Thursday, February 21, 2008

Storm Track Infiltration: Islamic Prayer Tower Rises Over St. Louis

We have problems right here in River City – eh, South St. Louis, that is. That’s right; St. Louis has joined the ranks of Bern, Switzerland and smack in the center of America’s heartland rises an Islamic prayer tower that will blast through its loud speakers, several times a day, calling the Muslim faithful to prayer. Hat tip to Weasel Zipper.

In the last decade 50,000 Bosnians have moved to St. Louis and many to the South City Bevo Mill neighborhood. St. Louis today is thought to hold the largest Bosnian population in the nation. So to make the local Bosnians feel more at home the local Islamic Center is putting up a prayer tower in the formerly Dutch and currently Bosniak neighborhood of Bevo Mill, according to blogger Republican Riot. From this tower the call to prayer is to be broadcast several times a day.

Those calls to prayers ought to go over really well with the people of this South St. Louis neighborhood.

The imam says there will be no loud speakers on the minaret at this time.

Or at least until the uproar subsides and Americans go back to watching American Idol.

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