Tuesday, October 21, 2008

So What?

I’ve been thinking lately about the question “So what?” as it pertains to Obama’s campaign and his possible Presidency. 

But let me back up a bit. 

Those of us who have anti-jihadi blogs fret that the general public lacks the awareness of the Islamic threat and that we are only preaching to the choir. We believe that the ‘Islam is peace’ mantra and most Muslims are moderate is held by the vast majority of American citizens. 

But there’s one thing that might prove that false. 

Answer me this. 

If most Americans are either oblivious to or seem to be unconcerned with the Islamic threat to our society, then why does the Obama campaign hysterically deny that Obama has a Muslim past? I mean, if it matters so little to the majority of Americans who will cast their vote in the coming national opinion poll on November 4th,  why would Obama’s  Muslim past, true or untrue mean anything? 

What I mean is ‘So what?’ 

Could it be true that the internal polling of the Obama campaign has uncovered the reality that most Americans find something threatening with Islam and the Muslims who practice it? At least, if true, enough voters who hold this feeling will not vote for Obama? 

The answer to the question of “So what?” goes even further if Obama is elected. 

Case in point, Biden’s comments at a fundraiser last weekend. He stated that it is a 100% certainty that, if elected, Obama will be ‘tested’ by our enemies within six months of taking office and that test could come in several forms. 

I assume one of those ‘test’ would be another massive terrorist attack on US soil. 

Biden confided that Obama’s response will not be popular at first with the American people but in time they will see the error of their ways and agree with him. Past quotes shows that Obama’s response would be one of appeasement and soul searching to discover why the world hates us so instead of an instant retaliation as GW had done. 

Excuse me, but logic says otherwise. 

2010 is not 2001. Then few people knew about Islam and Muslim beliefs in 2001. We were caught unawares by this political ideology that was following through on a modern day strategy – The Project - for world domination over the last hundred years. 

In 2001 we knew little of Islam outside of it being a quaint behavior practiced in the wastelands of the Middle-East. 

If and when a massive terrorist attack hits the US homeland in 2010, there are many more Americans today who are aware of the threat of Islam. This is proven by the attempts of the Obama campaign to distance him from a Muslim past. 

If Obama attempts to apply his ‘Let’s just talk’ political philosophy standing on the bodies of a hundred thousand or more American dead, claiming that this was not an act perpetuated by the religion Islam and that the vast majority of Muslims are against such actions, this time it will be the non-Muslims in this country who ask “So what?”


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