Friday, July 11, 2008

Storm Track Infiltration: American Children Indoctrinated Against Their Will

They’re called the "Karachi Kids". Who are they? American children taken against their will to Pakistan for indoctrination at a madrassa.

(Atlanta, GA - July 9, 2008) -- A Muslim father, a taxi driver in Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States on a green card, flew his American born-boys against their will to Saudi Arabia, and then to the a radical, Taliban-backed Jamia Binoria madrassa in Karachi, Pakistan with instructions to the head master for his sons to memorize the entire Koran before returning to America. This is their story.

Children in the documentary film "The Karachi Kids" describe beatings and human rights violations for those who reject the radical teachings of their Taliban masters. Children from California and Georgia are interviewed in the film from inside the madrassa and discuss coming back to the United States to spread extremism within our borders.

Check out the trailer.

Film producer Imran Raza, a Southern California native, discovered the children and captures on film the hard-core Islamic indoctrination and radical transformation of these kids. "American children are being indoctrinated by a radical and violent Islamic sect," Raza said. "Kids as young as five live in an Islamic version of the walled compound of religious radicals with little contact with their parents or any information not allowed inside the walls," Raza said. "I hope release of 'The Karachi Kids' will help end the abuse and sever the pipeline between Jihadists who want war on the values of freedom and American children who are being trained to spread radicalism back home.".

There are now, according to the founder of the madrassa, between 70 and 80 other American children at the Jamia Binoria madrassa - and more than 100 Americans have already graduated from this diet of 24/7 Koran.

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UPDATE: Two American children were escorted by the American consulate officers in Karachi, Pakistan Tuesday night Pakistan time and boarded a flight to Dubai, UAE and then boarded a direct flight to NYC, Noor Elahi Khan and Mahboob Elahi Khan are expected to arrive in Atlanta on a Delta flight this afternoon at 4:30 PM.

"I have been working for months to secure their exit from the Madrassa and from Pakistan," said Imran Raza, writer, director and executive producer of the Karachi Kids documentary. "This is great news, but we need to get the other American children out of there, now. There are nearly 80 other Americans currently at this Jamia Binoria madrassa -- that teaches Deobandism -- the religion of the Taliban. Our government, and the Pakistani government, has more work to do to get the other American children out of there."

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