Thursday, May 15, 2008

Storm Track Infiltration: Sleeping With the Enemy

It goes without saying that our troops fighting in the middle-east should learn Arabic. But is this the place to do it? Hat tip to Cinnamon Stillwell.

According to the Mount Vernon Gazette, twenty-two soldiers from Fort Belvoir in Fairfax, Virginia just graduated from the nearby Islamic Saudi Academy's "Arabic as a Second Language" program, where they also learned about "Middle Eastern culture and traditions."

Language and traditions. OK. But what traditions did they learn?

While this would sound fairly harmless on the surface (and Arabic language instruction is certainly needed in the U.S. military), it turns out this school has Wahhabi skeletons in its closet. This would be the same Islamic Saudi Academy (ISA) that came under scrutiny last year over its Saudi-produced textbooks.

Looking back to February 2005, ISA's valedictorian in 1999, Ahmed Omar Abu Ali, was indicted on terrorism charges or, more specifically, a plot to assassinate the president. The case prompted New York Senator Charles Schumer to issue a press release questioning whether ISA was "another madrassa" and to send letters to Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan and then-U.S. Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales expressing his concerns.

One has to wonder why no one in the Department of Defense or any other position of leadership in the military saw fit to check into ISA's background before entering into this cozy "partnership," or if they did, why there were no objections. Could it be that the "infiltration" author Paul Sperry details in his book of that same name extends to the upper echelons of the military? In this day and age of ever-expanding Saudi and Gulf influence, it certainly wouldn't be surprising.

Read the rest here. It will open your eyes.

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