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GUEST POST: What Islam is Doing to Austria Right Now

This is a dispatch from Austria to inform readers about the current status of Islam in Austria. I will first give you some historical background, which I believe will shock most of you. It shocked the speakers and delegates at the recent Counterjihad Conference in Brussels. Austria is the only European country that affords members of the Islamic faith these rights and privileges. Austria is also the only European country that has set aside a prayer room (i.e. mosque) in a barracks of the Austrian Army. Austria is bending backwards to accommodate Muslims. But read for yourselves:

Austria is unique among the Western European countries insofar as it has granted Muslims the status of a recognized religious community. This dates back to the times following Austria-Hungary's annexation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Austria has regulated the religious freedoms of the Muslim community with the constitutional law of 1878 This law was expanded and elaborated in 1912 with the so-called Law on Islam. This law, in turn, was reactivated in 1979 when the Islamic Religious Community in Austria (Islamische Glaubensgemeinschaft in Österreich) was founded and given the status of a religious organization and public corporation. This Law on Islam has led to the following:

· Exercise of religious freedom within the limits of the current jurisdiction of the Federal Constitutional Court.

· Free Religious instruction in schools as mandated by federal law.

· The Republic is obliged to provide instructional material and to pay religious instructors’ salaries.

· The Republic has no influence over teaching personnel selection or the content of religious curriculum, which was last updated in 1983 and includes the portrayal of the replacement of a non-Muslim with a Muslim society.

· In 1988, a change to the federal law on Islam was passed, clarifying which religious schools in Islam were to be accepted and covered by the Law on Islam. Until then, only the Bosnian Hanefa school of jurisprudence had been accepted.

Recognition of a religion is not only limited to formal equal treatment of symbols and rituals; it is also a material right -, hence the public funding of religious institutions. A further significant pillar of recognition is the dialogue between State authorities and faith organizations.

There are currently 350 Muslim religious teachers in Austria, most of whom are non-German speakers from Turkey and Bosnia. However, foreign religious teachers are to be the exception, which can hardly be said in this case.

The Islamic Religious Community organizes teachers and is in charge of the content of the instruction, which according to law should be held in German. The purpose of the instruction is to improve students’ knowledge of Islam and to encourage them to reflect upon and discuss issues related to religious identity and living as a Muslim in Austria. Since 1999, a private Islamic religious academy has been training religious teachers of Islam in Vienna.

The Islamic Religious Community, according to its founding charter, claims to represent all Muslims in Austria, yet reality shows that executive offices of the Shura Council are exclusively staffed by Sunni Muslims. The president of the Community, Anas Shakfeh, is not only on the payroll of the Embassy of Saudi Arabia, which clearly points to the influence of Wahhabism in Austria, but was also an educational inspector, who said of himself, and I quote, “I am not able to oversee all of the Islamic classes organized in Austria” unquote. This remark came after a number of parents complained about teachers spreading inflammatory ideas.

Although an official separation of religion and state in Austria exists, Muslim officials ignore this by being elected to public office. One example is Omar Al-Rawi who is an elected member of the Vienna city council, representing the Social Democrats. Another example of the intertwining of religion and politics is Sirvan Ekici, also a member of the Vienna city council representing the People’s Party, whose husband works for the Turkish Embassy. Mr. Shakfeh, the president of the Religious Community, is also on the record as saying, “We do not want to make Islam European, because Islam is universal, period.” On the basis of this comment, Bassam Tibi concluded that any dialogue was worthless and integration would certainly fail.

In addition, mention must be made of the Muslim Brotherhood’s influence in Austria. By building their own mosques, they are taking all aspects of Muslim integration into their own hands. Saudi Arabia has transferred millions of dollars to Vienna to aid the Islamization. A. M., the head of the Brotherhood in Austria, manages the Saudi funding in addition to being treasurer at the religious academy. Many mosques affiliated with M. and the Brotherhood organize yearly summer camps in order to indoctrinate Muslim youth.

Islam is the largest minority religion in Austria with approximately 4 % of the population according to the 2001 census. Most Muslims came to Austria after 1960 as "guestworkers" and later in the form of family immigration from Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. There are also communities of Arab and Pakistani origin.

There are currently over 280 mosques in Vienna, one of which is conspicuous with a minaret; however, most mosques are simply prayer rooms in the back of grocery stores, leading to parallel societies. These shops are opened on Sundays despite laws prohibiting the opening of stores. Police refrain from entering the premises and closing the shops because of the resulting bureaucratic hassle with the Islamic Community.

Of the approximately 400,000 Muslims out of a general population of 8.2 million in Austria, roughly 50% are Austrian citizens. The mass attitude toward Muslims is often hostile. Muslims face prejudice in social life and the labor market. Native Austrians are often heard to say that those who live in Austria must incorporate the customs and values of the Austrian people. Examples of issues where this argument has played a major role are the dispute over the height of a minaret and the conflict over the changing of opening hours of a public swimming pool in order to address the special needs of Muslim women.

Similarly, an Austrian government study conducted in 2006 concluded that 45 % of Muslims are unwilling to integrate. This study caused an uproar, especially among the Muslim communities, who immediately claimed that they were being victimized by the study. However, according to the co-author of the study, the point of the study was to identify a problem area.

Although there are no readily available statistics for Muslim unemployment in Austria, the unemployment rate is more than 1.5 times higher for those of foreign birth, of which a substantial proportion is Muslim. The Austrian public employment service admits that women wearing hijab are unlikely to be hired. When interviewed for Austrian television, a hijabed girl admitted to having been rejected on numerous occasions, which made her decide to open a tax consulting office. She would offer jobs to hijabed women only, thereby creating another entry to a parallel society.

Austria’s political left chooses to ignore the dangers posed by the Islamization of Europe, particularly in Austria. The Social Democrats as well as the Greens Party rely heavily on the Muslim vote since the latter are accommodated by receiving preferential treatment.

On the other hand, the political right, such as the ill-famed Freedom Party, uses cheap slogans to foment fears about Islam in the population. We at the Austrian Association of Academics strongly believe that this is not the right way to combat Islamization. Thus we are grateful to the Austrian People’s Party’s continuing support of our quest to inform and educate people about the dangers of mixing Islam and politics. Selected politicians are finally realizing that the Austrian policy of Islam’s being “a religion of tolerance and peace and has nothing to do with terrorism” has failed. With the encouragement of the Austrian Association of Academics, the People’s Party has formulated its requirements for immigrants as follows:

1. We must first talk about responsibilities, then about rights.

2. Responsiblities include learning German, the willingness to work, and the integration into the Austrian “way of life” by sharing and accepting our system of values.

The Austrian Association of Academics was founded in 1953 by Rainhard Kamitz, then Minister of Finance. The Karl Martell Network, with its slogan of “giving the silent majority a loud voice”, affiliated with the Austrian Association of Academics was founded in 2007 in order to coordinate organizations working against Islamization. The Network also functions as a competence center and engages in fundraising as well as documentation. In addition, it is currently conducting research projects covering religious sociology with groundbreaking results. In conclusion, I would like to tell you what we at the Karl Martell Network expect of Muslims and the Islamic Religious Community in Austria:

1. Finding out what book is currently being used for Islamic religious education. The book “The Lawful and the Prohibited” by Yusuf Al-Qaradawi was used until 2005, paid for by the Austrian taxpayer.

  1. The law of 1912 had been issued for the special case of Bosnia-Herzegovina, of course not taking into consideration today’s needs and without examining the teachings of Islamic doctrine. To this day it is not clear where Islamic law differs from Austrian law. It is therefore of vital importance to urgently request from the Islamic Religious Community that it publicly explain the teachings of the Koran. It is not acceptable that Muslim representatives evade questions about critical Koran verses, pretending that in order to understand them one has to be in command of classical Arabic or escaping into reproaches of racism and xenophobia. Even critical remarks based on thorough analysis are often dismissed as prejudice.

3. It is not clear to what extent the Islamic Religious Community represents all Muslims in Austria. There are some ethnic and religious groupings who doubt this claim of sole legitimate representation. Even Muslims often argue that a uniform Islam does not exist and that therefore a sole legitimate representation is not possible

Only a complete clarification of the above-mentioned questions can render Islam credible and prove

  • whether Islamic principles contravene Austrian laws (separation of state and religion, equal treatment of both sexes, women and children’s rights, right to leave the religious community, punishment according to Sharia law etc.);
  • whether Islam is just a religion or a formalistic, aggressive, patriarchal and totalitarian ideology excluding every form of dialogue;
  • whether the Muslim community’s formula “integration through participation” means the return of religion into politics and the Islamization of Austria and Europe and that therefore the building of mosques, wearing headscarves etc. are to be judged within this context;
  • the “special Austrian way” recognizing Islam as a religion will lead to a unilateral, short time modus vivendi in favor of the Muslims and that
  • in the future the intercultural – presumably violent – clash will become unavoidable.

I suppose you’re duly shocked. But I also believe that in order to understand this special Austrian way mentioned above, one must be familiar with Austrian and European history. In my opinion, granting the Bosnian Muslims this special status while Bosnia was annexed to the Austro-Hungarian Empire was a smart move by the emperor. However, who could have thought that this would one day backfire? Now it’s hard, if not impossible, to return to the days prior to 1877, when the first law was instituted. So what to do? I wish I knew. I have no solution, and I would be grateful for suggestions.

My attendance at the Brussels Conference was crucial in that it put Austria on the map. There are people fighting back. Not many, I admit, but enough to make subtle differences. We are being heard, we are influencing political opinion, but it’s too little, too late, I’m afraid. But then again, one of the reasons, if not the main reason, for my activism is that I don’t want my daughter to ask me in ten or twenty years, “Mom, you knew what was going on, why didn’t you do anything? It’s all there in the Quran, you just had to read it. Why didn’t you?” Those are the words I would have asked my grandparents regarding the Nazi era. It was all there for them to read. The plan was certainly not a secret, just as the plan isn’t a secret today. Just listen to Turkey’s prime minister who was honest enough to inform us "The minarets are our bajonets, the domes our helmets, the mosques our baracks and the faithful our soldiers." Case closed.

Now on to the current situation in Austria. There are currently three hotspots regarding mosques (including the works such as minarets): One is located in the provincial capital of Linz, about 120 miles west of Vienna. Another mosque is planned in Bad Vöslau, a small town south of Vienna. The hottest spot, however, is located in Vienna, in the district of Brigittenau, a district with one of the highest percentage of immigrants (read Muslims) in Austria.

The mosque in question already exists. It was built to cater to 250 worshipers and is run by ATIB, the Turkish-Islamic Union for Cultural and Social Cooperation in Austria. According to ATIB’s website, its members are Turks, Austrians of Turkish descent, and Muslims. ATIB’s purpose is, of course, intercultural dialogue as well as assistance in integration matters. Its principles sound even better: they are based on equality among all humans and racial and sexual non-discrimination. They obviously do not elaborate.

ATIB has been planning the massive enlargement of this mosque for the past decade. These plans include the erection of a larger mosque with a total of 1,500 m2 and a capacity of 1,000 worshipers, a Turkish supermarket (why Turkish? An Austrian supermarket isn’t good enough?), a kindergarten, seminar rooms, as well as apartments. These plans go far beyond the argument of “free religious practice” in order to build a large mosque. The area surrounding the mosque is bound to become a pilgrimage center. The already unbearable effects of this cultural center include noise, exhaust pollution, and a lack of parking. The organizers of the civil resistance group are demanding the shutdown of this Islamic center and its moving to a suitable location outside residential areas.

In the lates 1990’s local (including socialst) politicians strongly objected against the proposed center as it contradicts all objectives of urban development, which include:

· Densely constructed residential areas

· Areas with reduced traffic

· Reduced quality of living

· And predicted conflicts and tension between religious community and citizens

Now, in 2007, all promises are forgotten and broken by the socialist politicians. The socialists hold the majority in the district parliament. The civil resistance group adheres to the practice of free religious practice, but if an attempt of peacefully living side by side fails, integration is considered an invasion; if an offer for participation results in ATIB’s takeover, tolerance must end for reasons of self-defense. They have repeatedly offered a hand to their Muslim neighbors, yet had to learn that the Muslims had not only taken the hand, but the whole arm.

Update on this matter:

Just this last week, Ms. Yilmaz, a headsarf-wearing socialist member of the Vienna city council, called the men and women demostrating against the construction of the ATIB mosque, “a mob planning to burn down mosques”.

There is a picture from one of the largest Austrian newspapers “Kurier” that was published about 10 days ago. The caption read: “The Greens demand more money for integration measures from (socialist) deputy mayor Renate Brauner.” What struck me are the two veiled women representing those in need of integration measures. What about all the other immigrants? There are no Indians, no Chinese, no South Americans. Doesn’t this photograph send a message to the newspaper’s readers that integration measures are necessary only for Muslims? I’ll leave that to you to ponder…

University of Vienna offering Master in Islamic Pedagogy

Another interesting, yet scary and infuriating story because all this is paid for by the Austrian taxpayer!

This course of studies aims to train Islamic teachers for secondary schools in Austria and covers topics and issues relating to the religious and ethical eduaction in research and teaching. Professor Ednan Aslan, who is – surprise, surprise – originally from Turkey, is the head of department and says there is no contradiction between Muslim and European identity. According to Aslan, it is possible [for Muslims] to learn to identify with pluralistic values in order to cope with integration. The students of the course work together with the Islamic Religious Community. One project is to develop a “religious language”, which will then be a European religious language. (I’m wondering how this will help Muslim – non-Muslim relations)

Professor Aslan also wants to start a new religious school: The Vienna School of Reformed Islam. He claims that “it is a hard job being a Muslim in Europe” (didn’t know that being Muslim is a job…) and “the state must accept Islam as partner.” Whatever that may mean.

At a public forum introducing the course, Professor Aslan presented the well-known Qu’ranic suras regarding beating and killing and was asked by one of my colleagues from the Network about secularization. “Islam is working on secularization, but has no experience with secularism.” (This from a man originally from secular Turkey!) In another question, Aslan was asked how he planned to secularize killing and beating. His answer: “We’re working on it.” Muslims are asking for patience in this matter. Pure taqiyya!

There’s more to come!

Servus from Austria.

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  • A shame that Vienna, ever the bulwark against the incursion of Islam via the Turks, is now falling because of the Islamic Fifth column in Austria's innards.

    What happened to the stalwart people who discovered Turks mining (digging tunnels) under the city's walls by water vibrating in jars in a cellar?

    Another danger is that the opposition to the Islamic invaders will encourage, empower, and grow around the core of Nazism, still present in part of the Austrian soul.

    By Blogger urbanadder22, at 3:28 PM  

  • WC,
    Glad to see this follow up to Elizabeth's comments on our radio show.

    The situation is Europe is dire. DIRE!

    By Blogger Always On Watch, at 4:51 PM  

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