Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Storm Track Disinformation: It’s Christians After All

Who would have thunk it! It was the radical Christians after all!

According to Islam Online, radical Christians are penetrating Britain. What is to become of that poor migrant inundated country?

CAIRO — From education to civil rights to public policy, radical Christian groups are making inroads and influencing every aspect of live in Britain with their hardline agenda, according to a new channel 4 documentary.

"With the nation focused on the perceived threat from radical Islam, I am interested to know if a less apparent form of radical religious belief is gaining ground," filmmaker David Modell wrote in the Sunday Telegraph on May 18.

"It is."

Ready Channel 4? Bend over, grab ankles and insert head in ass!

Modell's documentary, In God's Name, which will be broadcast on Channel 4 on Monday, May 19, exposes the growth and influence of Christian fundamentalists in Britain, a pattern similar to a trend in the US.

"These radical Christian groups are not in America – they are here and are aiming to change the laws of our land.

Pass the puke bag, please.

"The aim of these groups is to spread a fundamentalist form of Christianity," says Modell, a Bafta-winner and a famed photographer.

"Like most fundamentalist movements, the ultimate aim is a society built on their rigid belief system."

Speaking of an ultimate aim is for society built on a rigid belief system, has this loon noticed how his country is quickly becoming Islamocized?

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