Monday, June 16, 2008

Dateline Pakistan: The Soul of Islam

One can make excuses the extremes of Islam are based on the Arabic culture and it’s that culture that create the extreme behaviors and rules that we see in Islam today.

But that’s’ not true. Pakistan, which is not an Arab country by a long shot, follows the more despicable forms of Islam because of the religion of Islam itself.

Here are two examples.

First: LAHORE: A man clubbed his sister to death on Saturday over honour in Johar Town. Township police station duty officer Muhammad Arshad said Haleema, a resident of Johar Town had an affair with a neighbour. He said her brother, Muhammad Ashraf, had forced her to bring an end to her relationship, but she refused. On Saturday when Ashraf returned home, he found Haleema talking with the neighbour on the phone. Ashraf got furious and bludgeoned her with the leg of a wooden chair.

Second: Pakistani women victims of 'honor'. Acid attacks, kerosene burnings not uncommon as crisis widens.

It’s not the culture - it’s the religion.

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  • I think at this point we can stop calling Islam a religion, which only misleads people as to its true nature. At a minimum it is a misogynistic totalitarian ideology which cloaks itself within religious doctrine in order to hide its true goal of world domination. Even Muslims will tell us that Islam is a total lifestyle with religious, political, and personal aspects. The culture is formed from following the ideology - they can't be separated.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:38 PM  

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