Saturday, August 02, 2008

Storm Track Infiltration: 1930s Alert!

Can you imagine a news outlet unfriendly to your country in a time of war allowed to spew its propaganda over the airways?

It’s happening in this country. Now we can see our soldiers blown up by IEDs and messages from Al-Qaeda right on our home TVs.

The municipally owned cable system in Burlington, Vt., has reached an agreement to continue to carry the controversial service Al Jazeera English, the city said Wednesday.

The cable system has been offering the network since January 2007 on its “second-level tiers of channels,” not basic service, the statement said.

“We very much appreciate the support of our small but very significant audience in Burlington, Vt.,” said Will Stebbins, Washington bureau chief for Al Jazeera English. “It’s a testament to the fact that if you actually see our channel, it’s impossible to have any of the misunderstandings,” he said.

Oh really? Like this misunderstanding.

Al Jazeera did a hit piece on the US commission and pimped for the jihad teaching Saudi hate school despite the Islamic school's guilt in teaching violent jihad and protecting the Islamic right to molest children. Al Jazeera is crying "persecution"!

Al Jazeera made no mention of the vile hate taught in the textbooks, the arrest of the director or the child molestation or that the valedictorian of the school was involved in a jihadi assassination plot against President Bush.. No mention was made of the fact that the Virginia school is teaching anti-Semitism and Islamic supremicism or that the school promised to revise those textbooks (which they attempted to do with ...ahem.....white out).

Yep. Just what Al Jazeera’s small but very significant audience in Burlington, Vt. Wants to hear.

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