Saturday, May 31, 2008

Storm Track Infiltration: Islamic Infiltration Right Under Our Noses

With the help of Time Warner Cable, Islam is being broadcast throughout New York and the surrounding area through an Arabic Channel known as TAC. The target audience is 14-35 year old upscale Muslim males.

A potential audience of one million Arab-speaking cable subscribers of Time Warner in the greater New York area can feast on the Arabic Channel known as TAC to choose a menu that includes:

  • A daily dose of Islamic jurisprudence from a sheik — most often Egyptian Amr Khaled, who wears a suit instead of a robe, advocating “peaceful jihad.” He opines on how it is the duty of Arab-Americans to become first, second, and always members of the Muslim ummah. The softness of his jihad-chic demeanor belies its exclusionary message: segregation of Arab-American Muslims from fellow Americans.
  • TAC also serves a nightly diet of Syrian TV News, direct from Damascus with Syria’s view of the world. In this diatribe of analysis and disinformation, Iraq is an American butchery, the Zionist regime of Israel is destined for obliteration, and Syria is the greatest gift to the “Arab cause.”
  • For entertainment there is a sprinkling of pseudo-historic soap operas about the old Muslim empire of Europe. In Ramadan, the month-long fasting period, this proselytizing is revved up to new levels of intensity, removing footage of belly dancing and other “infidel” joys from the steady fare of old Egyptian movies.

So, if some radio station in World War II advocated German-American citizens to be good little Bundists first and Americans second, how long do you think that station would stay on the air?

What size of a house needs to fall on the American public before they see that radical Muslims are telling us with a straight face exactly what they are and plan to do?

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  • And Bridges TV, too.

    About the TV mentioned in this posting:

    Recently, The Arabic Channel began broadcasting over Telstar 5 across North America. The Arabic Channel endeavors to present to its viewers the best in entertainment from the 22 Arabic nations in the Mediterranean Basin.

    Beheadings? Stonings?

    By Blogger Always On Watch, at 8:43 AM  

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