Monday, May 28, 2007

Storm Track Intimidation: Muslims Offended Again – This Time in South Africa

It never ceases to amazes me how Muslims, no matter where they are located, find something to be offended by and why we should care. On the negative side they are a constant source of irritation. On the positive side they are a constant source of morbid entertainment.

It seems the Muslim Judicial Council of South Africa is all a tizzy over the annual Matric Ball – the SA version of our Prom.

Matric balls, whether hosted during the month of Ramadan or not, are not endorsed by Islam, says the Muslim Judicial Council (MJC).

The statement comes after weekend reports that Muslim pupils at the South African College Schools (SACS) were up in arms over their school's decision to host the function in Islam's holiest month.

The school is now revisiting its decision to host its matric farewell on September 15 - two days into Ramadaan, and a new date will be set, according to reports.

But that’s not enough for the stifled Muslims.

Appleby said the issue was not whether the matric ball was hosted during the month of Ramadaan, but that matric balls were not endorsed within the Islamic faith…..He said that, from a religious perspective, matric balls were not endorsed by the clergy for numerous reasons.

These included a non-Islamic dress code, possible exposure to alcohol, intermingling of male and female students, intimate dancing, the atmosphere and the dangers associated with the after-party. He said that matric balls were "frowned upon" within Islam.

"Its entire format or its unfolding, the whole theme of extravagance and the utilising of funds for one evening, generally goes against Islamic teachings, or is not promoted or encouraged."

Oh God forbid that the youngsters who worked so hard to graduate should have little fun celebrating their achievement.

"It's more about the complexities of living in society or relating to what is considered sacred. It's not about the month, it's about applying the laws to their personal lives. People need to remember that, when they look at the laws of Islam, they need to be respected."

Weekend reports said that out of 159 SACS matriculants more than 25 Muslim pupils would have to choose between the farewell and their faith.

But after an intervention from the
Western Cape education minister, Cameron Dugmore, the date of the dance will be changed to accommodate Muslim pupils.

This change will mean finding an alternative venue for the matric ball as the school hall is booked a year in advance for a range of activities.

It’s the same old thing. Accommodate the Muslims and inconvenience the rest of us. But the god of multiculturalism must once again be appeased.

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  • Just about everything I love about Western civilization offends Muslims.

    Muslims need to get over themselves. They aren't the center of the universe--though they think that they are.

    By Blogger Always On Watch Two, at 6:56 AM  

  • The core of the Islamic culture is one of controlling everything. The men basically own the women, and the local sheikh or holy man owns the men.

    At least, that's the case with the radicalized Wahhabism that is getting spread by Saudi petrodollars these days.

    Happily there are some Muslims who do not consider themselves reformists who feel differently, but they aren't as well funded, so we don't hear as much from them.

    By Blogger Yankee Doodle, at 5:10 PM  

  • Dhimmitude is the easy way out for now. So they submit.

    By Blogger John Sobieski, at 8:37 PM  

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