Monday, July 14, 2008

Storm Track Infiltration: Another Country Falls to Sharia Law

The island country of Comoros, in order to protect the morals of the county, are cracking down on "loose morals", prompting concern among women and intellectuals that the tiny Indian Ocean archipelago was poised to become a Sharia state

In the name of the preservation of "the Comoran identity", Minister for Islamic Affairs Mmadi Ali has spearheaded a drive to impose curbs on immodest clothing among women, the sale of alcohol and teenage parties.

"Wearing any clothing item which reveals intimate parts of the body or the sight of which can offend dignity is prohibited," said a ministerial decree issued in May.

The authorities have banned large festive gatherings such as birthday parties or end-of-year school bashes, arguing that they led to depraved behaviour among the country's youth.

Remember – there is no fun in Islam.

Ninety-eight percent of the 700,000 inhabitants in the Comoros' three islands are Muslims.

The archipelago was Islamised in the 12th century and was once a "federal Islamic republic", but has since been known to practice a tolerant form of Islam.

Doesn’t look like it will be tolerant anymore.

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