Monday, September 08, 2008

Storm Track Intimidation: Czech TV Station Fined for Islamophobia

This is the first time I’ve heard of anything like t his coming out of the Czech Republic. It seems the Islamists have their hooks even in that country. 

Czech TV Nova was fined 100,000 korunas by the Council for Radio and Television for broadcasting xenophobic and Islamophobic content.  

The station broadcast a report about Syrian Mohamed Fahed, who had killed his Czech common-law wife in Zelesice, near Brno (see here and here for more on the incident).  Fahed had said that where he came from, the Kurdish areas of Syria, a man was allowed to kill his wife.  The reporter said that in Syria there's Sharia law, which allows a husband to kill an unfaithful wife. 

Report a fact about Islam? How dare they? 

The Brno Muslim community complained to the Council, which decided that the report was xenophobic and Islamophobic, misleading regarding Islamic law.  According to the council Syria is not run by Sharia law, and in any case Sharia law does not allow a husband to take justice into his own hands. 

What bullsh*t! First killing your wife is OKed by some imams. Second, Islam doesn’t recognize any country or its laws – only the Shari. So the Muslim was correct and the Brno community is wrong. 

Nova denies the allegations and will go to court. 

Go for them. Push back on the intimidation. They’ll back down. Muslims always do when confronted with strength. 

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