Sunday, March 30, 2008

Storm Track Infiltration: Thank You for the Check – I Kill You!

What do you get when you mix the stupidity of multiculturalism with political correctness and an appeasing heart?

You get kicked in the lower nether regions.

A FANATICAL preacher of hate has been recorded urging impressionable young British Muslims to go to WAR against our troops.

By the way – did I say that he and his family are collecting $50,000 a year in welfare payments from the filthy infidels?

Now Choudary —who once called for the Pope to be executed and described the September 11 hijackers as "magnificent martyrs" — could face arrest under anti-terror laws for his evil ranting on the tape, which was passed to the News of the World.

After hearing his latest inflammatory remarks, terror experts asked: "What more does this man need to do before he is locked up?"

Now that’s a good question? So how did readers respond to the article when asked if hate preachers should have their benefits cut?

  • Read the Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire...they let barbarians into Roman territority to increase thier power and the size of thier army. Problem was...these people were not loyal to Rome. They gladly took the benefits of being a Roman citizen and tried to destroy the country from within. This is happening in England,America, France(who cares they have surrendered to every one in history anyway). We were all nations conceived and built under the flag of Democracy and Christianity.
  • Well well what a public outcry. Finally it is in your face of the Brits. Can you all stop being so polite and get your act together and sent this man with his family and followers to place of origin. Preferable by aircraft and let them parachute above their home country.
  • Its a pretty stupid question really, they preach hate and talk about what they are going to do and who they are going to kill and they still get paid for it!!!
  • Mabe if some important members of this country would have the guts to stand up to these kind of people then it wouldnt be so bad!
  • So back to my point, NO they damn well shouldnt get benefits!
  • No,don't cut his benifits,cut his throat!

Of course their always a dhimmi around when you need ‘em.

  • Why is everyone so anti-muslim?

That such a question should even be raised in today’s Britain is beyond me.

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