Saturday, February 16, 2008

Storm Track Disinformation: Imam’s Invocation Call to Terrorism

We still haven’t learned. Get a moderate Imam to give an invocation and they either belittle the infidel or worse….

A Muslim imam's opening-day prayer at the Iowa Legislature has sparked controversy over statements he made. They're statements that at least one northwest Iowa lawmaker says are like a "terrorist call" to harm Americans.

It's a ritual Iowa state representatives follow every morning the convene in Des Moines. A daily prayer. But, it's this prayer that's caused some concern at the capitol. "I can't sit here while jihadist statements are made from the rostrum of the people's House of Iowa," said Rep. Gary Worthan, (R) Storm Lake.

Worthan said he was angered by one specific line in the prayer offered line by the Muslim Imam, that morning. NewsChannel Four cameras were there... and captured it on tape. "You are the pardoner, supporter and protector; and give us victory over those that disbelieve," said Imam Muhammad Khan, Islamic Center of Des Moines. "Victory over disbelievers," Worthan said. "Disbelievers, non-believers are synonymous with infidels. The only way to have a victory over an infidel, or nonbeliever, is to convert them is Islam, or kill them."

The issue "came to a head", last week, when the lawmaker, who invited the Imam to offer the prayer, defended his choice of words following lots of calls and letters from concerned constituents.

Hey. Those are just the ignorant people. You know - the voters. What do they know? They haven’t been educated into subtleties of the religion of Peace.

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  • This is scary stuff. And it must not have made too much of a controversy because this is the first I've heard of it. I don't even think Bill O'Reilly or Glenn Beck have mentioned this. I hope this opens people's eyes to what Islam's really about.

    By Blogger Seane-Anna, at 8:56 PM  

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