Saturday, August 30, 2008

Storm Track Intimidation: Danish Publisher Shows Its Anti-Dhimmitude

The Danes continue to bristle at attempts by the Islamists to impose their will on a free society. Even us Random House refuses to publish the Jewel of Medina and shows their subservience to Islam, a Danish Publisher will not be so intimidated.

Denmark is again ready to exercise its free speech and press principles by releasing a controversial novel about Mohammed's child wife An American novel about the 6-year-old wife of Mohammed, Aisha, may end up being released in Denmark.

Danish publishers association Trykkeselskabet has given its blessing to Sherry Jones' novel 'The Jewel of Medina' to be released in Denmark. Random House pulled out of its contract to publish the book after fear of reprisals from Muslims, and Jones' agent is looking for buyers.

But Trykkeselskabet indicated that it felt the book needed to be published.

'Fear or threats should not keep a book from being published,' association spokeswoman Helle Merete Brix told Nyhedsavisen newspaper. 'It would be principally and entirely a renewal of all that Denmark has already been through with the Mohammed cartoon affair.'

Jones' agent, Natasha Kern, wrote to Trykkeselskabet to congratulate them on their decision to approve the book's publication in Denmark.

'When you consider what's happened in your country, I admire your readiness to ensure that freedom of expression is not obstructed.'


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