Monday, June 30, 2008

Storm Track Infiltration: 1000 Honor Killings in Turkey

The argument goes that honor killings in Islam is a cultural thing – not a religious one. Then explain why it’s done not only by Arabs but also Pakistanis, Persians – and even Turks.

Quite a coincidence, huh? Has nothing to do with the religion of peace except they are all Muslims.

The Prime Ministry's Human Rights Directorate issued a report on “honor killings,” which contains discouraging findings, daily Radikal reported Friday.

In Istanbul, at least one person dies every week because of honor killings according to the report, which is the most comprehensive in its field. The number of murders committed for honor in the last five years has exceeded 1,000. The murderers are treated as heroes in prisons and they do not regret their crimes.

Yeah. A cultural thing.

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  • "The murderers are treated as heroes in prisons and they do not regret their crimes."

    This is the sad fact with terrorist islamo-fascist freaks. You can not reason with them. If you murder for islam, you're a hero.

    You can not sit down and discuss things like human beings. islam is still based on violence and bloodshed now, as surely as it was centuries ago.

    The terrorist scum love murder and hate peace ... well, they hate just about everything actually. The 'religion of peace' murders innocent people every day and never gets it's fill.

    By Anonymous Brent, at 8:47 PM  

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