Monday, May 05, 2008

Storm Track Appeasement: Arrested? Swear On A Koran and Go Free

I wonder just how much lower the appeasers in Britain will go. Here’s a good one. You beat your wife according Shari’a law, you’re caught and arrested.

What do you do in Britain?

Promise not to do it again and you get off with a warning. Hat Tip to Weasel Zippers.

A MAN who assaulted his wife told a court how he had called on his mosque elders to help sort out his marriage difficulties.

Mohammed Ashraf Adam told Hyndburn magistrates he had stood in front of the elders and his wife, had taken the Koran in his hand and pledged never to hit his wife again. And defence solicitor Roger Pickles said his client was well aware that if he ever broke his promise the Mosque would come down on him "like a ton of bricks".

OOOO… I’m scared now. If you believe that I have a bridge in Brooklyn you might be interested in buying.

He was made subject to community supervision for 24 months with a condition he attends the domestic violence programme and pay £250 compensation and £150 costs.

Adam told the court how he had gone before the Mosque committee and confessed what he had done before telling his wife, in the presence of the elders, that he would never hit her again.

"I turned to the elders for help because it is in the Koran that a man cannot hit his wife."

HUH ???!!!

The poor man believes his own taquia.

And speaking of taquia, it seems Muslims 4 Ken is distraught over some campaign tactics that are being used in the London Mayoral election.

Ken Livingstone supporters are claiming that Boris Johnson would ban the Koran in adverts in the capital's Bengali-language press. The claim is one of a number of last-minute tactics - condemned by Mr Johnson today as "poison" and "desperate" - being used by Mr Livingstone's backers to sway crucial votes.

The "dirty tricks" were uncovered in a Standard investigation which also found that:

Bengali-language leaflets are being handed out at mosques saying that Mr Johnson "hates Muslims" and it is a "moral duty" for Muslims to support Mr Livingstone.

Moral duty?

The Bengali-language leaflet, a copy of which has been obtained by the Standard, was handed out at Friday prayers last week at mosques in Brick Lane and other Bengali parts of the East End. According to an independent translation, it says: "Boris has expressed his hatred against Islam, the Koran and the Muslims... It is Muslims' moral duty to support Ken." The other side of the leaflet is in English. It carries a less incendiary message and makes no attacks on Mr Johnson.

The leaflet was produced by the British Muslim Initiative, whose offshoot, Muslims 4 Ken, was recently exposed by the Standard as involving a declared supporter of suicide bombing. It carries no imprint for a printer as required by electoral law.

Not surprised. I wonder if good ol’ dhimmi Ken realized when his compatriots come to power, he will lose his head over it.

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