Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Storm Track Infiltration: Muslim Call to Prayer Outages Oxford

Oxford, known as the city of dreamy spires, may soon have an oratory addition to their traditional skyline. Muslim calls to prayer blasting our over the small hamlet three times a day.

This proposed addition to the traditional city by the Elders at Oxford Central Mosque is not sitting well with its inhabitants. They have already discussed the controversial idea with council chiefs and are set to submit a formal application in the New Year. They see it as a call to prayer. The residents call the prayers, to be broadcast over three large speakers, are noise pollution.

Dr Allan Chapman said: “This has nothing to do with the Muslim faith. If this is allowed to go ahead it will be intrusive and distasteful.

"People will have no choice but to have this message rammed down their throats. My fear is that it will lead to anger and resentment.

“The area does not have a huge population of Muslims and this is grossly unfair on everyone else.”

Under the proposals, people living near the mosque would hear the call to prayer at lunchtime, mid-afternoon and sunset.

Mum-of-two Gillian Rigby, whose home backs on to the mosque, said: “It would definitely wake the children up. The baby obviously sleeps during the day so whatever time it is it’s going to have an effect on her sleeping.”

Elders at the mosque, which attracts congregations of up to 700, admit the call to prayer will not attract any more worshippers, but say it is a matter of tradition.

And what about Oxford’s tradition? I guess that dhimmi tradition must take a back seat to the politically correct new minority.

Spokesman Sadar Rana said yesterday: “In Islamic countries Christian people are allowed to ring bells in churches as a call to prayer and we never have arguments with that.

Allowed to practice their Christian tradition? Really? I guess Indonesian Muslims didn’t get that memo.

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  • Its only the beginning

    By Blogger Richard, at 11:21 AM  

  • Oxford should find more outrage and stay outraged.

    The Islamic call to prayer is fine in a Muslim country. "When in Rome," and all that. But in a Western country and over loud speakers? Nope. The West, though being colonized by Muslim immigrants, isn't Islamic yet.

    By Blogger Always On Watch, at 3:06 PM  

  • Every Muslim country was a non Muslim country before the Caliphate came a marching in. Europe will be Islamic soon enough so I dont understand why the outrage. If the Euros are going to continue with allowing Islamic immigration and the suicide of multiculturalism they should just shut up about this or actually stand up for their culture. They cant have it both ways.

    By Blogger Richard, at 5:28 AM  

  • Yes Richard, it is the beginning of a downward slippery slope into Shariah.

    Check this out.

    The words "war on terror" will no longer be used by the Government to describe attacks on the public, the chief prosecutor said yesterday.

    Sir Ken Macdonald said terrorist fanatics were not soldiers fighting a war but simply members of an aimless "death cult".

    The Director of Public Prosecutions said: "We resist the language of warfare, and I think the Government has moved on this. It no longer uses this sort of language. London is not a battlefield.

    "The people who were murdered on July 7 were not the victims of war. The men who killed them were not soldiers. They were fantasists, narcissists, murderers and criminals and need to be responded to in that way."

    His remarks signal a change in emphasis across Whitehall, where the 'war on terror' language has officially been ditched.

    Officials were concerned it could act as a recruiting tool for Al Qaeda, which is determined to manufacture a battle between Islam and the West.

    The term 'Islamic terrorist' will also no longer be used. Officials believe it is unhelpful because it appears to directly link the religion to terrorist atrocities.

    In an interview with BBC Radio's World at One, Sir Ken made a fresh attack on plans to extend beyond 28 days the length of time a terror suspect can be held without trial.

    He said that the evidence had shown that the existing limit was working well and he accused ministers of legislating on the basis of "hypotheticals".

    By Blogger Rebel Radius, at 1:41 PM  

  • Which two prayer calls are they going to not broadcast? Perhaps the early one - which is like at 3:45 in the morning! [They do that ass-in-the-air-head-banging-the-ground-thing five times a day.]

    It will be interesting to see how long it takes for the "weekend" to change in Europe - from the traditional Monday thru Friday work week with Saturday and Sunday being the weekend to what is in the motherland of this cult a traditional Saturday through Wednesday work week and Thursday and Friday being the weekend, Friday of course being their "Sunday," and the day when prayers are the most loud and violent!

    By Blogger Sabra, at 9:16 PM  

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