Thursday, September 04, 2008

Storm Track Intimidation: Allah Don’t Toot

Is there any kind of pleasure at all that Allah will allow? What a constipated religion.

This from Indonesia – yeah – that moderate Muslim country.

East Javanese tobacco farmers visited the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) Surabaya branch on Friday to protest the fatwa body’s plan to declare smoking forbidden according to Islamic teachings. “We are protesting MUI’s plan to issue a fatwa declaring smoking as haram,” Tobacco Farmers Association chairman Amin Subarkah said, as quoted by

Subarkah said it was unfair to make a smoking haram on the basis that it could be bad for some people. In fact, he said, forbidding smoking would only cause pain and suffering to tobacco farmers and their families. “There are 1,367 tobacco factories in East Java, employing thousands of workers,” Subarkah said.

According to the association, tobacco farmers in East Java supply 53 percent of the country’s total tobacco consumption with a total investment value worth Rp 682 billion.

So, you have choice. Making money to sustaining the economy and give people a decent standard of living – or, well you know the rest. Just look at any Muslim dominated society - except those with oil – and look at their standard of living.

It sucks.

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