Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Storm Track … Insensitivity or Stupidity!

Is this some kind of sick joke? Or can the Left not get enough of portraying Muslims as misunderstood peaceful people only trying to get by.

This month, PBS has started airing "On a Wing and a Prayer: An American Muslim Learns to Fly".

After viewing this, I can assuredly state that it is a blatant attempt to whitewash the past and potential future efforts of jihadis to learn to fly airplanes. Unity Productions Foundation, a purveyor of Mohamedan disinformation, is responsible for this blatant piece of Islamic propaganda. The useful idiots at PBS kowtowed like willing dhimmis to these Islamists. Even more offensive is the use of U.S. taxpayers' money to broadcast a puff-piece extolling the virtues of a Mohamedan in the U.S. learning to fly interspersed with attempts to portray the subject of the film, and Mohamedans in general, as blameless victims of horrible discrimination by Americans.

The story proceeds like this: Monem, a open adherent of the alleged "Religion of Peace", has a yearning to learn to fly airplanes. He applied to one of the two flight schools in Bellingham to take courses. The school with the newer planes and facilities received his application but never contacted him months after he applied. So he applied to the other flight school in town which accepted him. After he applied to the second school, Bellingham Aero Flight School, F.B. I. agents unjustifiably arrived at the school to ask questions about Monem and the flight school. Poor little Monem is angry and confused about the F.B.I. snooping around when he wants to learn how to fly. After all, there's never been ANY problems resulting from Mohamedans learning how to airplanes in the U.S., right?

Anyway, between shots of Monem learning to fly, there are other poignant images of his professional life. He is criss-crossing the country on "business", meeting with various other Mohamedans. One of these is Osama DeLorenzo, an obvious Hispanic man who converted to Islam. Osama complains about some American clients not wanting to deal with someone named Osama. (Anyone wonder why? No one (in)famous with the same first name was ever mentioned in the documentary.) Just for a basis of comparison, I was hoping the film's creators would compare Osama's struggles to stay in business with the proudly overt Nazi named Adolf, the owner of a kosher deli, who also inexplicably has experienced a lack of customers. Alas, no such segment was included in the film.

Read it all at Defeat Islam!

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