Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Storm Track Intimidation: Another Example of Islamic Tolerance

And you wonder why there are so few moderates or, at least, those few who dare to speak out.

When moderate Muslims rallied for religious tolerance in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta, they were met with the intolerance of the Islamists.

About 100 members of the National Alliance for Religious and Faith Freedom gathered in central Jakarta to rally against a possible government ban on the minority Ahmadiyah sect, deemed deviant by religious authorities.

About 500 members of the hardline Front for the Defenders of Islam infiltrated the protest, attacking demonstrators with batons until about 50 policemen intervened.

The Ahmadiyah group, which has around 200,000 followers in Indonesia and has been in the country since the 1920s, believes Mohammad was not the final prophet, contradicting a central tenet of Islam.

Well, that deserves a beating right there. Allah forbid that Muslims show some tolerance for those that disagree with them.

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