Thursday, June 05, 2008

Winds of War: Cutting Off Muslim Air Supply

One of the interesting effects of programs to reverse the tide of illegal immigration in some Border States is to pass laws that prevent illegals from acquiring free social services. In addition, some Border States like Arizona passed laws that would fine employers who knowingly hire illegal aliens.

The result of these programs was the voluntary leaving of illegal aliens because those States have ‘cut off their air supply’.

Such a strategy seems to working in Australia for Muslims.

MUSLIMS are quitting regional Victoria by the dozens because there is nowhere for them to pray. Many are abandoning regional centres just weeks after they arrive because there are no mosques within hundreds of kilometres of their new homes.

About 30 Muslim workers have recently left Warrnambool because the nearest mosque is in Geelong- almost 200km away.

The Islamic Council of Victoria said rural towns would suffer if they didn't start providing devout Muslims with places of worship.

Oh, really? And what kind of suffering would that be? I guess they are hinting at the need to employees. But they probably want to take a pass on employees that won’t handle pork or alcohol in the checkout line, or scrub down with alcohol in the hospitals or have prayers blasted 5 times a day from their mosques.

Warrnambool Muslim community leader Mohamed Khanyari said about 30 workers he had encouraged to move to the state's west last year had already returned to Melbourne because the area has no mosque.

Mr Khanyari said plans to bring more migrant workers to the area would fail if a place of worship was not built soon.

Wait a minute. Why would Khanyari encourage Muslims to leave a large city like Melbourne to be out in the boonies? Or is this the next step of spreading the religion of peace.

"I am already bringing people here to work, but they just cannot stay, because they are very religious people and they must have somewhere to pray,'' Mr Khanyari said.

Catch that. Very religious. Read we’re gonna work to have you adapt to our ways instead of visa versa like very religious Muslims have done around the world.

Let’s call this the soft anti-jihad.

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