Monday, May 26, 2008

Storm Track Disinformation: Churchill Responsible for Hitler

I really believe the world is going out of its mind.

We know that one of the principles of the anti-war Left is that by fighting our enemies, only emboldens them. That’s the swan song of the anti-war Left.

Or is it a song of the loon?

But not to novelist Nicholson Baker. His latest venture into nonfiction, "Human Smoke," maintains that that Churchill's bellicose actions and Roosevelt's eagerness to supply Britain with ships and planes served only to prop up Hitler's standing with the German people and strengthen his hold on the country.

Yep – unbelievable loony.

Even the staunchest opponents of the wars in Vietnam and Iraq are loathe to take issue with World War II, the quintessential conflict between good and evil that became the model of a morally just war that saved civilization.

So it's no surprise that novelist Nicholson Baker's latest venture into nonfiction, "Human Smoke," has stirred up strong feelings. After all, he questions the popular notion of the just war and indicates that Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt share blame with Adolf Hitler in setting the stage for the deadliest and most destructive war in history.

Are UFOs dropping these people?

Baker said he was surprised and shocked at the way Churchill responded to Hitler's attacks on Poland and other neighboring states by launching a relentless bombing campaign against German cities as well as a blockade that was designed to starve the enemy into submission.

"He was acting like a bloodthirsty maniac during that period. That has to go back on the record in all of its unpleasantness. We can't learn from a hero like that. It's a mistake to say that because Hitler was bad, we have to clean up the image of Churchill. Churchill was also bad.

Right, And Tojo was correct to bomb Pearl Harbor because we stopped shipments of strategic materials to Japan for the 1937–1938 Nanking Massacre to name was example.

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  • WC,
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but Britain didn't attack Germany directly, until after Germany began bombing Britain.

    As I understand it, Britain did deploy troops, and attack a French fleet (so that Germany couldn't seize it), but Britain did not actually begin bombing Germany until a few weeks after Germany began bombing English cities.

    It seems to me Nicholas Baker's understanding of history is so incomplete that he doesn't even begin to have the right to have an opinion.

    By Blogger Pastorius, at 7:58 AM  

  • Pastorius

    You are entirely correct. Britain didn't bomb Berlin until after a wayward German bomber dropped bombs on London one night. Then and only then did Britain bomb Berlin.

    Of course, Germany was bombing Britain's military targets before that hoping to destroy the RAF prior to Germany's planned invasion - and came damn close to destroying the RAF.

    By Blogger WC, at 8:30 AM  

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