Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Storm Track Intimidation: Halal vs Vegetarian – What’s the Difference?

Islamists will take every chance to embarrass kafirs and put them in their place even when they are doing nothing wrong.

The newest episode of Islamic intimidation took place at the 2020 Summit in Australia. And like good little dhimmis, they bowed to their masters.

AN embarrassed Kevin Rudd has been forced to apologise to Muslim delegates at this month's 2020 Summit because their religious dietary needs were ignored by caterers who could not tell the difference between halal and vegetarian food.

In the absence of halal food - prepared in accordance to Sharia dietary laws - the Islamic delegates were forced to eat "salad sandwiches and vegetarian pies".

Prominent Muslim leader Fadi Rahman, who attended the two-day conference a fortnight ago, yesterday attacked summit organisers for failing to make halal food available for Islamic delegates.

He said the event's catering manager could not distinguish between halal food - where animals, excluding pigs, are killed under religious supervision for hygienic and humanitarian reasons - and vegetarian food.

"They just thought to themselves vegetarian will do, that's halal and that's it, eat it," he said.

"But we said, 'No, vegetarian is not halal. Vegetarian is vegetarian. Halal food is totally different, shouldn't you guys have done your homework?'

"The management of the catering company came to us and he was almost crying in front of us about how sorry he was," he said.

"He was apologising throughout the whole weekend."

But was it really a gaffe? Tizona’s Web Log doesn’t think so.

The claims about what is “halal” or not are out and out lies. These bastards just lurv to have ignorant kafirs grovelling at their feet on any pretext. Especially when they can fool a PM into it as well. Bet they’re wetting their pants laughing.

I’ve organised many functions and events, massive, large, medium, small and mini, and so have had to ensure that the caterers provided kosher and “halal” meals on various occasions. Vegetarian is just fine. “Halal” refers to the method of killing beef, goats etc., not the method of general food preparation.

The more these people are appeased, the higher and wider the definition of “halal” grows. First, it expanded to claim that “haram” and “halal” food could not be touched by the same utensils, then couldn’t be stored in the same cupboards/fridges and then again, not even be in the same kitchen (that’s why all meals served at Port Hedland hospital are “halal”). Now they’re claiming the method any food preparation must be according to their latest, ever-elastic definition of “halal”.

And those fools in Canberra just keep falling for every new, outlandish claim.

What do you think? Case of kafir stupidity or kafir submission?

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  • "In the absence of halal food - prepared in accordance to Sharia dietary laws - the Islamic delegates were forced to eat "salad sandwiches and vegetarian pies"."

    Forced to eat? Like with violence? Or like a guest being given free food that their religion does forbid and is of no insult in anyway? What kind of "summit" requires the invitation of such twits.

    By Blogger Snake Oil Baron, at 6:02 PM  

  • Let them starve then. I've had to cater kosher events, it was no problem, veggan events, again no problem. Tell them I'm sorry, but this is all we have.

    By Blogger Findalis, at 6:56 PM  

  • "He was apologising throughout the whole weekend."

    In other words, groveling.

    By Blogger Always On Watch, at 5:55 AM  

  • They should have served them "roo steaks". Thing is, they keep jumping off the plates.

    By Blogger Rebel Radius, at 12:27 AM  

  • let the fuckers starve! they dont deserve an apple!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:14 AM  

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