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Winds of War: All Things Considered

The simmering conflict with Iran that started with the overthrow of the Shah and the establishment of an Islamic Republic by Ayatollah Khomeini has been heating up over the last year or so with the undisputed knowledge that Iran is pursing nuclear weapons and their growing military interference in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It might be a good idea to look back at this most virulent supporter of Islamic world domination to gain some perspective on whom we are going to war with – sooner or later, then look at the consequences. The Ottawa Citizen published an editorial recently that detailed the past activities of this world enemy and the case for attacking Iran. Hat Tip to Michael.

Today, Iran's radical Islamist military, security and intelligence machine reflects the extremism of its history and entrenched masters. It has made Iran an engine of global instability and menace.

Start with reports of early post-revolutionary Iran. Massacres of Baha'is and other minorities. Razor-blade removal of lipsticked lips. Thumbtacks affixing veils to reluctant women. Adolescent gays hanged from construction cranes. Human waves of nine-year-olds attacking Iraqi forces.

The performance abroad has been as shocking.

For years, Iranian dissidents around the world have been hunted down and butchered by joint teams from Iran's foreign intelligence service and the country's other virulent creation, Hezbollah. By the late 1990s, German prosecutors stated that the highest Iranian officials authorized assassinations abroad through a "Committee for Special Affairs." The Germans went on to prove that the Islamic Republic murdered people in its notorious "Mykonos" operation in Berlin. South American investigators fix the mullahs with responsibility for a mass-casualty bombing in Argentina. And, of course, writer Salman Rushdie lives under the multimillion-dollar bounty offered by a quasi-governmental Iranian foundation.

Under President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's regime, Iran's religious supremacists call for the destruction of Jews, Christians, Israel, the United States, the West. Unfortunately, such virulence is nothing compared to the frightening nuclear implications of this regime's delusional and apocalyptic fixations. In this spirit, Mr. Ahmadinejad writes letters to the Twelfth Imam, who is said to have inhabited a well for the past few centuries. The president believes he can bring back the long-lost imam -- the Mahdi -- by precipitating the apocalypse, something his doctrine tells him will trigger a Second Coming, and paradise.

All of this means that an Iranian bomb would be under control of nuclear triggermen who regards atomic annihilation as an incentive, rather than a deterrent. In short order, Canada and the rest of the world would face the mullahs' diktat.

Being alarmed by such a dangerous madman is an understatement. The question is this. Will we have the moral backbone to prevent a nuclear catastrophe through either Shahab missiles or warheads smuggled into our country by sympathetic terrorists? Have we really learned the lessons of Hitler in 1938 when he tested the metal of Britain and France when he re-occupied the Rhineland or will we resort to endless talk, diplomacy and appeasement?

History shows that appeasing tyranny has never, ever, succeeded - especially when tyranny’s plans are made obvious by tyranny itself. But when we do respond to the threat - sooner or later - the price will be steep and long lasting and would most probably result in a constitutional crisis in the this country.

After the attack, Iran's Hezbollah agents, its foreign-intelligence sleepers -- known in Farsi as "submarines" -- and suicide-corps infiltrators will likely go into action throughout the West. President Ahmadinejad has told us as much. The suicide corps alone is so aggressive that a commander of Iran's regular armed forces has complained about its uncontrollable nature -- if not about its ultimate aims and purpose.

We should expect terrorist bombings in our commercial centers and transportation facilities killing thousands of American citizens.

And how will we react to that?

Even without a nuclear attack on US soil, the reaction to resident Muslims by the general public would be far from amiable. The response would closely match the scenario outlined in the 1998 movie The Siege. In response to a wave of suicide bombings in New York City the President responds by declaring martial law and sending in the Army. The army detains people that fit the description of the cells - namely, males of Arab descent. You can imagine the constitutional crises that will ensue as young Muslim males and their families at sent to detention camps.

But that’s mild to the response that will be demanded by citizens if one or more nukes are lit off on American soil. The public will demand retribution on someone (Mecca, Medina, Tehran) – anyone – and rational debate on the who and the what will go out the window because as of today, the American public has not been informed as to the true threat we face and who is responsible for advancing that threat.

There is a lack of courage and moral backbone in our leaders who will not admit which nations advance and support the ideology of Islamism. They and the main stream media can’t even commit to the thought that we are fighting an actual ideology. And no, it’s not entirely Iran. The prime financier and supporter of Islamism is Saudi Arabia and it’s time that our leaders address this issue, identify the enemy, and put them on notice that they and they alone are responsible for the advancements of Islamic tyranny and that they will pay the price.

The response, of course, from Saudi Arabia and other supporters of Islamism is to threaten us with oil. That is why our political leaders must demand that this country be placed immediately on a ‘war footing’ and approach the energy challenge like we did in World War Two. We have to get serious about energy independence from foreign oil. Before we do all the warm and fuzzy things that the eco-left says we must do, we must open up the oil fields in this country to exploration. We must go on a crash schedule for building nuclear power plants. We must build dozens of gas refineries. We must use the coal reserves in this country which far outnumber the oil reserves in the Middle-East. Once those are done we can switch light bulbs, ride a bike, and plant a tree.

Either we get off the Middle-East oil tit or our country will be held hostage by Islamic tyranny. Plain and simple. This is no longer an economic debate but a question of national survival. Let’s make it so.

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    We need to deal with Iran now otherwise the US could be left at one minute to midnight with no other option but to attack Iran. The longer the US waits to impose a meaningful sanction regime against Iran, the greater the necessity of military action will become - with all the potential disastrous political and economic consequences for both parties.


    Least we all forget one of the main reasons for the Iraq war was that China, Germany, Russia and France had been bought off by Saddem through the UN Oil for Food program. It is hard to believe that these countries by their present actions are again moving us in the direction of war with Iran. By their greed, they are totally blind to the very real danger Iran poses to the entire Middle East. There is an impending political and military catastrophe facing America, Europe, China and the World in the Middle East. This catastrophe will lead to a disastrous disruption of oil supplies that will force oil prices to $10.00/$20.00/gallon and throw the world economy into a massive recession affecting all world economies epically the developing economies of China and India. This could cause political instability on a world wide scale. The reality of the situation is that you can talk with the Iranian leadership until you are blue in the face - AND NOTHING WILL BE ACHIEVED. Iran is marching forward to obtaining a nuclear weapon and will not be stopped with endless talk. TIME IS NOT ON OUR SIDE.

    The United States is engaged in a Life and Death Struggle for its national survival. Islamic Fundamentalists, Iran and want to inflict a mortal wound. The United States faces the greatest strategic defeat in its national history.

    As described in this article - if the US is forced out of Iraq the following disaster will ensue.

    1. The Iraqi government immediately collapses.
    All Iraqis who supported the Government and US flee the country by the hundreds of thousands.

    2. Iran immediately steps into the power vacuum supporting the seizure of Baghdad by their radical Shiite militia allies.

    3. A radical Shiite Islamic government is imposed on Iraq.

    4. A podium against the Sunnis begins with millions killed. The survivors are driven out of the country.

    5. One million Hezbollah style fighters are enlisted into the radical Shiite Militias. (If Hezbollah can muster an army of fifty thousand fighters from a Lebanese population of 1.5 million Shiites - then in Iraq a Hezbollah style government would create an army of one million Shiite fanatics.)

    6. This force in alliance with the Iranian army captures Riyadh within weeks and seizes the Gulf States.

    7. They then march into Jordon creating a Shiite Crescent stretching from Iran to the Suez Canal and from the Mediterranean Sea to the Russian Cossacks.

    8. As previously mentioned - with 80% of the world's oil, under Iran's control the price will soar to $10.00/20.00 per gallon.

    9. Israel is attacked with rockets on all sides effectively shutting down the Israeli economy and destroying the Jewish state.

    10. After obtaining nuclear weapons, Iran unleashes terrorist forces worldwide attacking Europe and the US.

    11. These terrorists smuggle nuclear weapons into London, Paris, Washington, New York and kill millions.

    This nightmare does not have to happen.


    Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the Supreme ruling Alloyatolls see the 21st century not as the century of the rise of China or India but as the century of the Great Shiite Revival - the Rise of the Shiites. After 1400 years of Sunni domination and oppression, they see Sunni dominance not only in the Middle East but over Islam itself coming to an end.

    Ahamadinejad wants to establish a Great Shiite Persian Empire stretching from Tehran to the Red Sea and from the Mediterranean Sea to the Caucasus regions of Russia, to the very borders of China - incorporating all the Gulf States, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, Israel, Syria, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Chechnya, Ingushetia, Dagestan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and parts of Afghanistan and Pakistan, under the direct control or controlled as vassal states by Iran. This empire would directly control 80% of the entire world oil supply. Iran is a mortal threat not only to Israel but to all the Sunni Arab States. Only the might of the United States stands in the way of this Great Imperial Dream.

    There is the saying "When times get tough - the tough get going." Unfortunately at this moment - with the total lack of any kind of Western Leadership, this saying has been replaced by "When times get tough - the tough get talking and talking and talking." In the West talking has become a form of appeasement - a way to show that action is being taken - that the tough Western dudes are beating up on Ahmadinejad, when in reality we're getting our clocks cleaned. Ahmadinejad is going for the Great World Political Poker Championship jackpot with a pair of deuces. Everyone sitting at the game knows that all he has to play is a pair of twos and nobody is calling his hand. Its time to stop playing pocket polo. Its time to call his bluff with our 8 pairs of aces.

    Just as the CIA, MI5, French Secret Service, the KGB, all the world's secret services, even Iraqi generals thought that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction when we now know he had none - grossly overestimated Iraq's nuclear capabilities to say the least, so too with regard to Iran - all these agencies could be grossly underestimating the Iranian Nuclear Program. The United States does not want to be placed in a position of Iran being months away from going nuclear and forced to face the very harsh reality of attacking Iran. Where force is the only option left. A Tough Love Sanctions Regime must be immediately imposed on Iran. Time for talking at the UN is over. IT'S TIME FOR TOUGH LOVE IRANIAN STYLE.


    The United States with or without EU support immediately imposes economic and political sanctions against Iran. The sanction regime is divided into 4 parts - Defcom 1 to Defcom 4 with each phase commencing every 30 days and staying in effect until the crisis is resolved. Within the space of 4 months Iran will be under total world wide devastating economic sanctions. ANY INDIVIDUAL, CORPORATION, COUNTRY THAT DISOBEYS ANY PART OF THE SANCTION REGIME - THEN THE TOTALITY OF THE ENTIRE SANCTION REGIME IMMEDIATELY APPLIES TO THEM.


    Under Defcon 1 sanctions Iran is immediately hit with the following measures:

    1. The cutting off of all military and nuclear technology, materials, training, building including the Bushehr nuclear power plant being built by the Russians.

    2. The suspension of all flights - both private and commercial aircraft in or out of Iran.

    3. The worldwide banning of all Iranian passports.

    4. Severing all banking relationships between all Iranian Government agencies/officials/organizations, banks, companies, front companies with the entire world banking community.

    5. The freezing of all Iranian assets throughout the world including all assets of Iranian Government, Iranian companies, front companies, government officials/organizations.

    DEFCON 2

    In 30 days, if Iran refuses to stop all uranium enrichment and sit down at the table in good faith then the imposition of the following Defcon 2 Sanctions:

    1. The immediate stoppage of all forms of transportation coming in or out of Iran including, buses, automobiles, boats. Only oil tankers would be exempt.

    2. Cutting off of all satellite signals, phone lines, internet connections, electricity etc.

    3. The complete closure of all border crossings to Iran.

    4. The complete shutting down of all economic activity/trade with the outside world except for the importation of gasoline into Iran and the export of oil and gas out of Iran.

    DEFCON 3

    Thirty days after the imposition of Defcon 2 sanctions, the start of Defcon 3:

    1. The importation of gasoline into Iran to be ceased by all countries, companies and individuals.

    DEFCON 4

    120 days after the start of the first sanction regime - Defcon 4 - the stoppage of all payments for Iranian oil and gas exports - NOT THE STOPPAGE OF THE EXPORT OF IRANIAN OIL AND GAS. JUST THE PAYMENTS FOR THESE PRODUCTS.

    Iran can export oil and gas to China etc but the Chinese and other countries can not send money or any other financial instruments to Iran. In short - the oil/gas flows out but no money flows in. If Iran decides to stop the export of oil to certain countries but not to others like China, then under this sanction regime all countries including China must help the affected country or countries. In short, share the pain of oil shortages. If any country refuses to cooperate then the totality of these sanctions will be imposed immediately on them

    DEFCON 5

    The bombing of Iranian nuclear facilities.

    DEFCON 6

    The invasion of Iran.

    Any force against Iran must be as a last resort. This includes any naval blockade. These are measures to be used only if and when Iran is on the verge of getting a bomb.

    Again, if any country, company, or individual chooses to disobey these sanctions then THE TOTALITY OF THE SANCTIONS IMMEDIATELY APPLIES TO THEM. For example, if China decides to continue trading with Iran then all trade between China and ALL countries, companies, individuals immediately ceases. All Chinese container ships on their way to the US or any other country must be turned back. All international flights in or out of China cease. All Chinese passports to be null and void etc. If any country decides to continue to trade with China then the totality of the sanctions immediately applies to them. And so on.

    This sanction regime is absolutely devastating. Having these sanctions apply to any country who decides to ignore them will totally devastate that countries economy. THIS LINKAGE GIVES THESE SANCTIONS TOUGH LOVE FURIOUS TEETH.

    The smile/smirk on Ahmadinejad's face will be wiped clean. Most important - the flow of oil does not stop unless Iran chooses to stop it. Only the money flow stops. By not cutting off the oil/gas flow Iran is faced with a dilemma. If it decides to stop the export of these commodities then Iran will definitely lose the support of its two closest allies - Russia/China. These reciprocal sanctions give cover to the EU, Russia and China who can claim to Iran that this situation is not their fault - they have no choice - it is the big, bad USA. The oil gets shipped and the buyer countries send the payments for Iran to a UN trust account until an agreement has been reached. If however Iran resorts to acts of force/ terrorism etc or actually builds a nuclear device then all accumulated monies are immediately forfeited.

    Before these sanctions are imposed as a last ditch effort Condoleezza Rice travels to Tehran to speak directly to the Iranian people in a nation wide TV address. This address would be a direct response to the letter Ahmadinejad sent to President Bush months ago. In this speech, she lays it all on the table. The fact that the US does not oppose a peaceful nuclear program. That Ahmadinejad and the Alloyatolls desperately want nuclear weapons. They dream of a Persian Empire. That the acquiring of these weapons will lead to economic chaos for Iran, the destabilization of the entire Middle East, a devastating Sunni/Shiite war and a nuclear war in the Middle East with the complete destruction of Iran. Their cities destroyed. Their families killed. The end of all Iranian history forever. Ms Rice will offer them a different vision of their future. A Security alliance with guarantees backed by their Arab neighbors (and the United States.) The termination of all sanctions. Investments for economic development. A vision of the peaceful rise of Iran as a true partner of the Middle East nations (and the West.) The creation with Iran as the most prominent member of a NAFTA style Middle East Free Trade Zone stretching from Tehran to Algeria leading to an economic renaissance of the entire Middle East. A 21st century version of the rise of China and India. Eventually joining this free trade zone to the EU and NAFTA - a 3 billion market. Such a rise will give back to Middle Easterners their historical pride. And finally bring peace to their troubled countries.

    Written By,

    Larry Houle

    By Blogger Larry, at 12:36 AM  

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