Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Storm Track Infiltration: The Resistance to Islamo-Bullying is Building

"A MAJOR police alert was sparked after up to 40 Hungarian and Pakistani yobs brandishing machetes and knives clashed in Ravensthorpe. Tensions boiled over in the multi-racial community on Tuesday night amid claims that an Asian girl was "touched" by the Hungarians."

Hat tip to Up Pompii who writes Has Street Warfare Begun?

It looks like the throngs of Eastern European immigrants that have recently arrived both legally and illegally in the UK may be the flashpoint of what many feel will be street warfare against muslims trying to enforce their Sharia Law in Great Britain.

Apparently these Hungarian men decided they were not going to cowtow to muslims nor being punished for an action that in western countries is everyday normal behaviour - talking to a young woman.

Muslim men need to wake up and smell the Western world that they have chosen to live in. Great Britain IS not a muslim nation (yet) though it seems that the British government, multiculturalists and muslim leaders are trying hard to make it so.

Fears that violence may escalate again are justified as it is not just the Hungarians who are fed up with the overbearing, whining, demanding and vindictive muslim presence in Great Britain.

Has IT begun?

If not sooner it will be later. The average citizen in the UK and in Europe is just about fed up with the demands of Muslims who see themselves as a privileged class that should be cow-towed to. But instead their leaders hold this kind of dhimmi position.

The West is looking for more justification of the war on terror. Simply because, when you provoke Muslims by insulting their most respected person, you will expect them to demonstrate either peacefully or violently. The moment they rise up to condemn such, they be branded extremists and terrorist. This is exactly what the West said: “The message of the cartoons was, at least in part, about how Muslims resort to violence and terror as part of their religious reactions to events, and this is precisely what we saw in their reaction to the cartoons.”

Isn’t that the point? For them, like every other religion that’s maligned in the name of free speech, to protest peacefully. When they do so violently it just proves their extremist views.

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