Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Storm Track Disinformation: Ignore the Man Behind the Curtain, Infidel

Even when they try to put a happy moderate face on Islam, the political reality of Islam still shows up.

Who says that Islamists can't learn a trick or two from the West when they have to? Take a glance at the glossy brochure of Islam Expo - billed as Europe's “biggest Islamic cultural festival” - which ended at Olympia yesterday. You could be forgiven for thinking that you were looking at the catalogue for the forthcoming Boden sale that comes to the venerable London exhibition centre in a few weeks' time.

Visitors to Islam Expo would have witnessed such innocent activities as an Islamic arts and crafts workshop for under 12s, live Islamic storytelling performances and lute-playing and poetry recitals in the pomegranate and date gardens.

But behind the cultural soft power of Islam Expo, there is political hard power, and some of it comes in quite raw, unpalatable forms. The organisers gave floor space in the exhibition section to the genocidal regime in Sudan (festooned with pictures of happy-looking black Africans) and to the “Cultural Section” of the Iranian Embassy (representing an aspirant genocidal regime) and the Algerian junta (no spring picnic on human rights).

This perhaps becomes less surprising when one examines some of the directors of Islam Expo. All oppose al-Qaeda violence, but they are anything but moderate Muslims. They include Azzam Tamimi, a supporter of Hamas suicide bombings in Israel and an admirer of Ayatollah Khomeini; and Ismail Adam Patel, who believes that women in the West who are raped share responsibility with their attackers.

And right on the heels of this …

Douglas Murray is a brilliant British writer and advocate for truth and justice. Being very effective at what he does he has been branded an enemy of British Muslims who want to impose Sharia Law on British society.

Murray has established a record of being willing to debate his opponents in public forums. You may remember that he partnered with Daniel Pipes in a debate with then London Mayor and Sharia apologist Ken Livingstone and a Muslim partner. So when he received an invitation to attend London's Islamic Expo which is sponsored by Muslim Brotherhood types he accepted (even though the deck was sacked against him.)

Now Murray has decided to withdraw because some of the Muslims involved in the Expo are trying to shut down a blog Harry's Place that has reported the truth about the radical Muslim community in the United Kingdom. They are using the British courts to silence their critics. You can help defend Harry" place here.

Still believe in that small majority of radicals that are trying to hijack the religion of peace? Perhaps it’s the other way around. There’s a small minority of moderate Muslims.

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