Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Storm Track Intimidation: Can You Hear Us Now?

That great Bastogne of human rights – Saudi Arabia – finds that telephone calls between unrelated men and women are high crimes against Islam.

And to throw salt in the wound, so to speak, the punishment far exceeds the crime.
A Saudi appeals court is due this week to review the case of a biochemist and his female student sentenced to jail and flogging after a lower court ruled their research contact was a front for a telephone affair.

The man was sentenced to 8 months in prison and 600 lashes and his student to 4 months in prison and 350 lashes last November for establishing a phone relationship that led her to divorce her husband.

But such barbarous behavior doers not go with some hang wringing.
London-based Amnesty International says it will consider the two as prisoners of conscience if the verdicts are carried out.

Oh! Oh! The wahabists are in deep doo doo now.
"The charges ... do not correspond to recognisable criminal offences," the group said in a statement in April.

No Shiite!

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  • OOOOH if Women's Space heard this they've be all excited, why they have joined in with the Colonized mindset, the Jihadi 'feminists' of the 6th century,

    those 'women only spaces',


    Well, I can see why the extreme 'misandrous' feminists just LOVE Islam,

    Saudi takes that 'women's only space' a bit far just like the women's only space 'cadets' in the west like it. Of course,

    the real hilarious 'folly' of such idiots is, they haven't quite figured out how they will secure their women only 'lesbian fest' within Islam yet...


    maybe why they call it the 'margins', Margins is right, Way out in left la la land field.

    [women's space, the margins, is one of those rad feminists blogs that kicked me off for speaking up against Islam, you know, a feminist who doesn't see the liberation in Islam, duh, duh, gee I wonder, LOL, you know because the Christian and Jews are just as horrible to women,

    eh, maybe true to an extent, but, I've yet to walk down the street fearing 250 lashes from a Christian or Jew, for bearing an 'arm'.

    But believe it or not, this is One of those 'issues' that the Jihadi feminists, [wolves in sheeps clothing] lure the duped American and Western feminists in, that 'Protectionism' from the eyes and rapes of males,

    it never ceases to amaze me however the Stupidity in that logic,


    somehow escaped these colonized minds feminists in the West.!!!

    But now, phone calls, well, Saudi really does take it all the way don't they, I'm sure the rad fem women's only spaces are just thrilled about this, why, misandry can really thrive under such an environment--

    but, they are DELUDED enough to actually Think, that in Islam, they'll have these wonderful women's only spaces where they can have their 'lesbian fests'.

    This is the thinking of many in the far left feminist camp...

    I guess the rapes to 'cure' lesbians in these countries or forced marriages or hanging them by cranes escaped them too--oh, Thats right,

    thats just part of the 'ancient cultures',

    ROFL, but Hey, I'm sure you've heard, the Jihadi feminists, why, in Islam women can 'work',

    Sure, just not around phones eh?

    and not on computers either, latest from Iran, not only have they shut down women's human right blogs, its now, being passed that
    blogging is TREASON,

    not only in Islam is it,

    can't you hear me now, NO,

    its can you read me now, NO.

    Anyway, not only is WAMI working on rebuttal propaganda, WAMI came up with some great 'protest skits' of our own,

    including our own Medieval 'veils' to wear as counter protests, we think, if the apologists want Medieval,

    then by golly who are we to stop them. There is some awesome Christian head gear the women wore in the 6th-13th centuries, and the headgear then had these huge cone looking things,

    I think the next time we see en mass' protests of burka clad women, we should show up in the Medieval costumes head gear and all--and demand the chastity belts. [reason for--simply, sometimes to show the absurdity to Westerners, meaning absurdity of their apologetics, you sometimes have to give them what they demand]

    the Christian medieval looks were quite severe, it might be interesting to see how people would react to our demands to wear such--

    and if they protest, well, how xenophobic of them right?

    But hey, if they are going to be apologist and soft on Sharia--then, lets give them Medieval all the way, come up with a Medieval 'return to' force all of our own,

    put it this way, when the LDS compounds were all over the media the ACLU and the Left [far left] were all gung ho to protect that--self determination of 'religion',

    they seem to be attracted to anything that is remotely anti-west philosophy following the Reformation, so, why not appease them and rally for pre-Reformation Western life, LOL,

    at least, as a rebuttal of propaganda series, we can demand hunts for 'witches' including any woman that is a nurse or doctor [because healing then was seen as witchcraft in that epoch],

    we can demand for dungeons once more, we can demand for serfdom and kings, we can demand for strict rules between men and women, and we can demand for mandatory penance, chastity belts and the whole works, cone head burka veils and all,

    and the Hilariousness of it, if we had those guerrilla type of street-mall skits, the far left, the ACLU, the left feminists,

    would probably get in there and be all supportive...oh, we can demand the deaths too of any scientists or engineer that says the earth isn't flat.

    I'm serious, its one thing to blog and inform, but, there Is something to be said about radical protests, using absurdity to get a point across [but you have to do it with some seriousness],

    and Hey--after all, it Was our ancestors Culture. ;)

    Besides, if the Islamists want to throw us back into the dark ages, they didn't say, we couldn't go back to our Own dark ages,

    now did they?

    Seriously though, for those of you in the UK, the next time they have one of those stupid Sharia protests, you should show up across the street, wearing full Medieval gear, cone veils and all [and they are absolutely hilarious looking and they Do have websites on how you can make them, full costume and all],

    and then, hang up on big posters the Medieval laws and demand the governments go back to them...a rebuttal protest of sorts,

    humorous, silly, SURE, but, it WOULD GET PEOPLE TO THINK...

    and Thats the point.

    More on this strategy posted on WAMI throughout this month.

    Your leftist dissident,


    By Blogger Natasha, at 10:44 AM  

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