Monday, April 14, 2008

Storm Track Disinformation: How to Cut Down On Honor Murders

How do we cut down on honor murders in the West? According to some people, you do whatever it takes to keep the girls from dishonoring their families so that their families do not have to honor-murder them.

The solution comes from that great pillar of bigoted journalism called the New York Times. It’s no secret that they love to fawn over Muslims and Islam. Blind to the infiltration of political Islam into our country, they recently ballyhooed the proliferation of Islamic home schooling.

In the process, they came up with the solution to honor killings in the Muslim community – make the girls stop what they are being murdered for and you will get Islamic peace.

According to the New York Times, “home schooling” the girls in America, re-creating a feudal, rural, parallel universe in California in which girls and women are kept hidden and apart, is the sensible, merciful alternative to honor murders in The New World.

Now why didn’t we think of that? Keep them locked up and they can’t do anything that would ‘dishonor’ their family and get them killed.

At a time when Islamists are at full jihadic throttle, the New York Times features a mild and lovely — a truly non-judgmental article about the proliferation of home schooling among Muslim communities in America.

How can anyone criticize home schooling? It’s a venerable, Super-American Back-to-the-Land and Back-to-the-Bible custom. Well, according to the article, this folksy custom might be under serious advisement since Osama Bin Laden’s American mouthpiece, Adam Gadahn, was himself home schooled in rural California.

So, why is the New York Times making so subtle and so powerful an alliance with Islamists against women?

The way propaganda works is through persistence, subtlety, and images. Every week, sometimes every day, the Times has a Muslim- or Islamist-friendly article, usually with positive color photos. The Paper of Record knows how to cover its considerable derriere. Thus, it is careful to have comments from “both sides of the aisle” as long as the critical comments are buried-in-the-balance and do not deflect from the bottom line propaganda having its way with us.

Ian Buruma writes an article that is so cleverly cobbled together than most readers do not understand that it is meant as a devastating attack on the heroic Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Tariq Ramadan, the genetic and intellectual heir to the man who founded the Muslim Brotherhood is, again and again, glowingly profiled, reviewed, published, and shown wearing trendy western dress. Noah Feldman continues to condemn Orthodox Judaism and to extol the virtues of Muslim religious (Shari’a) law, not only for Turkey but for an unsuspecting West. Young, attractive women wearing headscarves are shown and they are quoted saying sophisticated, friendly things.

Steadily, slowly, inexorably, Western readers are being softened for the “kill,” seasoned and habituated to accept the subordination of women as an inviolate cultural and religious reality.

In other words – the softening up of the free world as a prelude to war.

Take a look at the March 26th edition of the New York Times. Titled “Resolute or Fearful, Many Muslims Turn to Home Schooling,” the article was five columns wide and featured two sympathetic color photos.

The article explains that many Muslim families in California have opted for home schooling for their daughters; forty percent of Pakistani and southeast Asian families “in the district” have done so. Why? Many possible reasons are given: So that Muslim children will not be teased or mocked; exposed to pork; “corrupted” by American influences — but mainly, so that their girls do not engage in behaviors that would “dishonor” their families and require that they be honor murdered.

For example, Hajra Bibi stopped attending public school and began home schooling when she reached puberty. "Her family wanted her to clean and cook for her male relatives . . . 'Some men don’t like it when you wear American clothes — they don’t think it is a good thing for girls . . . We don’t want anyone to point a finger at us, to say that we are bad.'"

And bad in the fundamentalist Muslim world means you’re dead.

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  • Are they really in their senses proposing this???

    I can't really understand anything.. :( How can you say instead of "stop killing your daughter for using a miniskirt", stop "wearing miniskirts" and close yourself up?

    And this people are the ones who defend equality of rights for women???¡¡

    Tomorrow I'll link this.. My goodness... We are in deep shit... :(

    By Blogger Nora, at 4:30 AM  

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