Monday, October 22, 2007

Winds of War: Pelosi Slams Muslim Ideology Behind Bhutto Blast

Reminiscent of the headline in the NYT the day the Towers fell on 9-11 World Trade Towers Fall. Hundreds of Women and Minorities Killed”, Nancy Pelosi has an epiphany.

(2007-10-19) — As the death toll climbed past 130, with nearly 400 injured, in a suicide-bomb assassination attempt on former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi condemned the attack as “symptomatic of fundamentalist Islam’s crusade against equality for women.”

Rep. Pelosi, D-CA, said the fact that a prominent female politician was targeted has shaken her thinking about the war on terror.

“This misogynistic massacre has finally got it through my thick skull what President Bush has been trying to tell us for years,” she said. “These terrorists have no legitimate political grievance, no conscience, and no place in civilized society. We must crush them wherever they are to prevent the spread of their poisonous ideology and brutal tactics.”

Rep. Pelosi said that when news of the attack broke, she held a conference call with Senators Hillary Clinton, D-NY, and Barbara Boxer, D-CA. The three women agreed that “if these evil men are willing to attack a beautiful, charismatic female politician overseas, there’s not much to stop them from trying it on U.S. soil.”

The three lawmakers plan to introduce legislation next week to increase funding for the surge in Iraq, to finish the fence along the U.S.-Mexico border, and to remove barriers to eavesdropping by U.S. spies on suspected terrorist communications at home and abroad.

“These woman-haters need to know that we mean business,” Rep. Pelosi said. “And to those who commit these atrocities against women, I say, we will no longer tolerate, we will no longer negotiate, and we will no longer be afraid. It’s your turn to be afraid.

Oh, if it would only be true! Hey Pelosi! There’s more truth here than satire.

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  • I’m glad that Ms. Pelosi has become aware of Islam’s fundamental opposition for equality for women. Welcome to the 21st Century, Ms. Pelosi . . . but I wonder how something that has existed since 654 A.D. is just now coming to your attention. This “wake up call” tell us volumes about our politicians, doesn’t it? On the other hand, given Pelosi’s recent success engineering the loss of Turkey as an ally in the war on terror, could her statement simply be another ploy to alienate Pakistan as well?

    Naaahhhhh. She wouldn’t attempt something so patently transparent . . . would she?

    By Anonymous mustang, at 7:42 AM  

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