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Taking the Jihad Temperature - A Gathering Storm Special Series – APPEASEMENT – Part 2

If you throw a frog into boiling water, he will jump out. If you put it in cold water and slowly turn up the heat, he will not notice the rise in temperature and will eventually boil. 

The Islamists are boiling our frog and though this blog and hundreds like it record almost daily the rise in the Jihad temperature, unless we see how far and fast the temperature has risen, we will not know how far along our boiling has progressed. 

So, the Gathering Storm will be posting only once a week but these weekly posts will take the Jihadist temperature by looking back at news and events over the last two years. Over the next several weeks in the areas of intimidationinfiltrationdisinformation and those appeasers and apologists who either knowingly or unknowingly advance the Jihad agenda, the Gathering Storm will show how far our frog has been boiled. 

By seeing the boiling water around us, we can see how far the boiling has progressed. 

The good news is that we are noticing that the water is getting warmer. There is a glimmer of awareness here - a glimmer of hope there. But we have a long way to go. 

Here’s this week’s look back at the rising Jihad temperature of APPEASEMENT !! And remember – this is just a sampling of Jihadist Appeasement. More to follow.

Muslim Conflicts? Yep, Global Warming Is To Blame

Oh paleeeze - they’re at it again. This time they have a military spokesman on their side. He's getting military science confused with science.

LONDON: Climate change will increase competition for scarce resources and plunge many into desperate poverty, fanning conflict and terrorism across the world, Britain's army chief said in comments released by the Defense Ministry on Tuesday.

Rising temperatures, flooding, and desertification were likely to hit some of the most unstable parts of the globe the hardest, Air Chief Marshal Sir Jock Stirrup told a conference on climate change at London's Chatham House think tank on Monday.

He noted that competition over disappearing resources in the Sudanese region of Darfur had already led to war.

Umm… Excuse me? I thought the Darfar tragedy was caused by a civil war involving Muslims? Is the UK military blind? The struggle is not over food Air Chief Marshal Stirrup, it’s over ideology - the same ideology that seeks to force your UK into submission.

"Just a glance at the map showing the areas most likely to be affected and you are struck at once by the fact that they're exactly those parts of the world where we see fragility, instability and weak governance today," he said. "It seems to me rather like pouring petrol onto a burning fire." Stirrup said that overcrowding, the breakdown of social order, and wholesale violence were "some of the more obvious" possible consequences of climate change.

Yeah, let’s talk about the breakdown of social order. This is just a short excerpt from the interview in that article.

FP: Walid Phares, Thomas Haidon and Jon Lewis, welcome to Frontpage Symposium.

Mr. Lewis, let me begin with you. I would like to start with something that has puzzled me: many of the roots of the Darfur genocide reside in Islamic jihad. On many fronts, this is a holy war led by Muslims. How come we almost never hear about this in the mainstream media?

The media in the United States is very uncomfortable in attributing religious motivations to violence. We see this in the case of the Palestinian suicide bombers who are often described as motivated by poverty and frustration, rather than by religious ideology. In Darfur, there is indeed a religious component to the violence; after all, the Khartoum government is an Islamo-fascist one.

What bothers me more about the media coverage of Darfur is its lack of historic context -Darfur is but one example of Arab racism toward non-Arabs within the broader "Arab world." The Darfur genocide, I believe, must be viewed not solely as a case of an Islamic jihad, but also as a case of Arab racism and should be seen as parallel to Saddam Hussein's genocide against Kurds and the Algerian government's repression of the Kaybles.

Remember: both the Kurds and Kabyles are primarily Sunni Muslims, at least in a nominal sense. I don't mean to downplay the Islamic jihad aspect; however, I think that we cannot understand the violence in Darfur (and Iraq, for that matter) without examining the persistence of intra-Muslim ethnic conflict in the region and Arab racism.

FP: So Dr. Phares, can you crystallize the themes for us? Why are the Muslim Arabs killing the Christians and Blacks? This is an Islamic Jihad combined with racial hate?

Phares: It is both. Probably one of the most lethal religious and racial wars combined in contemporary times.

The MSM and now the military seem to ignore this ‘inconvenient truth’.

Useful Idiots Raised to the ‘Dutch’ Power

The Dutch government has lost its mind. Really! How does one respond to such blatant idiocy as this.

THE HAGUE, 03/07/07 - The cabinet considers radical Muslims are in principle allowed to use democratic procedures with the aim of undermining democracy. This is not dangerous; democracy is strong enough to withstand such a movement.

Yep – you read that right. The Dutch will allow an avowed enemy to their society to work to undermine their very culture! The Dutch cabinet is not talking about moderate Islam or Islam or words to that affect. It’s talking about radical Islam!

The government is convinced that "religion - thus, also Islam - can make a positive contribution to cohesion in society."

Contributions like honor killings, forced marriages, clitoris mutilation? Those positive contributions?

The cabinet stresses that everyone is free to set up a political party on any basis whatever. "If such a party wants to use democratic procedures to undermine democracy - something of which there is no question in the Netherlands at the moment - the 'self-cleansing powers' of able-bodied democracy will do its work."

To even make such a statement is absolutely nuts! Would they allow the Nazis to set up a political party in their country to undermine their government? Oh, that’s right. They did.

In the case that the 'self-cleansing powers' would not work adequately, "the government has (criminal law) instruments at its disposal to defend the democracy actively." The cabinet referred here to the possibility of "setting and maintaining boundaries to the public debate."

Right. Boundaries. We’ve seen how boundaries work in Holland when dealing with Muslims here, here, here, here and here. I can go on.

The government was reacting to a report from the Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR) on Islam in the Netherlands. A Lower House majority last year characterised this report as a political document rather than a scientific analysis. The WRR concluded that many politicians, including the present Foreign Minister Maxime Verhagen, were involved in "Islam bashing."

Oh! We mustn’t have that.

The WRR found among other things that the Sharia, the Islamic law, was often wrongly depicted as barbaric.

Have these elitist pinheads been living under a rock? Don’t they read the news? Shariah law as its practiced today in the Middle East, Afghanistan, Pakistan and parts of South- East Asia IS barbaric?

The cabinet comments that "the presence of large groups of migrants of non-Western origin has given an impetus to thinking about the place of religion in society". It agrees with the WRR that "participants in the Islam debate often take a biased position". (...) "With its meticulous and broad analysis, the WRR offers a counterweight to this."

“Meticulous and broad analysis – yeah, right. Just like terrorists come from a “broad spectrum” of society.

Like Britain, the Dutch are lost and Amstedamistan is following in the steps of Londonistan. If you are Dutch and reading this, please tell us what is happening to your country.

It Pays To Be a Terrorist in Britain

Question: What do you get for crashing your Jeep Cherokee into a Glasgow terminal building, trying to blow up infidels, catch fire and taken into custody?

Answer: You get to move to the front of a long line ahead of British citizens for an expensive operation for free!

More madness from the dhimmis who lead us.

She made medical history when her burns scars were treated with a radical process derived from shark skin. And normally 18-year-old drama student Teri Copland would be delighted to hear how the breakthrough treatment is being used to help another burns victim.

But when the person about to receive the expensive treatment is the terror suspect accused of driving a blazing Jeep loaded with gas canisters into the busy main terminal at Glasgow Airport, she can't help but feel just a little less than sympathetic.

"I had to wait a year to get that treatment, and he gets it in a couple of weeks," said Teri, who suffered third degree burns and scarring across more than a third of her body in a childhood scalding accident. "A bit that size," she added, putting her thumbs and forefingers together to create a rectangle, "costs about £3000. That's an awful lot of money".

Glasgow Airport terror suspect Kafeel Ahmed, 27 - currently being treated for third degree burns to 90 per cent of his body at Glasgow Royal Infirmary - is reportedly to receive special shark skin implants costing £20,000 to treat his injuries.

Burns victims in the Lothians currently face a six-month wait for the treatment. He said: "There are around 60 kids in Scotland that I can think of that might benefit from that treatment. It's an expensive treatment that's not available for everyone.

Oh – but it’s readily available to terrorists. Being an infidel in Britain entitles you to move to the back of the line to save those that will kill you.

Madness. Absolute madness.

The Muslim Honor Killing Hollywood Doesn't Want You to See


Well it seems today is a day for Muslim intimidations.  Debbie Schlussel ha s an exclusive on a new movie soon to be released that, under complaints by Iranian Muslims, the honor killing scenes have been removed. From Debbie Schlussel.


Muslim groups have successfully gotten scenes--accurately depicting them as terrorists and murderers--removed from scripts or changed to another, more acceptable nationality. Brilliant blogger Sultan Knish drew my attention to the latest such cave-in: "Crossing Over," starring Harrison Ford and Sean Penn and produced by the Weinstein Brothers. I've been writing extensively about this movie and have a copy of the original script.


Muslim Iranians were upset that a scene portrays them committing an honor killing. Late last week, they succeeded in getting it removed from the film. No worries, though, about the anti-Semitic scenes in the movie. Those remain. The Weinsteins and Writer/Director Wayne Kramer are Jewish, and we can't expect them to cave on those the way they did for the "more worthy" Muslims. It's politically correct to attack Jews, not so--these days in Hollywood--to attack those who attacked us before and on 9/11 and repeatedly try to again.


In the movie--about immigration, illegal aliens, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents--Hamid Baraheri is a Muslim Iranian ICE agent in his early forties. Predictably, he is Hollywood's version of a kind, decent, hard-working, loyal American agent, much unlike the real-life Muslim federal agents, many of whom have been the subject of insubordination and tipping off targets in federal terrorism investigations.


But Baraheri's brother, Farid, murders his sister, Zahra, in an honor-killing, and ICE Special Agent Hamid Baraheri is in on it. After all, Zahra is dating non-Muslim men and sleeping with a Latino. An honorable Muslim family cannot allow her to live and continue to shame them with her existence.


Debbie posts the actual part of the script that has been deleted.


Read it all.

Islam On Track to Becoming UK Religion of State

Up Pompeii records another of a long line of capitulation to Islam by the British government.

A new government study is being condemned by the Christian ministry the Barnabas Fund because its proposals would move closer to imposing Islam in the United Kingdom as "a religion of state."

Among the proposals from the study being considered for implementation is the provision by universities for Islamic studies for all students.

The report was initiated by Bill Rammell, the minister of state for higher education and lifelong learning, officials said. He appointed Ataullah Siddiqui, senior research fellow at the Islamic Foundation, to write it. The Barnabas Fund, in an analysis, said the report "signals another step toward the Islamisation of Britain and its education system"

"Should this report be implemented, education will be handed over more and more to Muslims who will train and shape the next generation," the analysis said.

The camel’s nose is now far into the tent – up to its hump!

Among the other recommendations are that universities should employ Muslim scholars to teach Islamic theology, all universities must employ Muslim chaplains and provide Muslim prayer rooms, Islamic Student Societies should be better recognized and encouraged, and universities should cooperate with Islamic schools and colleges to break down the divisions between British society and the Muslim community.

The study also recommended Islamic studies should be linked to job opportunities such as teaching, chaplaincy and Islamic banking, and guidance should be given to all universities on Friday prayers, Ramadan and halal food.

The Barnabas Fund said it's simply a demand for a "privileged position for Islam in the universities."

"It would seem to aim at transforming Islamic studies in Britain into a Muslim monopoly, a Muslim enclave in which the vast majority of staff and students are Muslim. It is implied that non-Muslim scholars cannot teach Islam because they do not unquestioningly accept its basic premises regarding the revelatory nature and divine authority of Quran and Hadith."

If that happens, the teaching faculty soon would be limited to Muslim and Islamist lecturers, the group said.

"It is most likely that censorship would develop, affecting choice of staff, teaching methods and acceptable subjects for research and publication," the group said.

All this has a greater goal.

"The aim is to expand Islamic domination into all spheres. The whole system of Western academic education must, say the Islamists, be recast and remolded on Islamic lines as it is tainted by Christian and pagan influences."

"Implementing these recommendations, as the British government has promised to do, would be likely to narrow the scope of university Islamic studies and make them more intolerant and radical," the critique said.

When will Britain wake up? They are well on their way to Islamic absorption.

Against Sharia? You Don’t Have That Right in Europe

The Mayor of Brussels, Socialist Freddy Thielemans, and the well healed appeaser for the EU decided that a protest staged by Stop the Islamisation of Europe (SIOE) on September 11 be stopped because he could not “guarantee public safety and that he won’t disturb the Islamic section of the population in Brussels”.

Now we just couldn’t have that. I meant the practice of free speech can not be allowed if it offends Muslims. That’s the standard operating procedure in the EU today.

By invoking the lack of public safety, he is precisely highlighting SIOE’s demonstration title: Stop the Islamisation of Europe.

SIOE’s message through the 4 slogans is exactly to warn against conditions such as these, where people no longer can use their freedom of expression and feel secure, but the shocking facts are that these conditions already reign at the heart of the EU.

He couldn’t guarantee the pubic safety? Isn’t that what the Mayor of a city is supposed to do – regardless of the situation? Well, at least not if he’s a liberal socialist. Think Mayor of New Orleans and Katrina.

The mayor in Brussels is not fully aware of his responsibility, for as a mayor at EU’s capital you cannot simply forbid ordinary European citizens to express their constitutional freedoms.

Was he mayor in Antwerp or any other town in Belgium, he would equally have to allow the freedom of expression to exist, but precisely a Socialistic mayor at EU’s capital has a greater responsibility, not just to Brussels’ own citizens, but also to the citizens of the EU as a whole.

You must expect that when the capital in the EU is called Brussels.

Despite assurances from Brussels police that a safe and orderly demonstration was possible, the Brussels’ mayor still denied SIOE organizers permission to rally. Around 20,000 people from all over Europe are believed to have already made preparations to attend.

Jails to Cater to Terrorists

Britain just can’t get enough of pleasing terrorists. First it was the special health care that was given to the terrorist who drove a flaming Jeep in to the Glasgow airport terminal. Now, terrorist who have been arrested need special considerations to protect their skins and to shield them from disparaging remarks.

In the latest, death threats are said to have been issued against Omar Khyam, 25, the mastermind of the fertiliser bomb plot aimed at the Bluewater shopping centre, in Kent, and other key sites in the South-East. It follows the alleged torching of the cell of failed July 21 bomber Hussain Osman, 28, earlier this month.

A week earlier dirty bomb plotter Dhiren Barot, 35, another 'lifer', needed hospital treatment after being scalded by boiling water in further incident at Frankland.

Oh. Boo hoo hoo. It’s prison you knuckle-head.

Last weekend reports suggested the newly-created Ministry of Justice is considering creating a Muslim-only institution, to reduce the risk of racial or religious attacks and antagonism. Prison Officers' Association chairman Colin Moses reportedly said the infrastructure of the jail network needs to be amended to cope with the presence of extremists.

Moses said: "Any terrorist is likely to be a victim in prison and we must remember that they, too, have families and often very strong beliefs."

Yeah. You read that right. Terrorists as victims. And they too have families who had no idea that their ‘strong beliefs’ would make them blow up innocent people.

British apologists at their best.

Catholic Bishop – Christians Should Start Addressing God as Allah

Just when you think the idiocy of the appeasers of Islam can’t get any worse, this appears.

Amsterdam, Aug. 14, 2007 ( - A Dutch Catholic bishop has suggested that Christians should refer to God as "Allah" to promote better relations with Muslims.

Hey Bishop. How about the other way around? Call on Muslims to call God, God, since he’s suppose to be the same as the Judeo-Christian God.

Bishop Martinus "Tiny" Muskens of Breda told the "Network" television show that "God doesn't really care how we address Him."

But I bet he cares what we do in his name – like blowing up innocent people?

Pointing out that "Allah" is a term already used by Christians who speak Arabic, Bishop Muskens said that humans are needlessly divided over such terminology. God, the bishop said, is above such "bickering."

Oh that’s rich! And what is God called by Fiji Christians? Ugandan Christians? Native American Christians?

The Dutch bishop admitted that his suggestion was not likely to gain widespread acceptance.

Allah – I hope not!

But he predicted that within a century or two, Dutch Catholics would be addressing prayers to "Allah."

So much for the Catholic religion in Europe.

Media Dhimmitude and a Media Surprise

There was no manger? Christ is not the Messiah? The crucifixion never happened? That’s what a forthcoming ITV documentary will portray Jesus as Muslims see him.

The one-hour special, commissioned and narrated by Melvyn Bragg, is thought to be the first time the subject has been dealt with on British television. Lord Bragg said: "I was fascinated by the idea ... Jesus was such a prominent figure in Islam but most people don't know that."

He denies the programme will divide communities. Raised as an Anglican, he describes the documentary as thoughtful and well researched. "I hope it will provoke among Muslims the feeling they are included in television."

Really. I thought Muslims were getting quite a bit of airtime lately.

The director and producer, Irshad Ashraf, said the film was an attempt to shift the focus away from extremism to the spiritual side of Islam. "Jesus is loved and respected by Muslims and he's one of the most important prophets in our religion." Representatives from mainstream Anglican and Catholic organisations were invited to take part in the film, to be broadcast on Sunday, but nobody was available, Mr Ashraf said.

Gee. I wonder why? Maybe because the program promotes ideas that go against their faith?

However, Patrick Sookhdeo, an Anglican canon and spokesman for the Barnabas Fund, which works with persecuted Christians, accused broadcasters of double standards. Mr Sookhdeo, who was born a Muslim and converted to Christianity in 1969, said: "How would the Muslim community respond if ITV made a programme challenging Muhammad as the last prophet?"

Does burning down the TV station by rabid Muslims ring a bell? But then there is this bit of odd news coming out from all places – Muslim Malaysia.

Malaysia's government ordered a Tamil-language daily to immediately halt publication for a month Friday as punishment for printing an image of Jesus Christ holding a cigarette, an official with the newspaper said.

The newspaper had said it published the photo by mistake Tuesday and carried a front-page apology Thursday. Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said Thursday that the picture was hurtful and an insult to Christians. Kuala Lumpur archbishop, Murphy Pakiam, criticized the picture as a "desecration," but later accepted the newspaper's apology.

Malaysia's newspapers operate under government licenses that bar them from publishing potentially provocative material on religion, race and other topics.

Maybe there’s some hope for Malaysia yet.

US Needs Madrassas to Help Fight Terrorism

Personally, I really don’t know how to respond to a blithering idiot like this.

United States Consulate principal officer Bryan D Hunt said on Friday that the US wanted to seek cooperation from the religious seminaries for its fight against terrorism and that it also wanted to see religious seminaries promoting peace.

Where the hell has this clown been the last 6 years? Religious seminaries or madrassas have been uncovered preaching hate against America and the West for decades.

The religious seminaries were teaching tolerance and brotherhood according to the guidelines of the Quran and the Hadith, he said, adding that the recent suicide attacks in the country were not a result of instigation by religious seminaries. Qadir said the real cause of terrorism was the unjust and flawed foreign policy of the US government and the other western powers toward Muslim countries.

As Ronald Reagan once said, “There they go again.” It’s our own fault we were attacked.

Linking suicidal attacks and terrorism with religious seminaries was illogical.

This man is either an idiot or has the cajones the size of bowling balls.

Those are examples of the rising Jihad temperature of for this week. When seen in groups like this, the slow boil becomes obvious.

Next week we return to a look back at the rising Jihad temperature of Islamist Intimidation!!

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