Sunday, May 11, 2008

Winds of War: This is How You Fight the Jihadists

In the Islamist strategy to overthrow a non-Muslim country, mosques are outposts, forts so to speak, where they can recruit, indoctrinate, plan attacks and dissemination disinformation to meet their radical agenda.

They also have been found to contain weapons.

So what do you do about it? They know how to deal with it in Iraq.

In Basra, the Iraqi army blew up a Shia mosque housing the main headquarters of Thaarallah party, witnesses told Deutsche Presse- Agentur dpa.

The Iraqi army ordered local residents living close to the mosque in Nuab al-Dubat to keep away while it blew up the mosque, the witnesses said.

Security officials told the Voices of Iraq news agency that the destruction of the mosque came after troops found weapons and explosives there.

And this is from fellow Muslims. Why don’t we get the hint?

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