Sunday, August 31, 2008

Storm Track Appeasement: France Realizes Its at War – Surrender !!

Well, it must be a real war in Afghanistan because the French majority want to surrender to the Taliban.

FRENCH troops in Afghanistan suffered one of their worst military defeats since the Algerian war of independence, leaving President Nicolas Sarkozy facing one of the biggest crises of his political career as he came under attack for supporting Nato against the Taliban.

Amid an unprecedented display of national doubt and soul-searching, parliamentary hearings on the French role in Afghanistan were being scheduled to address growing public concern about young men being used as “cannon fodder” in a war against a seemingly invincible enemy.

Hmmm…Doesn’t history prove that all enemies of France are seemingly invincible?

On Thursday Sarkozy, visibly shaken as he stood before the flag-draped coffins of 10 soldiers killed in an ambush, praised the bravery of young men “cut down in the flower of youth” and insisted that France would continue to pull its weight in the multinational Nato force that is struggling to keep the Taliban, or “barbarians”, as he called them, from power.

Welcome to party, Mr. Sarkozy. Now you know how Bush feels when confronted with a defeatist opposition.

The French losses in a single battle on Monday were almost as great as their total of 14 casualties since 2001 and shocked the nation into the realisation that, rather than just another peace-keeping mission, Afghanistan was a real war.

A real war !! My god. If the French knew that (and why they wouldn’t is beyond me) they would have surrendered long ago.

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