Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Storm Track Infiltration: UK Police Study Finds Muslims Turning to Jihad

Britain may be losing the battle for the hearts and minds of young Muslims a recent police study revealed.

The same old excuse was made – Muslims alienated form society. Of course we know why. Many of them refuse to play the multicultural game of all cultures are equal and do not assimilate into Britain’s society.

Increasing numbers have become so alienated from mainstream society that they could even lend their support to jihadi terrorism, the study claims.

The report was commissioned by the Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo) after last year's failed bomb attacks in London's West End and at Glasgow Airport.

In the most comprehensive research of its kind to date, Prof Martin Innes, of the Universities' Police Science Institute in Cardiff, led a team of researchers which carried out face-to-face and telephone interviews with more than 600 Muslims in London, Birmingham and Oldham.

The report, which is being distributed among senior officers, Whitehall officials and ministers, finds that:

• Anger and disaffection are "widespread in sections of Muslim youth".

• There is tacit support for extremist violence within sections of the Muslim community.

• Police need to do more to win the trust of Muslim communities if they are to tackle radicalisation.

• Many Muslims distrust police and are reluctant to inform on extremists, preferring to deal with problems inside their communities.

It concludes: "Increasing numbers of young Muslim people are becoming sufficiently disaffected with their lives in liberal-democratic-capitalist societies that they might be willing to support violent terrorism to articulate their disillusionment and disengagement."

Got that last quote in the report? The very freedom of the liberal-democratic-capitalist society that their immigrant parents yearned for seems to be a hindrance to their successful advancement in Britain’s multicultural society. Maybe because many try to impose their cultural values on non-Muslims and maybe their frustrated with the slow pace of Islamafication in the UK.

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  • Hey you do not know the half.
    In Dundee (North East Scotland) this week Muslim shopkeepers were reported as REFUSING to display a poster featuring a puppy German Shepherd being trained for Police duties - "on religious grounds" i.e DOGS are "ritually unclean" Tell them THAT in the slums of Hyderabad and Islamabad where sewage flowsd down the streets!

    I HAVE suggested that the Chief Constable checks whether or not these same shopkeepers sell alcohol and bacon!!! I'll BET MY SHIRT that they do!
    "Objections" ARE highly selective. If money is involved then no effing objections.

    I MAY now turn on THEM our stupid "race hate " laws. Enough really IS Fing enough and stupidity really DOES have a habit of rebounding (I hope).
    Personally, but I do NOT have the choice, Iwould repatriate them ALL

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:40 AM  

  • And oh. DO NOT FORGET that Muslim "businessmen" running poor corner shops and fish shops manage to buy TOP OF THE RANGE cars for their non working sons - as happened with one of the Tube bombers of 7/7.
    Are they REALLY paying their full taxes or are they defrauding the infidels as per the Qur'an?
    Where th F is the HMRC and the Government?
    I KNOW this happens because I HAVE, unlike many, seen accounts.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:51 AM  

  • "Britain may be losing the battle for the hearts and minds of young Muslims a recent police study revealed."

    They had to do a study to grasp this simple fact? Whatever it takes, I guess. Wake up western world to the "religion of peace" and all it's bloody atrocities.

    By Anonymous Watch Fitna, at 8:39 PM  

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