIMS ARE NOT A RACE!!!

Foreigner’s rights? Interesting choice of words, no? They still don’t see themselves integrated into the German community. What goes unsaid here is the special rights that they feel they deserve.

He said the poster, which he called "discriminatory" and "impudent," was only one -- "admittedly extreme" -- expression of this general phenomenon of xenophobia.

Right. If you condemn any kind of Muslim unsocial behavior you are an Islamophobe.

Sargut went on about those ‘rights’.

He advises politicians to "raise more funds for integration and improve educational facilities for foreigners." He says this will decrease the problems among the country's migrant communities that it is the only way to knock the bottom out of the right's rhetoric.

So, again we ask. Why no other ethnic group in Germany is having such a difficult time integrating into the German society and need money to ease them along. Why is it always the Muslims that are having problems?

Then the useful idiot speaks.

Manuela Schon, a chairperson of the Left Party's board in Wiesbaden, also agrees that something must be done. She expressed deep concerns about the recent developments in her district. "There are already four representatives of the REP in our city parliament in Wiesbaden," she says. She interprets this as a sign that "subversive racism" is more rooted in German society than often assumed.

The REP has won elections? What does that tell you Ms. Schon? People are getting fed up and it’s not because they are racist. They see their culture being swamped by and alien entity that seeks to replace, with the help of the multiculturalist elite, traditional German culture.

Storm Track Intimidation: Censorship of Non-Muslims in Malaysia

You know those moderate Muslim dominated nations in Asia? You know the ones always held up as examples of Muslim tolerance of other faiths and ethnic groups? Well, there seems to be a change of heart in the government of Malaysia.

In a move that may hurt Malaysia’s multi-religious social fabric the government has announced that certain Arabic words like ‘Allah’ cannot be used in the literature, gospel and speeches of non-Muslims faiths.

Three other commonly used words ordered excluded from non-Muslim lexicon are ‘Baitullah’ (House of God), ‘Solat’ (prayer) and ‘Kaabah (Sacred House).

The decision has shocked Christians, Sikhs and Hindus, who have for centuries liberally used borrowed Arabic words in their religious practices, see the government decision as a serious infringement on their religious freedom.

While Malaysia's constitution says Islam is the ‘religion of the federation’ and that other faiths are freely allowed, non-Muslims increasingly fear freedom of worship is being curtailed by officials influenced by resurgent political Islam.

"Only Muslims can use (the word) Allah. It's a Muslim word. It's from the Arabic language. We cannot let other religions use it because it will confuse people," deputy minister for internal security Johari Baharum told presspersons explaining the rationale for the decision.

What!? Confuse people? I thought Allah was the same god as the Judeo-Christian God. Isn’t that what Muslims and our political leader always say? We all pray to the same God? Now Muslims say their god is different from ours?

Is the truth finally coming out that Islam I just a religious cult that prays to a different god than the Judeo-Christian God?

What gives here? They can’t have it both ways.

Storm Track Intimidation: Muslim Dating Leads to Lawsuit

This from the 'I told you so' department.

We’ve had Cassandra, author of “Escape! From an Arab Marriage: Horror Stories of Women Who Fled From Abusive Muslim Husbands” several times on the Gathering Storm Radio Show telling hair raising tales of infidel women dating or marrying Muslim men.

Believe me. It’s not pretty. From her post at Always On Watch.

The practices of degradation, exploitation, humiliation, subjugation, and physical abuse of women by Muslim men have been, and still are, time-honored traditions since the 7th century.

Muslims grow up with these unchallenged opinions which have engendered, for 1,400 years, the attitude that men are ordained to be “superior” and treated as ‘gods” in their own households. Women are considered “inferior” from birth.

Is it any wonder that Muslim men feel free to subject American women to the same depraved treatment? After all, abuse, degradation, and the killing of women are the “manly” things to do.

Well it seems a certain female stock broker didn’t get the memo.

A New York stockbroker is suing a Muslim imam she alleges attacked her physically and publicly after she ended their relationship.

Stockbroker Cherine Allaithy alleges in her lawsuit that after meeting Tarek Youssoff Hassan Saleh on a Muslim dating Web site, their relationship soon became a heated war of words that escalated into violence, the New York Post reported Sunday.

Now why would a nice infidel woman want to go on a Muslim dating site looking for trouble? I guess she swallowed the MSM mantra that Muslim men are just like anyone else though there have been hundreds of stories that prove otherwise.

The 32-year-old woman alleges her troubles began when she rejected the 42-year-old imam's proposal that she become one of his four future wives.

Now what did she expect? A cottage with a picket fence on the outskirts of Oklahoma City?

Allaithy, who is suing Saleh and his mosque, alleges Saleh physically assaulted her during a dispute and besmirched her reputation in the Arab press. Her suit also targets several Arab newspapers.

Saleh has countered those allegations by claiming Allaithy destroyed two of his mosque's laptop computers and threatened to file rape charges against him.

Allaithy told the Post she now fears she could become an al-Qaida "honor killing" due to her alleged public defamation.

Hmmmm…She knew about honor killings yet she still wanted to date a Muslim? Ding Dong. Ding Dong.

Storm Track Intimidation: UK Sending Wrong Message? I Don’t Think So

Do you invite someone into your country to speak to a dissatisfied population who justifies acts of terrorism or express views that could foster inter-community violence, and that it did not matter if women and children were the victims of suicide attacks and called for the destruction of the State of Israel, or call for the death penalty for homosexuality and preach that husbands should beat "disobedient" wives?

Not in a civilized society, at least. But Muslims in the UK think otherwise.

A government decision Thursday to ban a Qatar-based Muslim cleric who supports suicide bombings in Israel from entering the UK has been criticized by Muslim groups. Egyptian-born cleric Yusuf al-Qaradawi wanted to come to the UK for medical treatment, but was refused entry.

Qaradawi has in the past visited the UK at the invitation of London Mayor Ken Livingstone, sparking protests from civil rights groups, the Jewish community and the gay and lesbian community.

In 2004, Qaradawi defended suicide attacks against Israelis. "It's not suicide, it is martyrdom in the name of God," he told the BBC.

Last week, Conservative Party leader David Cameron called for Qaradawi's exclusion from the UK, calling him a "dangerous and divisive preacher of hate."

The Muslim response? The usual. Ignore the facts. Play the victim.

Muhammad Abdul Bari, secretary-general of the Muslim Council of Britain, condemned the ban and said Qaradawi was respected as a scholar throughout the Muslim world. He said the Labor government had "bowed to Zionist and neo-con pressure."

That tells you a lot about the 'scholar' - doesn't it. Great credentials - no?

"It is regrettable that the government has finally given way to these unreasonable demands, spearheaded by the Conservative leader whose government had, in fact, allowed Dr. Qaradawi to visit the UK five times between 1995 and 1997," Bari said. He added that the decision would send the "wrong message to Muslims everywhere about the state of British society and culture."

No, Muhammad. It’s sending the right message and it’s high time the Brits start to defend their society and culture against dirt bags like Qaradawi. Just common sense.

Storm Track Intimidation: Saudi Prince Threatened Britain with Terrorism

The Saudis are flexing their oil muscle. First it was a Saudi billionaire causes a book on terror financing to be withdrawn by a publisher, now a Saudi Prince threatened Britain with another 7/7 attack if unless British corruption probes into Saudi arms deals were halted.

Saudi Arabia's rulers threatened to make it easier for terrorists to attack London unless corruption investigations into their arms deals were halted, according to court documents revealed yesterday.

Previously secret files describe how investigators were told they faced "another 7/7" and the loss of "British lives on British streets" if they pressed on with their inquiries and the Saudis carried out their threat to cut off intelligence.

Prince Bandar, the head of the Saudi national security council, and son of the crown prince, was alleged in court to be the man behind the threats to hold back information about suicide bombers and terrorists. He faces accusations that he himself took more than £1bn in secret payments from the arms company BAE.

He was accused in yesterday's high court hearings of flying to London in December 2006 and uttering threats which made the prime minister, Tony Blair, force an end to the Serious Fraud Office investigation into bribery allegations involving Bandar and his family.

The threats halted the fraud inquiry, but triggered an international outcry, with allegations that Britain had broken international anti-bribery treaties.

It seems, as Britain continues it’s decent into dhimmitude, treaties, government responsibilities and English law no longer applies to Muslims.

Yesterday, anti-corruption campaigners began a legal action to overturn the decision to halt the case. They want the original investigation restarted, arguing the government had caved into blackmail.

The judge said he was surprised the government had not tried to persuade the Saudis to withdraw their threats. He said: "If that happened in our jurisdiction [the UK], they would have been guilty of a criminal offence". Counsel for the claimants said it would amount to perverting the course of justice.

As oil climbs past $100 a barrel, we’re going to see more and more of this ‘caving into blackmail’ until the free world understands that oil is national security issue and a weapon of war that is being waged against the democracies.

Wake Up People !! Get off the oil tit. It’s a matter of national survival. Drill anywhere we can in the free world. Build those nuclear power plants. Burn that coal – and the environmentalists be dammed! We’re not going to get free of foreign oil with solar panels, wimpy automobiles and florescent light bulbs.

Once we are out from under the oil boot of the Middle East, then we can consider the environmental issues.

Storm Track Intimidation: Welcome to Indonesia, Infidel – Here’s Your Beating

Islamic cleric Abu Bakar Bashir has a message for all of you infidels that would like to visit the wonderful exotic islands of Indonesia. Don’t come unless you want a beating.

ISLAMIC cleric Abu Bakar Bashir has returned to his hardline rhetoric with a call for followers to beat up Western tourists and for young Muslims to die as martyrs.

In the sermon, organised by an Islamic youth organisation and delivered a few kilometres from the home village of convicted Bali bombers Amrozi and Mukhlas, Bashir likened tourists in Bali to "worms, snakes, maggots", and specifically referred to the immorality of Australian infidels.

He called for signs to be erected across Indonesia warning tourists they were entering a Muslim area, and directing they cover up appropriately. But in east Java, he urged the Islamist youth to "beat up" foreigners.

"God willing, there are none here," Bashir said. "If there were infidels here, just beat them up. Do not tolerate them."

I wonder what the Indonesian Tourist Bureau has to say about this maggot. He went on to say:

"The youth movement here must aspire to a martyrdom death," said the cleric, who was convicted of conspiracy over the 2002 Bali bombings that killed 202 people, including 88 Australians, but was later cleared and released from prison.

"The young must be first at the front line - don't hide at the back. You must be at the front, die as martyrs and all your sins will be forgiven. This is how to achieve forgiveness."

Right. At the back you will find this a**hole. The coward. And here’s what you get when you show mercy scum like Bashir.

Observers said the sermon's content was a clear indication of what many terrorism academics have noted - that the accused spiritual head of Jemaah Islamiah has been emboldened by his release from prison last year after serving 26 months for conspiracy in relation to the Bali blasts. "Going to jail, serving a very light sentence, and becoming a media icon - it's the best thing that's happened to him."

So why doesn’t the government of Indonesia lock this vermin up? Dream on.

Bashir's address was observed by the village's police chief and a horde of plainclothes Indonesian police officers.

They probably applauded.

Storm Track Intimidation: An Afghan Girl Defies the Islamists

A teenage Afghan girl refuses to be intimidated by the religion of peace and tolerance – including death threats because she wants to compete in the 2008 Olympics.

Mehboba Ahdyar, a shy 19-year-old from Kabul, will face the worlds best 1,500-metre runners in August wearing a veil and a baggy tracksuit. While she is unlikely to mount the winner's podium, few of her opponents will have endured such a perilous training regime to get them to the Games.

Training for Mehboba begins after nightfall. At 8.30pm, when Kabul residents are transfixed by the daily episode of the country's most popular soap opera, a racy Indian drama named ‘Because a Mother-in-Law was Once a Daughter-in-Law Too’, Mehboba slips out of her house in a poor suburb and starts running.

She runs up and down the streets for the duration of the programme. It is the only time when, as a woman, she can supplement her official training sessions without threats or harassment.

That’s interesting. A soap opera so compelling that the fundamentalists are at home watching TV and not on the streets? Still, there’s other ways to harass her.

She recently had to destroy the Sim card on her mobile phone because the number had become known to fundamentalists who bombarded her with death threats.

"They say that they will not leave me alive," she said, with a shrug.

And the harassment continued.

After a Western journalist visited her house this week a rumour spread that she was entertaining foreign men as a prostitute.

Mehboba received a visit from the police, while her family were warned that they might have to leave their house.

Mr. Bush. What was that about bringing democracy and freedom to Afghanistan? Oh, never mind.

In spite of the taunts and death threats, she insists she will run for national pride.

"I will compete against heroes," she said, although she could not name any of the world's leading middle-distance runners. "We have trained for three years. I hope for a medal or at least to break Afghanistan's record."

You go, girl!

Storm Track Intimidation: Bowing to Islamo-Nazi Pressure

As you know by my blog posts, I love to paint comparisons between what’s happening now and what happened in the 1930s. In particular, the cries of 'phobia' by those that seek to destroy the free world.

This blog is about a Gathering Storm – the prelude to the real war, not the war itself. How the war will be fought and under what terms it will commence is yet to happen – and no, it didn’t start with 9-11. In more than one way, we are in a similar time as the 1930s. But this blog is not the first to find comparisons between the infiltration and intimidation tactics of militant Islam and Nazi Germany.

In September of 2005, Tony Blankly wrote a three part series in the Washington Times comparing the Islamic threat of today to the Nazis of the 1930s. You should read it.

Blankly writes that radical Islam or Islamic fascism, has all the advantages the Nazis had in Germany in the 1930s. A second and third generation Muslim population adrift and disconnected from their country, confused and humiliated by the dominance of foreign nations and culture, and a growing youthful population increasing disdainful of their parents passive acceptance of their plight. And just as the Nazis reached back to German mythology and the supposed Aryan origins of the German people, the radical Islamists reach back to the founding ideas and myths of their religious culture. And just like the Nazis, they claim to speak for authentic traditions while actually advancing expedient and radical innovations. The Islamo-fascist mullahs encourage young Muslims not to turn to their parents for guidance. The Nazis overwhelmed German society with these methods 70 years ago. There is building evidence that the radical Islamists are moving ever more successfully down the same path - particularly within the younger generations in Europe and, to a lesser extent, in the United States.

Here’s another take on the 1930s theory. This article shows how the Nazis did exactly what the Islamists are doing today - yelling Islamophobia whenever their ideology is rightfully criticized.

Adolf Hitler realized the importance of having a good press. In Nazi Germany with its press censorship, it was easy for Hitler to have a good press. However, during the 1930s the Nazis also tried to control the media in the neighboring European countries that Hitler was planning to invade. The Nazis bullied the democratically elected governments in these countries to censor everything that resembled what today might be called "Naziphobia" — criticism of Nazism.

Sound familiar? That’s exactly what the Islamist are doing today.

Interestingly, the bullied governments gave in to the Nazi intimidation rather than back the few courageous individuals who spoke out against totalitarianism. In the late 1930s, SS Gen. Karl Gebhardt (a medical doctor who was hanged after the war for conducting "experiments" on humans) frequently paid visits to his friend, King Leopold III of Belgium, to complain about "German-unfriendly remarks" in the Belgian press. King Leopold asked Paul-Henri Spaak, Belgium's leading politician at the time, to forbid "anti-German" references in the Belgian media and ban non-Belgian papers that were critical of Hitler and his regime.

Good old Belgium. Seems they never learn do they? Today, with the EU as its HQ, they continue their policy of appeasing an enemy. Proof?

Spaak, who after the war became one of the founding fathers of the European Union, urged his colleagues in the government "to consider the possible consequences of the press campaigns against Germany."

The ministers were also under pressure from Viscount Davignon, the Belgian ambassador to Berlin, who looked upon them as "cowards" because they did not "dare to impose censorship." Belgium gave in to the Nazi demands and banned "anti-German and unpatriotic publications," including foreign papers such as the British Daily Express.

Belgium's submission to the Nazi demands, however, did not prevent Hitler from invading the country in May 1940.

Fast forward to today. Islamists want similar self-censorship of their beliefs and actions by the free world.

Islamist extremists want a good press. They do not tolerate criticism. Even cartoons are deemed offensive. They warn those who criticize them "to consider the possible consequences."

The main stream media take note. Wake up to the threat of Islam and refused to be intimidated. A free unintimidated press is needed to keep free people free.

Storm Track Intimidation: Students Learn True Meaning of Muslim Tolerance

Instruct a group of innocent well indoctrinated students and their teacher in the beauty of religious tolerance and multiculturalism and introduce them to the importance of the diverse faiths at a neighborhood mosque and what do you get?

Well, not what the school expected. It seems the imam declared to their little faces that they were nothing but “dogs’.

An instructive school trip to a mosque for ten year olds from the Amsterdam school De Horizon turned into a tirade against unbelievers.

The surprised children and their escorts heard from the chairman of the El Mouchidine mosque in the Osdorp neighborhood that unbelievers were 'dogs'. The multicultural school organizes trips to various religious institutes as part of the project 'spiritual denominations since the management thinks it's important that the students meet the backgrounds of the diverse faiths.

Oh, yes! Very important that these dhimmis in training see the true face of Islam. And that’s what they got. And what do the education authorities do now that their little lesson in Islam had backfired?

Why hide you head in the sand like good little dhimmis.

The management has meanwhile turned to the mosque about the chairman's undesirable behavior. Both parties don't want to speak about it. Mariët ten Berge of the school administration said she was not interested in speaking to De Telegraaf about it, saying that they often go to the mosque and it had always gone well.

Then the “Oh, I was misinterpreted” excuse.

The school trip took place March 27. The mosque chairman spoke poor Dutch but told the kids, while waving his finger: "Islam is good, other beliefs are also good. But if you don't believe, that is not good, then you only eat and sleep, then you're just like an animal, such as a dog."

The children and escorts did not react at first. Only when they were back in school, when asked what they had learned, the students answered: that we are dogs.

Reminds me of South Park. It’s the little kids that really understand what the dumb adults don’t.

The management sends a letter to the parents on April 3rd. One parent forwarded the letter to newspaper SP!TS, which published the story on its front page. The parent got an angry call from Ten Berge. Mother Martine Boesten says the school had wanted to keep the story small, but that this is exactly the problem. "Maybe it's an incident for this mosque and this school but in general it isn't. How can you still trust such a chairman?"

Did a light bulb just go off? Perhaps a blinding flash of understanding?

I hope the students and their teacher got a real education that day in the fallacy of political correctness and multiculturalism when one culture seeks to dominate instated of assimilate.

And I hope they love man’s best friend – dogs.

Those are examples of the rising Jihad temperature of for this week. When seen in groups like this, the slow boil becomes obvious.

Next week another look back at the rising Jihad temperature of Islamist INFILTRATION!!

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