Thursday, September 27, 2007

Storm Track Appeasement: A Useful Idiot Stresses the Positive Side of Islam

It’s not bad enough that the author of this piece is a blatant apologist for Islam. What’s worse is that it is written by a rabbi.

The following is an excerpt from a speech Rabbi Eric Yoffie delivered Aug. 3 to the Islamic Society of North America's 44th annual convention in Chicago. Yoffie is president of the Union for Reform Judaism, the largest Jewish religious movement in North America, consisting of more than 900 congregations and 1.5 million Jews.

You can read the whole thing here. But I comment on some of the more ridiculous statement he made.

There is no lack of so-called experts who are eager to seize on any troubling statement by any Muslim thinker and pin it on Islam as a whole. Thus, it has been far too easy to spread the image of Islam as enemy, as terrorist, as the frightening unknown.

How did this happen?

How did it happen that Christian fundamentalists, such as Pat Robertson and Franklin Graham, make vicious and public attacks against your religious tradition?

How did it happen that when a Muslim congressman takes his oath of office while holding the Quran, Dennis Prager suggests that the congressman is more dangerous to America than the terrorists of Sept. 11?

How did it happen that a member of Congress, Tom Tancredo, now running for president, calls for the bombing of Mecca and Medina?

Anyone who, in the slightest way, wandered off the reservation of the MSM can answer the rabbi on the above. But it’s this comment that goes straight to core of the problem we face with Muslims who adhere strictly to their religion.

Even more important, how did it happen that law-abiding Muslims in this country can find themselves condemned for dual loyalty and blamed for the crimes of terrorists they abhor?

There it is. Dual loyalty. If you are an American you don’t have dual loyalties – specially in time of war. If you disagree as an AMERICAN what AMERICANS do, that’s one thing. But not holding loyalties to another nation. The nation I’m speaking of is the umma or the nation of Islam.

One reason that all of this happens is the profound ignorance to which I referred. We know nothing of Islam -- nothing. That is why we must educate our members, and we need your help. And we hope in doing so we will set an example for all Americans.

First, here the useful idiot to his faith is pleading for help from those who are taught that Jews are apes and pigs and should be slaughtered. The help he and we require is for Muslims to stand up and say we stand with Israel. We stand for tolerance. We stand for religious freedom and harmony. We stand against terrorism and the slaughter of the innocent.

Second, we know a great deal about Islam and more and more of us are learning more and more everyday. One need only pick up a paper sand see the persecution of other religions by Muslim leaders calling for the religious cleansing of the Sudan, the attempts at imposing Sharia law on non-Muslim countries, and the infiltration and insurgency of radical Islam into once moderate Muslim countries.

The dialogue will not be one way, of course. You will teach us about Islam, and we will teach you about Judaism. We will help you to overcome stereotyping of Muslims, and you will help us to overcome stereotyping of Jews.

That’s going to be a good trick since the Muslim holy book itself teaches Muslims to kill the infidel. Is the rabbi asking Muslims to go against the teachings in the Koran?

It’s not us that need to learn the positive side of Islam. It’s up to Muslims to show us that positive side exists by reforming their religion and removing the hate filled passages from the Koran and disposing of the Sharia law in the Hadith.

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    ISSUED Sept 27, 2007


    Dead or Alive. (Preferably dead)


    Allah and His Messenger believed to be one and the same person. Suspect goes under the alias of Apostle of God, Prophet of Peace, but is presently believed to be traveling under the name of Muhammad.

    Present Location

    Last sighted in Hell


    570 CE in the city of Mecca in Arabia.


    Muhammad (pbuh) is of a height a little above the average. He is of sturdy build with long muscular limbs and tapering fingers. The hair of his head is long and thick with some waves in them. His forehead is large and prominent, his eyelashes are long and thick, his nose is sloping, his mouth is somewhat large and his teeth are well set. His cheeks are spare and he has a pleasant smile. His eyes are large and black with a touch of brown. His beard is thick and he has seventeen grey hairs in it. He has a thin line of fine hair over his neck and chest. He is fair of complexion and altogether is so handsome that Abu Bakr composed this couplet about him:

    "As there is no darkness in the moonlit night so is Mustafa, the well-wisher, bright."

    His gait is firm and he walks so fast that others find it difficult to keep pace with him. His face is genial but at times, when he is deep in thought, there are long periods of silence, yet he always keeps himself busy with something. He does not speak unnecessarily and what he says is always to the point and without any padding. At times he will make his meaning clear by slowly repeating what he has said. His laugh is mostly a smile. He keeps his feelings under firm control - when annoyed, he will turn aside or keep silent, when pleased he will lower his eyes [Tirmidhi].


    His dress generally consists of a shirt, tamad (trousers), a sheet thrown round the shoulders and a turban. On rare occasions, he will put on costly robes presented to him by foreign emissaries. [Ahmed, Musnad, Hafiz Bin Qayyim]


    Muhammad is wanted for the following crimes: crimes against humanity, mass murder of thousands, created an ideology that murdered 270,000,000, masterminded 60 massacres, genocide, rape, looting, extortion, kidnapping, slavery, beheading, torture, sexual perversion, child molestation, wife beating and sexual abuse, polygamy, crucifixion, mutilations, theft, adultery, false witness, slaughter, assassinations, incitement to violence, accomplice to murder, rape, looting, torture, looting, extortion, slaughter, assassinations.




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  • Many people talk about the need to reform Islam. Now you can stop talking and start helping.

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    In Memoriam of Aqsa Parvez.

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