Monday, August 13, 2007

Storm Track Appeasement: Jails to Cater to Terrorists

Britain just can’t get enough of pleasing terrorists. First it was the special health care that was given to the terrorist who drove a flaming Jeep in to the Glasgow airport terminal. Now, terrorist who have been arrested need special considerations to protect their skins and to shield them from disparaging remarks.

In the latest, death threats are said to have been issued against Omar Khyam, 25, the mastermind of the fertiliser bomb plot aimed at the Bluewater shopping centre, in Kent, and other key sites in the South-East. It follows the alleged torching of the cell of failed July 21 bomber Hussain Osman, 28, earlier this month.

A week earlier dirty bomb plotter Dhiren Barot, 35, another 'lifer', needed hospital treatment after being scalded by boiling water in further incident at Frankland.

Oh. Boo hoo hoo. It’s prison you knuckle-head.

Last weekend reports suggested the newly-created Ministry of Justice is considering creating a Muslim-only institution, to reduce the risk of racial or religious attacks and antagonism. Prison Officers' Association chairman Colin Moses reportedly said the infrastructure of the jail network needs to be amended to cope with the presence of extremists.

Moses said: "Any terrorist is likely to be a victim in prison and we must remember that they, too, have families and often very strong beliefs."

Yeah. You read that right. Terrorists as victims. And they too have families who had no idea that their ‘strong beliefs’ would make them blow up innocent people.

British apologists at their best.

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  • While I have little sympathy for the "plight" of terrorists in prison, I have never approved of the way in which prisons allow inmates to run the place in a "Lord of the Flies" manner. It may be easier for the guards to let the gangs and thugs create a social order but allowing them to exist in a system where the most vicious rule the weakest is just reinforcing a mindset that brought them to prison in the first place. Prisons should be run under conditions of extreme discipline and order with moments of personal liberty used as precious rewards for complete adherence to the rules.

    By Blogger Snake Oil Baron, at 9:44 AM  

  • Separate facilities for the Muslims just further the dhimmification.

    The facilities will have to be significantly better, too, because if they are not, the Muslims will complain that the Muslim-only facilities are substandard, and that the terrorists are being discriminated against.

    This is a great one -- there's just so much potential here.

    By Blogger Yankee Doodle, at 5:52 PM  

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