Monday, February 11, 2008

Guest Post: Turks Running for Office in Austria

This is a guest dispatch from Elizabeth in Austria.

A coalition of migrants of Turkish descent are running for election in a state election. The candidates were presented on Thursday.

Seyfi Öztürk, the top candidate for the “List for our Lower Austria” (LNÖ), is in favor of building mosques in Lower Austria. “The building of these mosques should even be boosted”, says the 38-year-old from the city of Baden. “We don’t want these Turkish cultural societies to establish mosques in cellars.” A minaret must be part of the mosque because a church also has a tower. But: “There needs to be a solution that is satisfactory for both sides.”

It is the first time for a political group comprising Turkish migrants to run for election. Women were ostentatiously clad in hijabs, saying that this is a religious symbol. However, “It’s also alright if a woman decides against wearing a hijab”, says Aysun Güney, a dress maker and ranked number 2 on the list.

“We want to show our strength”, the group says. They see a potential of 50,000 Muslim votes in Lower Austria, calling for dialogue and multiculturalism. Öztürk is demanding better integration conditions and dismisses the need for compulsive German lessons.

[WC comment: Demanding better integration yet they don’t want to learn the language? Did I miss something?]

The group stands for dialogue, reconciliation, mutual consent and peace, equality, justice, fair distribution, honest helpfulness, cultural diversity and concensus.

The group’s intention is “to reach the required four percent hurdle. No ifs and buts”.

This is bad, very bad news. But it also proves Omar Al-Rawi’s statement “integration by participation”. Omar Al-Rawi is a member of the local parliament, a socialist, and spokesperson in integration for the socialists. He is the one who called a friend of mine “an enemy of Islam”, because my friend asked him questions he didn’t want to answer.

The Muslims in Lower Austria are now vying for democratic recognition. Note that they are Muslims first. No word on their being Austrians, or even Lower Austrians. They are Muslims, period. Lower Austria is one of the largest states in Austria, totally surrounding the Austria capital, Vienna. The governor has been in office for quite some time and is a staunch conserative who has called the building of mosques “artfremd”, foreign to species, a term reminiscient of the Nazi era. He definitely did not intend to convey a reminiscience to the Nazi dictum, however unwise the use of the word may have been, but of course the Greens and the socialists were swift in condemning his statements. But then again, they’re all for the Islamization of Austria.

What makes me really angry is the group’s calling for better integration conditions. What more on earth do they want? Free German lessons at € 700 a person, free medical care, free education, subsidized housing, unemployments benefits, anything and everything an Austrian citizen is entitled to. What do they offer us, the Austrian people? Youth violence, complaints nonstop, demands nonstop. It’s getting old and annoying.

Another point to ponder: Where are all the Indian, Chinese, Croat, German, Italian immigrants complaining?

The group’s goals of course are scary, especially since we all know what they really stand for:

Dialogue: so we have enough time to reach our ultimate goal, the Islamization of Austria;

Reconciliation: following which conflict?

Mutual consent and peace: consent about Islamic law, and peace in Islamic terms;

Equality, justice, fair distribution, honest helpfulness: only for Islamic brothers and sisters;

Cultural diversity and concensus: again, only for those in Dar al Islam.

This is disgusting.

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  • This is just another example of excessive immigration. When immigrants of backward cultures move in mass to the West, they are able to create an apartheid environment where assimilation and allegiance are antagonistic to the immigrants. America has the reconquista by Mexicans and the islamisation of the Muslims. Europe has extreme islamisation and a weak reaction from the state. Of course, you could argue the US has been just as much an appeaser as Europe.

    By Blogger John Sobieski, at 4:31 PM  

  • Excellent post WC.

    By Blogger Rebel Radius, at 12:06 PM  

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