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World War IV: 21 Days in August

A year an half ago, I wrote a series of posts on how World War IV could begin through the eyes of a blogger. I started thinking about how the coming world war would play out if we took random opinions and news items and stitched them together portraying, over a 21 day period, one scenario of how World War IV will enfold. Granted there are others, but this one, as an escalation process, I believe is most likely grounded in what pundits are saying the coming war would look like. It's interesting that I had to make so few changes from a year and half ago.

I'll run this scenario over this week. It starts a few years out, but the scenario could begin to unfold tomorrow.

Day One: 4:05 PM PST
This time it’s real. I’m sure of it. And although today’s news coming out of Germany might not be seen as the spark that ignites WWIII, most wars start when people are not ready for it. There’s been other ‘conflicts’ that could have sparked a world war like the war between Israel and Hezbollah in Lebanon a few years back. A cease fire was called when Europe and the US eventually agreed to send in NATO forces as armed peacekeepers in a 20 mile no-mans land in southern Lebanon. But all that just shaped the battlefield, so to speak. Lebanon’s conflict between Israel and Hezbollah made Hezbollah stronger and more popular than ever and resulted with Hezbollah gaining majority power in the election. This and the newly formed Islamic governments in Iraq and Afghanistan helped Iran reach its dream of a Shiite Islamic empire stretching from Pakistan to the Mediterranean. The fall of Syria into the hands of the Shiites and the installation of the new Caliphate completed their goal.

Besides, the war between Israel and Lebanon would not be enough to bring Europe into the conflict which would be necessary for a world war – even though it was reported that NATO forces did have several ‘incidents’ with Hezbollah. Yes, one pundit said that a world war could not begin until France surrendered but in my opinion, Europe’s entry into a world war would come when, and only when, the oil supply to them is cut off.

But that was then, this is now. This latest crises feels different so I’ve decided to start this blog as a diary of events as they happen.

It’s funny that the last two World Wars came out of Germany. And now, it’s happening again. A rape and murder of two German teenagers by, what the European press called ‘North Africans’, brought retaliation by a gang of German youths who firebombed the Multi-Kultur-Haus association center in the southern town of Neu-Ulm in Bavaria and abducted and hung three Muslim males found there. The Multi-Kultur-Haus association was long known for promoting extremist ideas and armed "holy war” so the connection was pretty much understood. The press wrote it off as just another hate crime that has plagued European cities over the last year or so. The rape epidemics by Muslim immigrants that started in Sweden and spread throughout Europe, though not attended by murder, have been reported before.

But what the press did not report was a parchment nailed to the Multi-Kultur-Haus association center’s front door. The attack was claimed by Nationale Liste, a once banned now reconstituted neo-Nazi group, whose agenda was to rid Germany of the Muslim immigrant scourge. "Deutschland für Deutscher - Ausländer Raus!" - Germany for Germans - Foreigners out – was written in bold letters on the parchment and threatened to attack more immigrant hostels throughout the country as they did in the previous few months.

Though not revealed publicly, but posted on the Danish blog On the Wing, German and EU officials feared that this retaliation and the future threats against immigrants were not like those of the past. Here was a group that freely admitted this attack and those over the last few months. On the Wing reported that this was not a knee-jerk reaction of some isolated crazed individuals as the main stream press was reporting. They were organized.

Day Two: 8.40 AM PST
Just what I feared. The Nationale Liste is just one group of a larger anti-immigrant organization in Europe. This was reported in the Blog Islam in Europe. Most of these groups regularly work together, and their leaders frequently hold cross-memberships in several organizations at once. Some of the groups have clear ties to openly racist organizations, and even some espouse thinly disguised bigotry. There was some chatter in the bloggosphere about a combined organization called Euro Liste reported first bythe Center for Vigilant Freedom. They were proved right.

Euro Liste hacked into the home pages of the BBC, LeMonde, De Telegraaf , Jyllands-Posten, Der Spiege, Göteborgs-Posten, andBrussels Journal and posted their manifesto demanding the removal of all Muslim immigrants from the EU and the cessation of dhimmitude in Europe. They accused the EU leadership and European countries of unfettered immigration and ‘funding our own colonization’. “Do something about it – or we will” was there final demand. To punctuate their demands and in a coordinated effort, hostels in Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden and Holland were attacked last night. All of the attacks were claimed to be the actions of the Euro Liste.

The Euro Liste was now very public. But the EU leadership tried to calm the Muslim population with platitudes and promises to protect them from the “anti-democratic racist reactionaries” who seek to destroy the peaceful coexistence of multiculturalist Europe. It was the usual PC position of addressing the results and not the causes of the tensions.

Day Three: 3.40 PM PST
It was the hack that did it. Massive demonstrations in Europe by every conceivable Muslim organization gridlocked the cities of Berlin, Paris, Brussels, Copenhagen, London, Amsterdam, and Madrid. The protesters carried signs calling Europe racist. The extremist fringe was out too, carrying signs and shouting that Europe will fall and soon become an Islamic state. To make matters worse, anti-protesters egged on, then attacked, the Muslim demonstrators. Riots ensued in cities outside of the capitals of the affected European cities and as of this post, the rioting has not been contained. Pundits from the different European media claim the riots are 100 times worse than the French Riots of 2006. Others claimed that the riots in the different cities were not centrally organized but “sympathy riots’.

Not so for the anti-protesters. The 910 Group claims the anti-protesters are members of the Euro Liste who are intentionally creating these confrontations to support their position that Muslim immigrates are an inherent danger to Europe and must be thrown out.

Day Four: 10.40 AM PST
Rioting continues in Europe. And it’s getting nasty. The fearful public is demanding harsh government action. Some governments act but others are paralyzed and are incapable of taking action causing citizens to defend themselves. The BBC reports that mosques are being burned in some cities in Europe. Many men with a turban and a beard or a woman in a veil have been attacked in broad daylight. The Infidel Bloggers Alliance is doing a good job of compiling reports from around Europe on the rioting. It seems the main stream media is playing down the worst aspects of the riots and still will not call the rioters Muslims even as they shout “Alah Akabar” as they run through, what has come to look like, war torn streets.

European blogger, Fjordman, was interviewed by Atlas Shrugs and said that this was the opening salvos of civil war in Europe. And it was going to get worse. In the interview he said, “I predicted a several years ago that immigration will trigger wars in Europe. This continent has simply lost control over its own borders, and the native population is being replaced at an astonishing rate in many of its major cities. Europe has a rather violent history, and migrations of this magnitude have usually triggered wars between the original population and the newcomers:”

It appears that Fjordman is being proved right. If these riots are not contained and stopped, will Europe enter a civil war between Muslim and non-Muslim populations? It doesn’t look good from the USA.

Day Five: 11.15 PM PST
It escalates. The local police can not control the riots. This evening the news from Europe was bleak. Pictures of flames illuminated an eerie glow framing the Eifel Tower. The beautiful Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen looks like a battlefield. Muslims supporters have occupied the Gardens and the Muslim neighborhoods in many European countries have been ‘no-go’ zones for the local police. The military has been committed to the streets of Europe. News pundits bemoan the fact that Europe is on the brink of civil war between two fascisms - Euro-Fascism vs. Islamo-Fascism.

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  • We are fighting WWIV right now.

    WWI - Against the militarism of the Central Powers. 1914-1918

    WWII - Against Fascism 1939-1945

    WWIII - aka The "Cold War" against Communism. 1945-1991

    WWIV - The War against Jihad. 2001-

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  • The War against Jihad. 622 AD -

    By Blogger Richard, at 8:33 AM  

  • This gives me goose bumps

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