Sunday, June 08, 2008

Storm Track Intimidation: There Just Ain’t No Justice for Women in Islam

For your everyday terrorist, it’s good to have the support of your mission by your woman. But that support goes only so far.

You see, those woman who hold the ideology of al-Qaeda are good enough for slavery but not good enough to kill for their enslavement of a 7th century religion.

CAIRO, Egypt (AP) - Muslim extremist women are challenging al-Qaida's refusal to include—or at least acknowledge—women in its ranks, in an emotional debate that gives rare insight into the gender conflicts lurking beneath one of the strictest strains of Islam.

In response to a female questioner, al-Qaida No. 2 leader Ayman Al- Zawahri said in April that the terrorist group does not have women. A woman's role, he said on the Internet audio recording, is limited to caring for the homes and children of al-Qaida fighters.

Read baby makers. Isn’t that what the Nazis demanded of their women?

His remarks have since prompted an outcry from fundamentalist women, who are fighting or pleading for the right to be terrorists.

"How many times have I wished I were a man ... When Sheikh Ayman al- Zawahri said there are no women in al-Qaida, he saddened and hurt me," wrote "Companion of Weapons," who said she listened to the speech 10 times. "I felt that my heart was about to explode in my chest...I am powerless."

Powerless? Welcome to Islam, babe.

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  • "..I am powerless"
    You mean the backpack is not a human-conscience generator?

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