Thursday, June 19, 2008

Liberals – Stuck on Stupid – Again!

Shield your eyes! Code Pink flashes their breast for peace.

On Friday members of Code Pink and Breasts Not Bombs bared their breasts to passing vehicles and pedestrians in front of the Marine Recruitment Center at Shattuck Square in what members said was a protest against the true indecencies in American society.

Oh man! And we’re really talking indecency here.

"We do not abide by your definitions of decency," said Sherry Glaser, the founder of Breasts Not Bombs, the protest group that bares their breasts against the war.

I love it when loony liberals actually admit their lack of morals.

For the duration of the protest, Berkeley police officers stood positioned around the demonstrators, surrounding the group of about 20 women and a handful of men on three sides. As soon as the women disrobed, the police ordered the women to put their clothes back on.

"Being nude in public is against the law in Berkeley. Please put your clothes back on or you will be cited," said a police officer to the protesters.

Really? I thought very little was against the law in Berkeley.

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