Monday, July 28, 2008

I Had a Dream

I had a dream a few days ago that I was living in the Soviet Union and reading the current edition of Pravda. You know, the mouthpiece of the Communist Party whose headlines and stories were laughed at on a daily basis by anyone with half a brain recognizing the stories as pure propaganda.

There were some, communists, socialist and the ‘better red than dead’ crowd who swallowed the lies and disinformation of the party line hook line and sinker – traitors at best, utter cowards at worst, during the Cold War.

Anyway, I realized that I wasn’t dreaming. That there was such a mouthpiece, or mouthpieces, in this country that advanced the party line. The mouthpieces here are the main stream media and the party is the Democratic Party. Just look at the entourage of network anchors that followed his holiness Obama on his crusade trough Europe and the middle-east. Or the NYT’s refusal to print John McCain’s editorial.

Day in and day out the main stream media on this country, in arrogance and utter shamelessness, preaches the party line of the Democrats. The money and media captured by the far left socialist, anti-Americans crowd have no fear that they can influence the minds of the voter in this country.

And in reality, that’s what this election in November is all about.

This election will not be a test between Democrats vs Republicans. This election will not be a test between conservatives vs liberals or capitalism vs socialism.

No. This election will be a test of the voter’s self-worth and intelligence. For you see the money and media machine of the far Left holds the voters in contempt. They believe that the voter is stupid and won’t recognize the attempts of the media and money Left at forcing the party line down the voter’s throats. The money and media Left has no respect for the mind nor the self-respect of the voters. They believe the American voter will not see through the charade of media and money that the Left has successfully combined as their last great hope to bring America into the ‘progressive’ century.

Two cases in point.

Newsweek did a review of the History Channel’s new line up of risky jobs like Ax Men, Ice Road Truckers, and Dangerous Catch. The review by the woman cited the high risks these jobs entitled AND the large amount of many the people make who work in these dangerous and risky professions.

Of course, once the issue of money is raised to a Leftard, they can hardly contain themselves. The History Channel’s review took on a liberal biased rant from there. The reviewer said in so many words “Wanna do a risky job? How about a single mother working at minimum wage with no health insurance.

Nuts, huh? This tripe in a review of a TV show.

Or how about this one. The Federal minimum wage has been raised – the second of three parts as voted for by Congress. Good news right?

Wrong. Bad news according to the party line. You see, the raise has been eaten up by the rise in fuel and food prices – also a result of rising fuel prices due to lack of drilling and the liberal plan to turn food into fuel.

In keeping with their normal operating procedure, Associated Press went out looking for a likely victim of this plot to destroy the middle class and finds a young man working in a car wash at minimum wage. He says that the raise in wages doesn’t help him support – now get this – his 7 children and his fiancé!

This is reported by the AP with a straight face with no consideration of how the young man got himself into the position of supporting 7 kids while being unmarried. Could the the man have made poor life decisions just like the unmarried working mother who couldn’t afford health insurance?

Liberals have this annoying habit of starting with the effect of a problem and thinking it’s a cause without considering the ‘victims’ contribution to his or her plight. They hope they can play on the supposed ignorance of the American voter to support the Leftist plan to make everyone a victim so they can step and in and help by taking our money and give it to those who don’t deserve it.

But that’s the party line supported by the main stream media party mouthpieces.

Will Americans see through the charade? Will they see the money and media Leftist strategy for what it is – an insult to their intelligence and self-respect? Will they vote the direct opposite of what the money and media wants them to in direct protest of the Leftist elite who hold them in such contempt?

We’ll know in about 100 days.

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