Friday, August 01, 2008

Storm Track Infiltration: Islam Education Proposed as Compulsory in UK

So when faced with a foreign radical element that is anti your society and culture, what do you do? Fight back, right?

Not in the UK.

On the surface, what Communities Secretary Hazel Blears proposes sounds benign enough.

The move - part of a package of initiatives announced by Communities Secretary Hazel Blears yesterday - is designed to curb extremism.

But some have reservations.

Education campaigners warned however against giving Islam a privileged position over other faiths.

Other plans announced by Miss Blears also drew criticism - including a state-funded panel of Islamic scholars and theologians to provide community leadership.

What’s the danger in that? Well, who’s gonna monitor what they teach?

Here’s what so goofy. You have one segment, and one segment only, of the population that poses a threat to the well-being of the society. Instead of closing the barn door after the horse has run off, use the sedition laws on the books to arrest and expel any radical Muslim who preaches hate and the destruction of the UK society instead of sunjecting all children and citizens to an indoctrination program.

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