Thursday, October 18, 2007

Storm Track Infiltration: Political Islam Making Inroads in the Netherlands

I know. So what else is new? Well, what’s new is that the Dutch intelligence service may finally be waking up. It seems it doesn’t take a windmill to fall on them to know that something stinks in Holland.

The Dutch security service the AIVD, has reported that Salafism is gaining ground in Holland. Salafism - aka Wahabbism or radical Dawa - is a ‘purist’ version of Islam, that believes that life was most perfect in the time of Mohammed, and every society should reject modernity and strive to be like 7th century Arabia.

Despite its non-violent character, the radical dawa is an extremely intolerant and anti-democratic movement. Followers of the radical dawa strive for a large degree of isolation, combined with intolerance towards dissenters. The AIVD emphasizes that the group of individuals which is sensitive and open to the radical Islamic message is growing.

The latest report puts that number at between 20,000 and 30,000 Dutch Muslims. Or, rather, 20,000-30,000 Muslims resident in the Netherlands. Put another way, the population density of radical Muslims is 2 per square mile. A virtual Mongolia of hate.

The Dutch security services monitor the rise of radicalism in the mosques, but when confronted with actual Jihadis, their primary response appears to be to offer employment assistance . Because of course as every right thinking person knows, poverty causes radicalism. Deportation is not considered practical and sterner measures are likely not to be considered as the whole debate is already too rough for the government to take.

The Islamists are changing tactics from preaching violence to preaching politics.

Radical Islamists have changed tack in the Netherlands and now reject violence but seek to undermine Western values and democracy, the Dutch intelligence service AIVD said in a report.

A new generation of radical preachers is speaking out against using violence in the West - a contrast to earlier phases of the movement, during which a Dutch filmmaker critical of Islam, Theo van Gogh, was murdered in 2004, the AIVD said.

The current movement is more professional, with a more political message, and aims to establish enclaves within society where Islamic law stands above secular law, it added.

It is also trying challenge democracy, branding it an unlawful system that places men above God.

The Islamists know they can use our freedoms and democratic system against us. It would be much harder in the US because of our Establishment Cause in the Constitution but in Europe where secularism reigns and all religions are supported by the state, those nations can be an easy push over.

"They are trying to undermine the independence of women, just as it is taking shape in the Muslim community in the Netherlands," Sybrand van Hulst, head of the AIVD, told Dutch public television.

"They expressly condemn homosexuality, and thus they are trying to undermine Western values, democratic values that the Muslim community in the Netherlands adheres to," he said.

The AIVD said it expected this new form of radical Islam to form an inseparable part of Western societies.

The AIVD dates the new phase to mid-2005, saying it is spearheaded by preachers who grew up in the West and therefore have a good grasp of Muslim concerns in Europe and of how political and social processes work there.

Because of its clear stance against violence, this new form of radical Islam reaches a much wider audience and has the potential to grow into a mass movement, the AIVD said.

That’s what many of us have been saying. The real long–term threat is not terrorism or militant jihad, but the non-violent political jihad being waged quietly around us.

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  • I believe that the United States is moving in the same direction. As the memory of 9/11 becomes more distant, people believe that the threat is diminished.

    The cultural and political threat have always been more dangerous than the occasional spectacular attack.

    By Blogger Always On Watch, at 2:19 PM  

    Larry Houle

    There is no Islamic fundamentalism, Islamo – fascism, political Islam, Islamic terrorists, Islamic militants, jihadists, Wahhabism, radical Islam who have hijacked the religion. There has been no hijacking. These demented souls are following exactly the teachings of the Koran – they are following in the footsteps of their founder – the man of evil – Muhammad. In the end – IT’S ALL ABOUT ISLAM.


    Islam is a declaration of war against infidels. Islam is an ideology of WAR. The Koran is an EVIL BOOK OF WAR. Allah is a GOD OF WAR. This war is permanent until all the infidels have converted, paid a submission tax or have been murdered. These are the ETERNAL LAW OF ALLAH AS SET DOWN IN THE KORAN

    Infidels can be murdered by Muslims as an ETERNAL LAW OF ALLAH. Not only can they all be murdered but the wives and daughters of the murdered infidels can be taken as booty, raped, and then sold as slaves. Their sons can be sold into slavery. If there is any doubt as to the boy’s age of puberty - Muslims can pull down their pants and inspect their genital area for hairs. Even the slightest sign of hair growth means that these young men can be taken and beheaded. These women can be breed like cattle and their offspring sold. As an ETERNAL LAW OF ALLAH. Muslims can then loot and pillage the property of the murdered infidels, and must share 1/5 of the booty obtained from the sale of boys and women and the proceeds of looting with ALLAH. Muslims can own slaves as an ETERNAL LAW OF ALLAH. Slavery has been a integral part of Islam since it’s creation by Muhammad. He was a slaver – owning up to 40 slaves. Muhammad was allowed by a ETERNAL LAW OF ALLAH to rape his slaves. ALL THIS EVIL ARE THE ETERNAL LAWS OF ALLAH AS SET DOWN IN THE KORAN. Not only that but righteous Muslims who slay and are slain murdering infidels can ascend as martyrs to the evil sexually depraved Islamic Paradise of eternal hard - ons and virgins who re - generate as virgins after each sex act. THIS IS THEIR ETERNAL REWARD FOR OBEYING THESE EVIL LAWS OF ALLAH.

    Again, the above ETERNAL LAWS OF ALLAH allow murder, slavery, looting and pillaging and if you are killed in the process of obeying these LAWS OF ALLAH then ascending to a paradise of big breasted virgins to sexually molest for all eternity. AS stated above - ALLAH permits the raping of female slaves. Indeed in Islam - rape is not a sexual weapon – it is a weapon of war. Having murdered the woman’s man, Muslims can now - sanctioned by LAWS OF ALLAH complete their final humiliation and domination of her body.

    Sex and money were powerful motivations for Muslims to grab their swords, climb on their horses and ride off into the sunset to bring war, death and destruction to the infidels.

    No rational normal person can believe in the evil that is Islam.

    By Blogger personalrep1, at 12:38 AM  

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