Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Winds of War: The Tripartite Threat of Radical Islam to Europe

There’s a wonderful abstract from the Israel Hasbara Committee that states the threat that Europe and this country faces from the Islamist strategy to advance their worldwide agenda that goes beyond just militant jihad - terrorism.

The threat can be visualized as a pyramid. At the tip are the Jihadists. They openly challenge the societies in which they live and are willing to shed blood. They began to establish a presence in Europe in the mid 1980s. Originating in various Middle Eastern and North African countries, they spread throughout the European continent. By the second half of the 1990s these groups and networks began to gravitate toward the orbit of al-Qaida, embracing its message of global jihad. Groups from various countries decided to join forces against their traditional enemies in the Muslim world and against the West. A key role in exchange of ideas among these groups was played by some of Europe’s most radical mosques.

The next level on the pyramid is occupied by “peaceful revolutionary” groups. They reject Western values and proclaim a desire to establish an Islamic state (Caliphate). The most organized of these groups is Hizb-ut-Tahrir (HT or the Party of Liberation). Their position is that the solution to all of the world’s problems lies in Islam, and the only way to achieve justice is to abandon any man-made system (including Democracy) and establish a Caliphate of all of the countries of the world. Their message is spread through an unrelenting propaganda effort. This includes websites and publications in a number of languages. While they do not openly advocate violence, they state that Islam is under attack and that a Caliphate must be established to defend it. They stop short of saying how this is to be done, but do not rule out any methods.

At the bottom of the Pyramid is the numerically most significant component of political Islam in Europe: the Muslim Brotherhood and other revivalist movements. They have established offshoots in numerous European countries. When dealing with the media and governments they present a moderate facade, supporting integration and democracy. In their mosques they embrace the zealous ideology of the organizations of their origins. Thanks to their public words of moderation, they manage to establish preferential relationships with European elites.

Are we hearing any of this analysis from our Presidential candidates? Of course not. They admit the militant side terrorism and make reference to the Islamist ideology but not the actual makeup of its structure as presented here. For it defines the problem in no uncertain terms so that a counter-offensive can be designed and used against it.

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